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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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End of the month?

January 23, 2009

Hey everyone, Dee here. 🙂

Well, ever since school started, we made smaller and smaller post – as usual. No one can be blamed anyways.. It’s unavoidable for these things to happen. It’s unavoidable to have the feeling that you ‘aren’t active enough‘. It’s unavoidable for us to feel like stopping for a while and do something else.

Well, I decided to ask how all of you are. During the first and second generation of the CPUN, we used to give questions every Friday and that kept everyone quite active.

  • How is your army this week?
  • How’s the month been for you and you’re army?
  • How’s life been at school?

If you have a different answer, comment it as the fourth question. Now.. this bold setting of font won’t turn off again so I guess I’ll have to finish this post in bold letters. February’s coming up and I hope we’ll have some plans for that! For me, Color Peng and I have just started adjusting to our new school.. well, 4 subjects a day isn’t that bad is it? 😛

Oh yeah, I’ll post the pictures of the new room for the mine here in this post tomorrow!

Anyways, have a great weekend and coming week everyone!



11 Responses

  1. 4 subjects a day?! I have to have six…
    How long are you’re school days Dee?

  2. Hey dee… you know Yugioh? Maybe not but Maybe so. Well I know a site where you can make people into a card. Can you e-mail me a picture of your penguin account (the penguin itself) so I can do this to it?

    If anyone wants me to do this to theres I will be more then happy to.

  3. Hey go to this site http://cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com/
    its based on the game Pokemon Rangers but for CP and they seem to take down penguins. I searched- “Speed015 clubpenguin”and saw it ther.

  4. Speed, the CPR’s Ktman’s first army. We teamed up with them three years ago..

  5. oh lmao i got rlly worried for a sec… thats good i thought someone had it in for Ktman…

  6. Where the heck is everyone..?

  7. I’m here! Check out the new army me and Panthers made yesterday


    21 troops and 300+ hits in one day. Oh, I have 7 subjects. Well, if you take out P.E. then it’s really 6.

  8. Yeah it has been two days and still no pictures dee. I want to see the underground river.

  9. 😉

  10. Sorry I have been inactive. I was busy with school.

    •How is your army this week?
    Im in GW. We are good.

    •How’s the month been for you and you’re army?

    •How’s life been at school?
    I got a 95 on my history test.

  11. How is your army this week?
    Don’t have one XP

    How’s the month been for you and you’re army?
    Still didnt have one XP

    How’s life been at school?
    Cool… kissed 3 girls and goin out with 4 (lmao) and got a 95 im ever class but English cuz I flunked on letter cuz i didnt do it but i got an 80 in that class!

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