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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Top 10 Small Armies/Small Army News/Tourny

Dee: Hey Taco, Speed, I’ll be sticketizing this post until the tourny and the posting of it’s resultsis over so I’ll get your posts up soon. The members of the Supreme Court (Justices, Chief Justice) can vote as well! If you don’t know your rank (we shouldn’t refer to it as rank but instead as the Cabinet or Executive Branch), click here and scroll downwards. BTW, that page is still under construction. Since we have quite a long line in ‘post making’, I’ll be making my post after a few days. it will be interesting. Goodluck again! 😉

Pwn: I will be judging the first tourney battle if none of the judges show up. I will continue to do this untill one of the judges shows up. I won’t be able to do this for FRW battles though.

Flipper: I accept! 😛 I De-accept 😦 Can’t make it.

Dee edit: I was supposed to post today but the internet was cut until this evening (my time). Anyways, fortunately enough, Greeniedude and Pwn were able to post 🙂 . I won’t be able to cme to the tourny because you all know how I’m on the other side of the planet. Well I’ve suggested the Justices and Chief Justices to judge as well. We’d need at least three CPUN staff members to be at the battle itself and if anyone else is going to the judge, we hope we’ll have pictures. Goodluck tomorrow everyone. I’ll be having a doctor’s (ENT) appointment.. meaning they’ll have to put a camera inside my nose again like last week.. deep into my nose. 😐 Recent News: Marvel has agreed to merge with Disney.












FRW and RCP stop long hate:

Recently Archenemies became Allies. The Fantastic Red Warriors (FRW) and Rebel Club Penguin (RCP) have finally stopped their long hatred.


The RUS ACP army is currently taking on CP Team Red. RUS ACP has a lot of allies, like DA ACP, FRW, and Slush Army. It was debated who won the last battle. There were planning problems. First off, it was supposed to be an invasion of Crystal by RUS ACP. The invasion, for whatever reason, was moved to Glacial. Second, Glacial was a SAFE CHAT SERVER. Third, the leaders weren’t even on Xat giving orders. So that was a disaster. The next battle is TBA.

RCP vs Romans

The Romans are apparently invading RCP servers. The only sure allie for them is FRW. Not much on this subject.


Ok, I’m having a tourny. Its for small-medium armies. It will be a CPUN tourney. Here is the layout:

Updated tourney

It could be changed, that’s just the start. Here is the list of invited armies:






RUS ACP:Approved!


UCPKA UKA(Name Change):Approved!

CPL:Rejected 😦 CPR(Taking the place of CPL):Approved!




The judges will be:



Cas: Atm:Accepted!


G98: Rejected

Judges, comment if you can judge.

The times will be coming out later!
Pwn Edit: Here are the times for the first battle!

Brownies vs SF

WednsdayMonday, January 6th, 2010

Snowfort, Snowfort





Rules *If you fail to follow these you are disqualified*

The battle will last 20 min. NO ALLIES!!! You can do fake retreats. You can do any type of emote. You may do any tatic. Spectators are aloud.

Pwn (again) :

Second  battle:


WednsdayMonday, January 6, 2010

Snowfort, Snowfort






This battle will last 15 minutes. Otherwise, same rules as battle 1.


37 Responses

  1. DCP will do this

  2. when will this happen??

  3. OMG! The UCPKA is MY army! And its now the UKA. our colors are blue and orange. Click my name to go to the site.

  4. My arm can come. Sign us up! 😀

  5. awesome , but isn’t CPL (2nd generation) dead , and we will join

  6. rus is still fighting TR…….

  7. Hi, I’m from the UKA and very exited to compete, thanks for including us in the tourney and your Top 10 list!

  8. SF approves of the tourney

  9. I’m CPL Leader. We will not be competing. BTW, CPL is Club Penguin Lazers, not Club Penguin Lightning 🙄 .

  10. Im Brownies leader and we will compete

  11. actually Brownies arnt that small just to say

  12. SSCP are a medium army, we’re not small 😐

  13. Do you want to be in the tourney or not?

  14. Even though some armies arnt small

  15. Brownies and Sun Squad have both proved not to be small armies. Sun Squad is currently debating on whether to join

  16. Brownies still are going to come becuse we are bored and want to battle

  17. Romans approve

  18. Riots were in the medium top ten, and were supposed to be in major top ten, when we beat churros.

  19. Hmm… I’m not sure yet, CPUKA has more troops than we do, but we are raising… Hmm… I’ll give my answer in 24 hours!

  20. I’ll get some active counts, cause they only have 7 if we get over 10 by tomorrow we will sign in and practice hard!

  21. hey its me zipper and rcp has too many things going on.. 2 invasions in 2 days. it is going to be hard to get them to come to the turnament too.. so i am sorry

  22. Hola CPUN,

    Looks like everything’s going ok. One thing though – your banner sucks and your header isn’t exactly eye-catching.

    -Your old whatever I was, Miroos 😉

  23. Why is s medium army in a small army tournament? (Brownies)

  24. ok cpr will enter the tourny

    soccerfan8 cpr 2ic

  25. disney + marvel…


  27. Can I be a judge!?

  28. HOLD ON! I checked all the penguins that I could contact to get on the battle and I got 8! :O

  29. Ok we are signing up! BUT! The time needs to be between 7-10 am pst! And if possible then on Saturday!


  31. SSCP rejected. Sorry

  32. Okay THGA approves, I got about 10 to come, maybe less but still more than CPUKA has! 😉

  33. Whoops mean UKA, but still more than they got! 😛

  34. what about the new army http://www.cpfireninjaarmy.wordpress.com CPFNA

  35. we the ACP are a war machine! you can not beat us!

  36. Dee, I can get you better Brackets if you need it. I would be happy to help out. 😀

  37. Oh this is old XD sorry Dee I was searching Boxes on google and this post came up XD

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