To Dee-

Can i Lead the Republican Party Please.

Thanks Cas.


10 Responses

  1. Did you really have to a make a post about this?

  2. I commented that back in July, turns out Ktman is!

  3. hey guyz i just need a big army in the cpun to allie in the big war gonig on thx!

  4. Swat? I thought you were retired. :l

  5. My suspicion grows.

  6. Maybe you should have edited the latest post and asked your question there?

    • Yeah thats what I was thinking.

  7. no stupid/random/no use posts!

  8. basicly no comment posts is what everyone means! lmao… comment posts are comments turned into rlly short posts like you post this-
    “Hey I’m dating this new girl!”
    and its only one line and doesn’t mean anything!

  9. Yes, Ktman is, since the party in power’s leader, or the current Prime Minister leads the party.

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