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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Whow!!! Golden Warriors are in the competition for 5th?

Batin: Hey guys, heres a pic of GW just after they reached a full chat for a recruiting session. Unfortunately one of them left and the pic was taken RIGHT after that! So the Pics above!

Here is a copied portion of a post from CPA Central. They are having a tournament for the top 10 armies. And look at who is battling for 5th.

Now I think these armies should battle for 5th:

  • IMAF
  • GW
  • RPF
  • ST

I know I said a new army called GW(Golden Warriors). But you should actually have seen them, they have 6-10people on chat each day. At battles I haven’t seen non of them at battles yet but Im sure by the look of their chat, they can be good at battles. IMAF probably has a 45% chance because of their lack of posting. RPF I think they do have the cahcne but for some reason they stay in the same spot. ST site was hacked but who knows they can come back.

Sweet huh? I hope we do good, but I would like to wish everybody luck. By the way if anybody in CPUN needs our help with anything just ask. We always have people on our chat. http://xat.com/GWarmy or just comment on http://cpssworld.wordpress.com (if any of you can help us get a domain that would be greatly appreciated and we will repay you back.)



14 Responses

  1. Good job, hope to see you win, and take the gold!

  2. I hope ya win Riotors. I wish SPAAF was in there. 😦

  3. ….. Your not Fifth Major Army 😕

    And wow congrats u have6-10 people on chat each day 😮 ZOMG UR FIFTH CONGRATS! 🙄

    1. Nachos

    2. Acp

    3. IW

    ===World Power===

    4. Uma/WW

    5. (Havent decided but surely not GW)

  4. I wasnt trying to be mean 😦 I just dont want you to get your hopes up.

  5. I personally think we are 8th or 9th to tell you the truth. But they put is in the fight for 5th so we will fight. I think ST is the one we will have the most trouble with. Then I think IMAF then RPF. I think we can at least be 8th. But let’s try to get 5th.

    And trickster1backup1, I like how you expressed your oppinion. You must be a great soldier for whatever your army is.

    ~RIOTORS (http://cpssworld.wordpress.com)

  6. Good luck to the GW, but how does having 6-10 people on chat make you big? CP Warfare has turned on to its backside.

    The old days: Mammoth crowded, wars happening 24/7.
    Today: It’s a popularity contest. Having 6-10 people on chat makes you “big”.


  7. I hate to say it, but I don’t really think GW is going to be contesting for 5th. I think you guys are almost large, but the reason that was written is mostly because Kj is an owner rank in GW.

  8. I know Wotonz, I think 8th for us.

  9. why dont all four of us armies have a pb together then???

  10. ello CPUN peeps!!! Most of u dont know my storys (Club Penguin Storys 1-3) but three is almost out!!! WOOT WOOT! plus im involing a manga (comic book) about a person called Son Goku and I wrote Son Goku his own book 2!! But before that I want to show u some EPCI (kewl) songs on UTube!!

    -lol kewl KingdomHearts film

    -my fav song from my fav movie!

    -Okay most of them are about the movie Nightmare Before Christmas becuz its the best kid freindly halloween movie EVA!! I love the movie and all the songs! Plus don’t forget about that story I’ll give u the title-

    Club Penguin Storys 3- Speeds Return

    this one has a title isnt of Club Penguin Storys 1 or Club Penguin Storys 2. I also am going to make Club Penguin Storys 1/2 witch is about Speed and hsi friends having a ‘Night Mare Before Christmas!’

    ~Lolz have fun lookin at the vedios!~

  11. im beside u now in the server marshmallow im in the group and i would like to join!!!!!
    my penguin is Mikeycena

  12. ZOMG!!! Okay my story is almost done!! I think I can post it for you guys in a few hours or next weekend!! But then I have to work on Dragon Ball X and Club Penguin Storys 1/2

  13. Guys we arent really considering us 5th (GW). Its just what CPA central said. We could most likely be 8th,9th, or 10th. =/

  14. I know these people think WE said we were fifth. We only said we are going to be 8th or 9th. What are these people talking about?? :|. And by the way we have 46 Active Troops. Not to sound “braggish” but thats pretty huge.

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