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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Good, nice time!

This is like the Great Club Penguin UN Awakening. Everyone is posting and I had something to post about too and it has something to do with Flipper’s post too! 😉

These tournies, if we are gonna do it who’s will work?

There is Dee’s: A sort of tournament you’d see in cartoons. Like those type of tournys that will just suddenly appear out of nowhere. Like an intergalactic tourny. This organization will organize tournaments that will be on-going. Weekly tournaments if possible. It’s more of like a game – to see who’s the strongest of the strong. This will give the chance for armies to test their strength against others and be discovered by the CP Army World. I wanted to give this chance to all those who joined the CPUN but it was harder than it looked. With this organization, we can organize battles and tournaments that will give armies of today, something to fight for.

Flipper’s (a bit different): There is so many nations right?, yeah and I was thinking of splitting all the nations into to Teams. The red team, and the blue team. The teams would be very fair, with it depending on how many active you have in your army. I was thinking after we have the teams sorted, we could schedule PB’s every week or so, and it would be Red vs Blue. If you win one battle , you get a point. (There will be judges to decide it), There would be a series of 4 battles (4 Points available) every month (4 weeks in a month), and the winning team, can get a historical server, like Mammoth to keep for that month, until it’s the end of a month again, and you count up the points, and then the wining team would win Mammoth, or a historical server, for a month, until the next months ended, and then, ect, ect.. Club Penguin United Nations, sorts of fits with my idea because it’s lots of Nations (armies) Teaming up to join one massive team, and other armies join the other one.

Then mine: 2 teams and 1 ENTIRE team gets illuminated! There are another 2 teams for medium armies and another for big. When one team goes down, the other team gets split into 2 and it keeps breaking down when some team gets illuminated. Once we are down to 2 armies of small, medium, and large; they will compete in a harder task to see which one wins a server. 3 armies will win at the end.

This is a poll for you to say who’s is the best!

Who’s tourny idea should end up being used?(opinion)

I was also think that us ourselves could be on teams of like 3, 4, or 5 and compete!



14 Responses

  1. I’ve changed my idea.

  2. Find how in my above post. And I wish I could meet you Speed, on CP or xat. 😦

  3. Oh I get it! Your doing my whole idea from the post “7th December, 2009”, but choosing which tourney to do at the end! Oh! I just realised. (ONO)

  4. Well, I got my idea from Flipper’s. Basically, it was all his plan. 😉

  5. Flying ninjas of club penguin has changed its name. Black knights of club penguin is our new name. heres our site http://blackknightsofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  6. Why did you talk about Speed on my post flipper? He also made a post yesterday.

  7. Damn I meant Soccer. *ONO*

  8. Don’t worry, it is great that you mixed me up with Speed, he is one of my favorite people.
    How about I meat you today or tommorrow on cp on the server rocky road on the ice burg at 2 PST?

  9. I have a snow day today!

  10. Neat! Tommorrow, 2 PST? Lets meet on http://xat.com/deeplace , and then go on CP. =D

  11. Okay

  12. =D

  13. Soccer, you online?

  14. Now I am!
    BTW, if you want to meet me tommorrow then I’ll come at 2:30 PST

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