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Army News?

Hey CPUN, Riotors here. I am reporting today about a MAJOR rise in the army news sites.

Woton created Cpa Central which is now the main news site for the top 10 armies and armies trying to get to the top 10. Cpa Central started back an old section in time where there were more news sites than there were armies. This was a great period in time, but it slowly faded away to where there were no more army news sites. Suddenly the Cpa Central was created and started a large BOOM in a rebuilding of history.

Now I know of at least 13 army news sites. Most of them are just about the same, but there is one that sticks out. Actually i created it to become for the top 10, but it somehow ended up changing. The CPA Insider is MAINLY an army news site for medium armies. We have over 14 armies that look over the site. The CPA Central is still the most known site for Army news.


  1. CPA CENTRAL (I have no job on this site)
  2. CPA ZONE (I used to have a job on this site but Idk why anymore)
  3. CPA INSIDER (I am the owner/head stationair)
  4. CPU CENTRAL (I am a graphics generator)

Has CPA Central started back a new period in time of CPA News Sites? I think they have but I want your oppinion.



4 Responses

  1. Has CPA Central started back a new period in Army news sites? I think they have.

    Comment telling me what you think.

  2. I remember tons of mu favorite news sites shutting down for some reasons and soon disappeared. No one hires people to post news for armies nowadays too..

    I guess CPA Central will do great because.. they themselves will be writing the news of their own armies.. Nice job so far.


  3. Woton used to be a popular blogger, CPA wont be gone very soon.

  4. I like CPA Central, I think of them as something like USA Today (or in my country, The National Post, which was a epic fail!)

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