Hey guys!

Yo guys it’s my weekend angain and you know what that means?  I CAN’T GET ON CPUN CUZ IT IS BLANK WHEN I GO TO THE URL!  Even if I go in throguh wordpress it is all white it only shows the page titles and the authors!!  But anyways I want to show you a little something I did on my computer 🙂 its an anime drawings I have done on the artweaver download-




This is one I free drawed in like 1 mintue.  I didnt add a lot of detial and you can see some erase marks on it.  The japnesse lettering next to it is my name but im not from japan I live in the USA ^-^

anime pic

~Son Goku aka Speed015~


5 Responses

  1. Yay America 😉

  2. lolz soccer do u like my pics?

  3. I don’t really like cartoons that look Japanese. Sorry 😈

  4. I live in New Jersey (in the North of New Jersey), how about you (the state is how far I go when it comes to where I live).

    • I live in Rhode Island

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