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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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General Assembly this Saturday

Aan10~ Thanks for the color 🙂

Flipper – Finally, I’m back! And Playa, you might see this edit, maybe not, but how many people agreed with you to do this “Operation Mile”.

Aan10 Edit~ Hey! Thanks for putting me back on as an editor. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to apologize for my inactivity this week. You would not believe the amount of homework I went throught to get to the point where I don’t feel guilty coming on. I have been reading on here, but just not participating in the discussions. And what is my editing color?

October 13, 2009

Hey guys, it’s Dee!

Well, Godplayer has been grounded for.. a week I think so he can’t go on. He told me to re-add the editors he removed so there you go. 😀

Now that you are editors, you must be responsible and you must make sure that whatever you post about, is interesting and is relating to the people’s ideas. Don’t simply post anything you want unless there’s a good time when everyone is relaxed and is willing to take a break from work. Don’t make one paragraph posts as well. It would be good if we had two people to work on the job of posting about updates on Club Penguin. If you want to be one of them, comment here. Also, do not post anything if you can see that there’s something very important on the top! This is also about respect. If you can see that one of your fellow editors are trying to shine, let them shine and don’t block there sun with a bombarded post over it.

We’ll be having a meeting this Saturday more on ideas, contests, and more. Godplayer might not be there but we’ll schedule another one when he’s around because we need to meet as soon as possible. During the meeting, we’ll see each other at Color Peng’s igloo so we can finally meet each other and add each other etc. 😉

What: CPUN General Assembly

When: Saturday – October 17, 2009

Why: To discuss about what we’re gonna do for this generation of the CPUN

Where: CPUN Chat

And again, we’re going to be meeting each other at Color Peng’s igloo probably after the meeting and we’ll dicuss about what server and etc. during the chat.

Anyways, yeah, I’m still having exams until this Thursday so just a little patience. 😉

If you were removed from the Heads, please check if I was able to put you back on. Thanks! 🙂


35 Responses

  1. Add me Dee! 😦

  2. YES! I want to post about CP updates!!!! I’ve been asking all weekend! 🙂 :mrgreen:

  3. Ok dee i wanna be re added as an edtior cuz cp is my life!

  4. I’ll try to be there but that day is my Birthday Party@ (my real b-day is october 15th)

  5. That’s weird, I only begged once and I’m back on, but yet I complained a little, but YOU added after me. That is surprising. You are gonna be added sometime you know.

  6. Speed, are you ever gonna be just Speed015 instead of the cartoon name then aka speed?

  7. wat! ventus IS my name! >:^(

  8. Well it sounded like a cartoon name cause of the other names you haves used.

  9. Put me back on please 😦

  10. Does thta mean we will be deleted again when playa comes back? And am I still Minister of Foreign Affairs. I want to be. Plz.

  11. No, not CP updates!

    Meh, nvm…

  12. What up with cp updates Extreme?

  13. A few months, sorry guys!

  14. How many penguins agree you should do this anyway, everybody else is complaining!

  15. Woops I forgot to say Godplayer in it.

  16. And I forgot to say operation mile.^

  17. ok Ventus is my real name ok! and the 15th is my B-Day! and how come i’ve been asking for a week but u wont put me back on!!

  18. What time is the assembly at? Or is it just a come and go type of thing?

  19. Hey Dee you told me to comment
    Army Name: Ghost Army
    Link: http://gaarmy.wordpress.com
    Leader: Kaisin
    CPUN Represenitive: Kaisin

  20. Yeah when is the general assembly?

  21. ok wat the heck im still not an editor! here is my e-mail, LukeSkywalker015@aol.com
    my user name is Ventus aka Speed015
    and plz put me back ive been here the longest out of most ppl!!

  22. Army Leaders Join Club Penguin Army Alliance http://tcpaatheclubpenguinarmyalliance.wordpress.com/

  23. I’ll be in the chatbox from 8AM to 9AM Penguin Standard Time. I just didn’t realize I forgot to put the time. :\

    Anyways, see you all later!


  24. What’s the chatbox, the last time I’ve seen it was last school year. So I need to know how to get there.

  25. http://xat.com/TheClubPenguinUnitedNations

    It’s in the post lol.

    Anyways, there are a few of us in chat already, come on in everybody! 😉


  26. Where are you guys?

  27. I’m on right now, but it’s 12:40 CST

  28. no one else is on

  29. i couldnt come to any of the partys or the chat’s cuz i just had my party!

  30. I couldn’t be on that early because I saw your response three hours later Dee, sorry.

    • Sorry I missed it. My dad needed my help when he was fixing the garage door.

  31. I missed it because I had a project and I’m going somewhere today.

  32. i missed it cuz i had my B-party dat day

  33. lol, i am still working on a math project. actually my mom thinks thats what im doing right now. i better get back to it. xD

  34. I ish ςΦff, CP Army Legend and [so on]….. Would it be cool if I worked for CPUN?

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