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New armies to CPUN? & the gw story

-New armies to CPUN-


I have been advertising for CPUN like crazy and I found 4 armies so far that wants to join including my newest army the SW. The Shadow Warriors are a newer army, and we are now going to join CPUN. But one thing? The comments on the nation page are all closed. So does that mean that we cannot add more armies to CPUN?

Please comment here with your answer to this question.



-The GW story-

The Golden Warriors have recently declared war on the MFW. Why? Because the MFW is trying to claim GW’s capital snowplow. So we were going to invade both there servers Taboggan and Yeti but I thought that was too much. GW is now only invading Yeti. The rules to this battle are posted here along with the battle details. If GW wins, then MFW must also remove our capital from there “claimed but not invaded” servers along with the server Yeti which GW wants for a recruiting server.

Now if you look MFW is our allies. Yes that is true. Both armies are in Cpun. That is also true. That is why after this invasion clears things up about who owns what servers, I hope that everything will be back to normal between GW and MFW. GW is not trying to start problems, that is why we are only invading one server to claim and to get them to take off our capital. We are not going to fight MFW anymore after that unless they decide that they want to fight GW which would cause nothing but even more problems.

Since I am a nice leader, if we win I will allow MFW to share the server of Yeti with us. We will also be removing our claims on the server Snowcone soon since our allies (st) want it. Now who all here has read the famous post “why allies destroy armies”? I disagree with that. I believe that allies are great at battles. But that does not mean to treat your allies like Gods if they do something to you. Some conflict is what CP armies is made for. This is where the fun comes in.



10 Responses

  1. It was pretty strange how both MFW and GW were posting news about the same battle on the CPUN site through-out the week.. You’re both in the CPUN. O_O

    Well I can’t stop you guys from fighting anyways.. But I would’ve suggested to negotiate well.

    Who thinks the CPUN should have a ‘voluntary system’? Meaning: No more registering. Only those who want to participate in a certain event, are FREE to participate.

    Well, if your army is active, please reply here.. I’ll erase the Nations page and the CPUN Members links to start anew. 😉

    P.S., Nice story.


  2. GW are active, so am I. But I have recently been cursed with laryngitis and other viruses. ._.

  3. Good luck GW.

  4. i got websites but their not in cp… O.O

  5. Sure Dee

  6. Last comment at the nation page said: Join in with the discussions on our main page
    So, we can still joining, i want to join the army! Too!

  7. Gw are active. And i would like to wish MFW good luck. And Dee, I tried to settle it, but they did not accept.

  8. AW is active 😉

  9. Whoa whoa whoa. We didn’t accept? Your deal was crooked. Out of 200% heres what were the percentages were:
    GW 120% MFW 80%
    They were wanting more for OUR Server and giving us less for THEIR server 😕

  10. No we didn’t. We wanted 40% of yeti and 80% of snowplow since it is our capital

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