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Possible MFW-DW merge

Kj: First off my edit color is red so stop stealing it. Second off, Woton edited my post with the pics of GW. I only posted pics of the Nachos vs. ACP so yo can stfu Houndy and screw off. Its not my fault Woton posted them. Its not my fautl Tacos get no attention 😐 So stop blaming shit on me.

Houndy’s Point: Ok Rio… Congrats.. 14 people… I dont want to start a war, but a full chat isnt the the whole chat where you cant see the bottom. A full chat is where another room is created. Also, please don’t let these praises get to your head… You have yet to challenge a Major Army to attain the Major Army Spot. And WW is a challenge. In my opinion, until you beat a major army in a PB or war, then you shall be called Major.

Riotors 2nd edit: See houndy you are wrong. We proved ourself today after having 14 people at an unscheduled event. It was just people on our chat then at the end we had 9 and that is where the cpa central picture is from. We had as much people as the nachos did at once and 1 away from a full chat. Ice warriors is the only army to stay ahead of us during this event. I like your oppinion though, but this time I will have to disagree with you since we proved ourself to be big.

Houndy’s Edit: CPA Central is getting really biased by Kj’s “Golden Warriors Rule” statements. Now, nothing taking away from GW, but I think the only reason you’re getting praise is because Kj is in GW. 😐

Riotors edit: Today Golden Warriors made an appearance at the battle between iw, nachos, and uma vs acp. We did not battle but just came to let larger armies see us and we most definately proved ourself in the top 10 since we had as much people as the nachos there. Uma had the least, then acp, then us and nachos, and IW had the most. We got a video which I will post whenever it finishes uploading. Please thank Denzzil for the video.

Today, Donut67890 [leader of the Dark Warriors] proposed a merge to the MFW. This would make both armies major, even though the idea of it was that the MFW merge into the Dark Warriors as a division, which is actually better in a way, since nobody loses their reputation. I think it’s a good idea. The MFW are almost the smaller version of the and it looks like the leaders will get on well. This was the comment Donut left on the MFW site:

Hey MFW I was thinking that you guys should merge into the Dark Warriors and I am a DW leader so if you are interested or what to know the website please find me on a chat. i think you would be interested in what I have to offer.”

Sounds good, looks good, but will it be a succesful merge? This is what I posted on the MFW site:


  1. We become major.
  2. Everyone will have the same rank.
  3. Keep our name in a way.


  1. We may be a division of the DW, but that is kind of good.
  2. DW Uniform+Chat to be kept.

I say yes. We won’t lose our reputation because we will be a division of the DW. And we can still use this site.

So what do you guys think?


PS. Check out the new MFW social network.


10 Responses

  1. It could be a good idea to merge. You guys would be a good size and if you can live up to the “same rank” standard, you will have many active soldiers.

  2. BTW, today marks the 42 I have been active!

  3. NO. Read my edit on the MFW Site.

  4. I like that idea. I dont want MFW to merge because then they will be no more. I want DW to be a MFW division.

  5. Well if you wanna merge then merge. It isnt our decision.

  6. DW = Semi-Major army.
    All of their ranks are the people who were on their chat last night. They are fixing their ranks.

  7. ive had the flu (and still have) and its a merical I got CPS3 done in time.

    My mini story CPS1/2(about 5 pages on MircoSoftWord) will be done October 31 and is a halloween special story!

    Dragon Ball X will be done in november at the earlesy.(about 8 pages long on MircoSoftWord)

    CPS4 (not about me this time about my son, i dont rlly have a son its just my imagineation) will be done in christmas time and is about 4 pages long on MircoSoftWord

    And then my latest one is called-
    Club Penguin Story
    The Real Speed015
    -and is about remembering the Club Penguin Stories and stuff like that and about a little joking mini mini story. And will be done around next year at this time at the latest cuz i have skool and im damn tired of makin these!

  8. The Elite leader has been active for forty days now that is if she comments this week.

  9. Dee, addme to the CPUN site in my new WordPress account, my email is dsalvaguitarra@hotmail.com , the other 1 got suspended thanks to the suspension of DR site.

  10. Wow, hopefully the MFW will not become Mysterious Dark Warriors of Fire of something like that, I don’t like army names that reveal too much.

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