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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Shutting Down the CPUN – Until we Meet Again

October 2, 2009

Well guys. The CPUN has become really inactive. I was able to fix up the site. Thank you WordPress for helping us fix the website. Now it functions properly and shouldn’t turn blank from time to time.

I’m sorry for:

  • Not being to help everyone
  • Not hosting Practice Battles well
  • I have to admit I was lazy to go on the site ever since school started
  • Having disagreements with some of my friends and other people
  • Not being able to give everyone a chance

The CPUN will be back when it is needed again. If anyone wants to revive it, save it. Save your ideas and when the CPUN returns, we will take your ideas. Comments have been disabled for the Nations page.

The CPUN will remain as a normal blog. Anyone who is in the site can post about anything they want. We will return in the summer.

I’m almost fifteen and I can’t handle things as I used to. I’ll be back. I promise. Just keep commenting on the website and we can keep in touch. CPUNTV will go on and I’ll be posting some videos about myself (in CP) weekly and if not, probably more than a week.

I’m not retiring from the ACP yet so you can find me in chats. Don’t worry, we won’t be deleting the website and we won’t be leaving it for memorial. Just think of it as retiring the goal of the CPUN.

Party at Color Peng’s house. Meet Dee and the CPUN staff! We will appreciate if you’ll come!

What: Party at Color Peng’s house (Dee’s brother)

Who: The CPUN staff! Hosts are Dee and Color Peng!

When: Friday, 16th of October 9AM Penguin Standard Time

Where: Dee and Color Peng’s hometown, Deep Snow – Color Peng‘s igloo.

Contacts for Mr Deedledoo:

– punkpunkpoodles@ymail.com

– mrdeedledoo@yahoo.com

– ACP Chat

– Halo servers – UHP The Few, the Proud – Map: Coldsnap. Name: (((Rapidy))) (in honor of Rapidy and for some other random reason)

If you have an MSN or Yahoo! Messenger, be sure to add me on there with those e-mails. 😉 I’ll always be on.

No thank yous from me for now, we’ll see each other soon. 🙂

-Christmas Parties, Haloween Partys and other parties may be hosted by the CPUN

Godplayer, General98, Speed, and others, you may post about anything you want! Discuss about anything you want! Invite people to parties! I’ll be here so don’t worry. I’m not abandoning you guys. 🙂

-If anyone of our CPUN friends need help, just ask help from us and I will personally guide you. If you are retiring, please tell us. Atm23, Flipper, Soccer, and all good friends.. please don’t leave.. at least without saying goodbye Thanks.
Keep in touch and ADD ME ON YOUR MESSENGERS! 😀





-CPUNTV issues coming soon! CPUN staff please continue to make more videos and stories (including you G98 and Speed) 😉

-The Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Samoa, and some others, have become victims of the recent Typhoon that occurred in the area. Half of the Philippines (Dee and Color Peng’s home country) was flooded. A second Hyper Typhoon will be coming, it is three times stronger and will last three months which may wipe out the country unless the Typhoon changes it’s course. Let’s pray it changes course and pray for the country that it may hit instead.

colorpeng edit: I would like to remind some of you that Dee and I will be going to a different country. So we might not be on for some time but we won’t be quitting! We’ll post as soon as we get back. But we’ll tell you when we’ll be gone. 😉


31 Responses

  1. I’ll add Tiny Ronan to the site. If you’re one of those who have been long asking for editorship, comment here! 🙂


    • I wish CPUN wouldn’t close down till summer. Because I might not be here in the summer because I was thinking of maybe retiring SPAAF then going on to ACP and CPUN. But now since CPUN is shutting down for a little bit now all I will be doing is ACP and I am added to 2 major CP Cheats sites. greenoiscool.wordpress.com/ and cpextra.com/ And Dee I will never leave without saying goodbye. I checked the site everyday. But the reason I wasn’t commenting is because nothing was really going on. If we close down then open back up the time we open back up most armies might be inactive. And most of our editors and authors will be inactive. If I retire before we open back up maybe I’ll come back for a month or 2 to get CPUN back up again. But I will still check the site everyday. Goodluck Dee 😉

    • And also Dee when we open back up will I still be Minister of Forgiegn Affairs or are we gonna like restart CPUN?

