MFW Vs Number 4 and Number 10

Well, the MFW has a busy week ahead of them.

First, IMAF is invading Icicle. Yup, our capital. Its tomorrow. Wish us luck.. I Guess,

And GW is invading Toboggan. Wish us luck.. Again

Thanks HOund


4 Responses

  1. Happy birthday Dee. ^_^

  2. Hey Houndy, just saying MFW fought really well, even though you lost lol, so good luck with your new capital now that IMAF has taken it from u

    ~Viper (IMAF Head Warlord)

  3. Lol the MFW didn’t lose. Juts because the IMAF had more people doesn’t mean we automatically lost. Both armies had very good tactics, but the MFW had better one. The IMAF were just defending the whole time when the MFW was supposed to defend. Overall I call it a tie which means the MFW keeps their server.

  4. Houndy check your comments. Server/date changed.

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