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UMA a medium army? New growing armies.

I have some news for ya. As many of you know, the UMA is pretty much the smallest or close to smallest its ever been but I many other people, and the CP war news daily(http://cpwdaily.wordpress.com/) think that the UMA is a medium army. Maybe they don’t deserve to be a large army. I agree that they should be a medium army, the UMA haven’t really shown any sign of growing and (as far as I know) haven’t been very active lately.

Comment about what you think!

In other news, there are some new and growing armies in the CP army universe, such as the Chips of CP(im a 2ic), the Burritos of CP, and the SSCP(sun squad of cp). The Chips are brand new, only about 2 days old and in their recent battle pics had about 4-5 and i think are pretty nice. The Burritos, well, not sure how old they are but they seem like a pretty good army. many people have joined already and they already have a PB coming up. The SSCP are pretty big, on their recent active count they had 17 and their already a medium army.

Comment about what you think!

~Greeniedude1, n00b extraordinaire(LOL)


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the news Greenie! 😀

    • Your welcome! Too bad your the only one who commented…. I can see why your the leader now. LOL.

  2. Yeah UMA is at it’s smallest, it needs it’s old leaders back. If they were to come back then UMA would be back up against the top competitors of biggest armies.

  3. SSCP is finally noticed 😀

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