      • Sure ATM. Don’t worry. We won’t be gone for that long. Everyone will keep everything. 😉

  2. 😦 CPUN was a great thing. I was glad I was part of it.

  3. Summer! This site is my life, I’m not sure if CPUN closes and come backs that it will have the same penguins that we know and love or not.

  4. I’m at school at that time!

  5. Anonymous is me. :mrgreen:

  6. i have been looking for editorship.

  7. I remain speechless.

  8. I thought the day would never come (same with the fall of CPR)

  9. Just think of us as on ‘hiatus’.

  10. Dee, it was great. I’m sure we’ll see eachother from time to time on ACP, good luck with the Typhoon.

  11. I can see we have a lot of supporters.. I think I’ll change my mind. I’ll post soon!


    Thanks for the support guys!!


  12. I approved Dee on Phones comment 😎 Also I have an AWESOME idea for CPUNTV
    You could do like a LIve Broadcast of a Battle or a Practice Battle so we can view on chat without going on CP 😀 . Like those scoreboards in Soccer and Football games 🙂

  13. Wow, Deep Snow was our server when we were the Navy. I’m glad to go there again

  14. Houndy I can make that happen. Just tell me whatever I should film and I can do it on Livestream.

  15. I know! We can be the official CP Army TV! We can film every big battle live. Get all the news on everything! Who thinks its a good idea?

  16. Stats:

    Last time I went on CP: May/April this year
    Last time I actually was interested in CP: 2 years ago
    Last time I put effort in CP armies: August.
    Last time I made a post here: April.
    Last time I commented on the ACP site without critisism about stuff: Probably last year…
    Last time I went on a CP army xat: A few months.
    Last time I finished all of my difficult equations homework: June.

  17. Well Dee, it is your decision. Can we open it again for my retirement date of January 1st for a day?

  18. Hey you already made the first video! Last year someone sang let it rock with his friend and they were terrible! The song is good though.


  19. Dee, I know you and I never really talked on chat or anything, but from CPUN and ACP, I got to know you from the side lines. I know that may not make sense to some of you, but to others, you will understand perfectly.
    I know you are a very dedicated person no matter what you may say about being lazy, because after all, we all have been since it’s school. But, as a testament to your loyalty and dedication to CP and the CPUN, you have promised to return. I am nearly 14, and I know how hard it would be to make that promise.

    I hope that the typhoon is not in a path directed at the Philipines. I pray to God, that whoever is hit by the typhoon, is protected and provided for, and doesn’t loose faith.

  20. Well somebody should make a post right now. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound desperate.

    • Made one.

  21. I know what to do for CPUN TV. We can make different sectors of CPUN TV (I know sector is the appropriate word). We make different types of CPUN TV. Since most of us live in different time zones we can all make CPUN TV episodes with a sect name at the end.
    CPUN TV (EPISODE NUMBER) by Sect. (Sect number or name)

    You can post a video you made as soon as you can but at least just once a week. We can make another page for CPUN TV videos, the old ones. So you have to post it two times – in a normal post and the Video page.

    Thanks! I haven’t told Dee about this yet because he’s still not home. 🙂

  22. where is he?

    colorpeng: He’s here at home. He just went somewhere when I thought about that comment.

  23. I am so happy that Typhoon Parma only hit Cagayan province (a rural province) , not Metro Manila. The last JAL flight to Manila a few weeks ago was delayed 400 mins. Hopefully CPUNTV goes well.

  24. At least I know me and speed live in the same timezone. CPUNTV should feature penguins in the CPUN and in the public. Maybe feature some leaders of armies. You know we should make a first episode soon!

  25. The next time Itachi comes back, we HAVE TO get him on CPUNTV. It will be a good memory.

  26. Hello there, Happy day-after-halowen! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. :D!!

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