Army Day

Maybe the CPUN, like Canada with Remembrance Day and the US with Veterans’ Day could have Army Day. A day to celebrate and pay respects to fallen armies, retired leaders and other retired soldiers . We should have an armistice on the day, do prevent riots. It would be a day of peace. Remembering those fallen, retires and the strong. We should do this every year to celebrate the careers of not only legends, but heroes. I am proposing the day should be on November 12,and that we have a  international conference in Klondike.


3 Responses

  1. You know, if you didn’t say “day of peace” penguins would be more into your idea considering the international day of peace is coming up.

  2. I like that idea everyone can be dressed nice and in a line on CP and some people will make speeches. We can have security. If we do I want to be Head of Security. We can pay a tribute to Oagal, Commando, Person, and all the other legends. We can even get the small armies recognized by saying the names of the small armies.

  3. didnt ACP made a day like that

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