Haven’t been active lately…

Cas Edit: Sorry G98 i cant accept this position, it would be to much work for me seeing as im ambassador.

Hey it’s G98, Sorry I have not been active lately, I was doing “16 hour” flights on my flight simulator. I like the ideas, I totally support it. I like the way that Operation Mile is put in, I like the idea of teams, and a Organizing Committee.  Well, I would like to introduce the idea of a Minister of International Cooperation. That person will be someone that helps tie bonds, negotiate  between us and our member armies, they will represent us at informal meetings when the Head, or Minister of Foreign Affairs is not available. So I would like to nominate The Right Honorablcasiusbrutus as our new Minister of Cooperation. Dee I hope you can approve this. Right now, the situation is mellow, nothing good, nothing bad, just normal.


2 Responses

  1. This is a time of ideas! Who knows who’s is gonna be activated and what is too come. Everyone sorta has an idea for CPUN. We should have a name for this part of our time.

  2. The Idea Spurt Era xDDD

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