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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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General Assembly hopefully

Dee edit: Anyone out there can post for now. Please make a post! 😉

November 26, 2009

Hey guys. The exams were tiring. Wow. It’s Dee again and I’m back. 🙂

No one posted while I was away but that’s fine. We’ll be leaving next week and the problem is, I’m not sure if this computer I’m using will still be unpacked by next Saturday. We really need this assembly, if not an assembly, then at least a war. Our Ministers of War/Defense are not around. Benu’s gone, Articsledder is kinda busy, and Godplayer is still grounded. We’ll see if we can have the General Assembly with me there. If I won’t be there, maybe someone can do the honors of supervising the GA but I really think I should be there.

So we’re going to have it on a Saturday, if you can’t come at 9AM Penguin Standard Time of that day, please comment!

  • What: General Assembly (probably the last of this year!)
  • When: Saturday December 5
  • Where: CPUN Chatbox (click here)
  • Time: 9AM Penguin Standard Time (See the clocktower in Club Penguin’s Snow Forts to know the current time it says on your computer and calculate it from there. When it is 9AM in the clock-tower, it would be 9AM for all of us. 😉 )

Hopefully, we’ll negotiate about the re-opening of the Nations page and a new system for it. I’ll be giving promotions to those who give some clever ideas during the assembly. 😉 Flipper, Soccer, and many more already have ideas that we will look on during the meeting. I’ll be in chatboxes during your mornings (if you live in Europe or the US) because that would be my evening. That means you can chat with many any time. I also have a chatbox which is in the CPUN chatbox. It’s the second tab. You can leave me a message here if you want and I’ll leave you an answer when I see it. I’d usually be in that chatbox anyways – doing nothing. So visit my “home” any time you want. 😀

Well, time to comment! XD



18 Responses

  1. You mixed me with any and made many.
    Sounds like a good day.

  2. Oops, happy thanksgiving!

  3. sounds cool- HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  4. I may come, it’s just that my Great Aunt’s b-day party is on Dec. 5.

  5. I’d like to apply to work for the CPUN 🙂
    Here is some history of myself,

    I started Club Penguin October 21, 2006 & Club Penguin War November 12, 2006.

    I was an RPF 2ic, UMA 2ic, IW Head General, ACP Major General, Black Jackets Leader, UPA Leader, Shadow Troops Leader, HSA Head General. All I can think of now.

    I am only active in HSA,IW & RPF now.


  6. You can’t apply here cause we don’t really know. You have to be active here for a month to actually be a part.

  7. I meant to say cause we don’t really know you.

  8. There are exceptions though.

  9. Mr. Deedlo knows meh

  10. blah* Mr. Deedledoo

  11. Since when did he know you?

  12. Soccer, anyone can join. To become an editor or author in the site, that’s when you have to be active for a month.

  13. Oh hey Coff. Yeah Coff’s been around for a long time and I do believe it’s time we had people from the other side of the world of CP Warfare – RPF, UMA, etc.

    Elections will be coming soon though. January. We need an exact date. This computer I’m using will be packed this coming Thursday. :\

  14. internet + dragon ball z Andrioid 18 Games = OMG

    I can come on december 5th

  15. Hey dee TAFA is alive again but with a new leader

  16. Happy December, my favorite month! Last year in December we had an ice storm, knocked the power out for 2 days and some people a week. Too bad I live on top of the mountain because at the bottom (still part of the town) my friend said the mountains looked like it was covered in glitter! I love the cold.

    Ven edit: Appalachian mountains? North Carolina Virginia ,Virginia,Maine,New Hampshire,Vermont,New York,Massachuetts,Conneticut,Pennsylvania,Ohio,West Virginia,Kentucky,Tennessee,Alabama,South Carolina,Georgia,Indiana,Illinos,Missouri and Arkansas is the states u might be in… idk

  17. It also snowed today. It’s weird, it also snowed in October but never in November.

    I hope one of these emotes work: :icy: :snow: :hot: :cold:

  18. My birthday is in 3 days *GOO* 5th December. 8)

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