What up?

Every now and then (not days, hours) this site is blank. All I can see is the header, the search bar, and everyone in the CPUN to furber. I thought it was just my phone (which I am writing this post with) but when I went on my computer, THE SAME THING!!! I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem.
P.S. If anyone noticed, there is a scavenger hunt on club penguin.


12 Responses

  1. I’m serious, this is a BIG problem for me!!!

  2. i do too!

  3. yes, i have noticed that recently. i think it is because of so much info that is stored on here 😦

    when i tried to come on just now, that happened so i exitted and opened the web again, and it worked fine.


  4. i think im supposed to be an author btw. I have been asking for a coulpe days now for someone to add me. it has been 40+ days that i have been active for Aw.

  5. The fact that I can be seen (as I’m before furbur) is a testament to my awesomeness.

    Yes, I feel like being cynical today.

  6. It happened to me too, but obviously it’s working now.

  7. So I’m not alone! 🙂

  8. Maybe an error problem, I waited a few seconds (on my computer) and the widgets came back.

  9. OMGZ that happenes to me ALL the time but I just go on wordpress and open CPUN that way.

  10. It happened to me yesterday… The same thing happened to Ktman’s site, this worries me.

  11. ok soccer u found out who i like on cp.. lol

  12. she was taken before i got to her 😦

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