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MWWI Update

Greenie: Idk so many people would talk about this subject. LOL.

Houndy: Just a warning: If you invade Powder Ball, MFW WILL strike back. Also, the blue alliance owns these servers. Or SAY they do. Check some army’s sites why don’t you. Epic Fail BA.

ATM Edit: Ok. Lets slow down a bit. Powder is currently owned by MFW. Did you check with them? Before it was owned by SPAAF for many months then when we died we handed it to MFW. So you have to schedule the invasion 24 hours before with the current owner knowing.

Flipper: WOAH WOAH WOAH. GW Own Snowfall, medium armies must want their buts kicked.

One of the first(if not THE first) battle of MWWI is the BBA(big brown alliance(i think)’s) invasion of Powder ball. Here is the schedual for the battle(again i got this from the romans site but edited it by deleting personal stuff). And the BBA’s defense of Snow Board. Im not sure what the other alliance’s name is but they are blue. As you can also see, the Browns(BBA) have more people than the BLues(the other alliance):

SSCP, BFA, TG and CPST vs Brownies, Romans, Tagp,MCP,CPEQ,BB and PDW

Its 4 VS 7 which isnt really fair but oh well.

Invasion of Powder Ball

When: Saturday January 9th


  • 2:00 pm est
  • 1:00 pm cst
  • 12:00 pm mst
  • 11:00 pm pst
  • 7:00 pm uk

Invasion/defence of Snow Board

Who: SSCP, BFA, TG and CPST vs Brownies, Romans, Tagp,MCP,CPEQ,BB and PDW

When: Sunday 10th January

Server: Snow Board

Room: Cove

Time: 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm GMT, 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST

Here are other battles in the war for the other armies:

Defense of Sherbet

Defense of Snow fall

  • Who: CPAU, THGA, Dark Magicians
  • Chat: www.xat.com/cpau
  • Date: Saturday
  • Time: 11:00 pst- 2:00est

Defense of tobaggon

Defense of Alpine

Comment about what you think! 😉

~Greeniedude1(sorry if i missed some stuff)


5 Responses

  1. RUS ACP joined the big blue alliance for the battle , but we are kind of small

  2. K. I can add ya.

  3. CPSt joined the Brown allince and the Big Blue allince called it off so Brown Allince wins

    • Oh!

  4. Oh, and it’s the BIG BLUE ALLIANCE. The Brown Alliance is just called the BA.

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