RUS ACP Wins/Updated tourney picture!

Dee edit: Uhm, I think all the Justices were meant to be there and not just Atm and I think Cas was supposed to be there. Comment here if you can be a full-time job for at least two battles. Maybe you can get the pictures from the websites of the armies Pwn? They might have some and we can see it there. When you post the results, post all the details and I’ll add some myself. 😉

P.S., I’ll re-sticky Flipper’s active count, probably tomorrow. And, thanks for the update Snow. 🙂 

RUS ACP beat the CPR. There wre no judges (*cough*atm*cough*)that were there. That was surprising, since I said this in the times:


I told you we needed a judge (d).

Anyways… Here is the updated tourney picture:


Next Battle: FRW vs DCP



4 Responses

  1. So SF and RUS ACP? Hmm… Okay… I’ll be checking the site for FRW and DCP’s results, you can expect a good fight between THGA and UKA, but not much crowd! 😆

  2. That’s pretty cool… Good luck to the next armies.

  3. UKA=we won by forfeit


  4. i would like to join please!!

    thank you

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