Pwn’s Tourney Update:

Pwn: New battle times will be posted soon (wary). School is taking my activeness out too :(.

Well, this was a weird weekend. Btw, Snowbomb, NO TOUNEY UNTILL MINE’S DONE >:(! Anyways… The FRW had their battle postponed (you’re welcome FRW) because they asked and knew that only 1 person could make it. I asked myself if I could have the battle postponed and I said yes to myself XD. Brownies, if you would’ve notified me that none of your owner ranks were going to be there, you could’ve have a postpone too. Along with that, I couldn’t make it to any Saturday battle, so UKAvsTHGA will have a new time. CPTR and Romans didn’t show up, so I’m booting them from the tourney.


Anyways, another think that happened was that 4 teams seasons in the NFL ended. R.I.P. these football team’s sesons XD:

R.I.P.  Green Bay Packer’s Seson: 11-6

R.I.P. Philidelphia Eagle’s Seson: 11-6

R.I.P. New England Patriot’s Seson: 10-7

R.I.P. Cincinati Bengal’s Seson: 10-7



5 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. sorry Brownies where just busy but its ok

  3. when will it be on

  4. To those who wanted to join the CPUN, please hang-on. I’ll post this weekend. Just had my first week of school in my new school so I’ve been a little busy. Anyways, until then! 🙂


  5. So school is taking out of my activeness. Sooooooooo what did I misss?

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