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Just my First Edition (See title at my blog)

December 02, 2009

Since no one posted, I’ll just post the first edition of my recent project. I’ll be putting up the information about this project on my blog soon. It’s gonna be my hobby posting these things at my blog after I retire.  By the way, this came from my blog and I’m going to make more of these, so stay tuned for more of these things! Iasgae calls them ‘anecdotes‘. Click here to visit my blog and be sure to come back to see if I have a new edition to post! 😉




I’m Mr Deedledoo. People call me Dee. I don’t really know why I called myself by the name ‘Mr Deedledoo’. Maybe it’s because I thought I’d be making an account for just another of those games on Miniclip or just another website my friend told me to go to. I already made an account which shared with my brother, Color Peng a few weeks earlier but we decided to make our own. Like I said above, I thought I’d be making an account for just another game – but I guess, that’s what most CP soldiers of today thought.

Club Penguin Home Page 2007-2008Club Penguin’s Old Home Page

Creating my Club Penguin Username (Dee)

Yep, the majority of soldiers here never knew they’d be joining an army. They probaby just saw a bunch of penguins in one corner of the room one day shouting Join followed by a group of unusual words put together like “Underground Mafias Army” or “Rebel Penguin Federation“. Probably one out of five army names would be attractive or clever enough to get people to join the army. The lucky armies, would’ve gotten a lot of followers while the unlucky ones, unfortunately, were.. well .. unlucky and unfortunate. :|

I haven’t been around the world yet but I have to say that the first army I ever joined was the Army of Club Penguin. Before I joined them, I had my own group of fighters I’d call, the Navy. You can click here to see that army. I’m not going to force you to take a look at that site but you’d be surprised at who joined my army and who became my allies. You’d be even more surprised at how much the second reincarnation of that army was so much involved in CP Warfare. Click here for the second army which is of a different name (Royal Penguin Arsenal).

In the early days, when tactics were few, and armies were primitive, someone who didn’t know about the ACP website or the RPF website or the PRA website, etc., would only learn about it a few days later after making their own army on Club Penguin. Some would think of typing in the words of an army on Google, then, to their surprise, would actually see that the website they searched for really does exist. This is how I found the ACP website –  out of curiosity perhaps. My ‘army’ and I had a fight in the old Dojo with a couple of guys who called themselves ‘the Nachos‘ until these green guys came to the rescue. They called themselves ‘ACP’, and that’s how I decided to search for them. Yes, to my surprise, I found a really cool, detailed website created by a guy called Oagalthorp who then made his first retirement posts. Many more of his retirement posts were to come.

Moving on, the typical penguin would go to either the chat page or the join page to make a comment. He or she would make a smart comment asking if being allies would be ‘okay’. The evil sort of penguin would make a comment all caps and saying bad stuff against the army they’re talking to though deep inside, there was jealousy and a desperate need for a website of their own. Most of these newbies would immediately look at the URL and would see the word … W-O-R-D-P-R-E-S-S. To most, this may be something new to them and they’d check out the WordPress website either by carelessly typing in WORDPRESS in their searchbar (whether it’s Google, or Yahoo) or by guessing the URL and maybe even guessing it right!

The typical penguin who is new to CP Warfare would then start exploring the features of WordPress and sometimes looking at some of the professional army sites for some ‘guidance‘. They try to copy the theme and the page lay-outs. Some may have a hard time on making pages or putting widgets. “How do you put that tab up there in the other army sites that says Join or Ranks?“. Sooner or later, they’d find out that those tabs are actually pages but that depends on the theme. This is sort of a long journey for the typical penguin new guy. When he finds out how to use the blog stats widget is and sees that he has ‘0 hits‘, he feels the need to advertise on the other website or ask some friends in Club Penguin or even in real life to check out his website and join his army. I tried to organize my website and get it ready and presentable before advertising it. The night I made it, I already had 25 lucky hits. It was a memorable number and I slept through the night thinking about it. The next morning, I had 125+ hits. This gave me so much joy. Hey, I’m was just the typical penguin new guy during those days. You can’t blame someone for enjoying a little bit of sucess. ;)

Continued in the Second Edition – “The Typical Penguin New Guy Part 2


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