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Club Penguin Story 3

Club Penguin Story 3

Speed’s Return!




“Speed!!” Ktman ran to my side.  Everything was blurry. “Are you okay?”

He supported my head and I opened my mouth to reply.  All that came out was blood.  I shook my head and a pain all around my body overlapped me.  I pulled off the arm of my shirt and saw my skin was filled with rotting slim.  I was decomposing myself!

I coughed up more blood and looked at Ktman. “Friend… you are the best comrade I could ever think of having.  You saved my life more than I could count.  But now I need you to leave me… and for me to save you,” I held out my hand and it glowed.  Out of the glow came a sword.  A long sword.  It had white bandages all around it. “A sword to save yourself… remember Godplayer is a-,”





I opened my eye’s to a seen of white mist.  A dark figure standing over me.

‘Hello Speed… I am Hazer, I will cure you.  I am not evil… I go by the name- ‘ The Emperor’ I wish to send you to a better time on earth.  Your new name is Altair and your are Riku reborn.  Now I am going to put anti-memory charms on you.  I hope you have a good new life.




I was on a big marble landing waiting for the huge oak doors to open… and they did.  But they burned down to a crisp.  Out of the ashes came a beast of fire.  Lava pouring out of its huge holes on its shell of a back.  It was ten yards long and twenty-five yards in width.  I reached for my sword on my hip but the monster was too quick.  It shot out fire that burned a huge hole into the white marble.  I slid out my two-yard sword and jumped into the air.  I landed on the beast’s head with a THUP and stabbed my sword in its right eyehole and he exploded into a-million pieces of burnt rock.  Then a lightning bolt broke the ceiling and sent it tumbling down on top of me.



“AHHHH!” I jumped up from my bed with sweat trickling down my face.  I put my hand on my stomach, where a beast had bitten me, and sat down on the edge of my bed.  My bed… my room… my house.  I walked over to the balcony next to my bed and reviewed the events of the last week and a half.  I died in front of Ktman… my friend.  Then got picked up by Hazer… the guy who I tried to kill, and then he gave me a new body… then I turned to a strange group of people who killed everyone, and joined them.  Then I rose to second in command.  And I was having the same Dream for the pass three nights.

I pulled on my uniform, a white cloak with knifes, a sword, bombs, and other things hidden inside of it.  It also had guns and bullets and other things that made me an A+ assassin hidden inside of some pockets.

“Hello Altair,” another assassin called from the ground that went by the name of Sasuke.

I quickly jumped down from my balcony, slid down a water pipe and pulled out a hidden knife and grabbed him by the throat, also pointing my blade directly at his head. “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.  Stay in the shadows, never kill the innocent,” I threw him to the ground and recoiled my blade.


Ten minutes later I pushed open the doors to the Taj Mahal.  I rounded a corner and started to scale the side of the wall to reach a window.  As I climbed to the edge of the window I slipped out a small bomb… but it had the power to blow the place.  I started my long climb to the top.  I was told I was a grandchild of the old leader… even though I had no memory of this.  Of anything… all I felt was rage inside.  I think Hazer put it in me… I can only remember bits of my old life… Hazer’s work.  Okay, enough crying over spilled milk… or whatever it is.  And then I reached the top of the building.

“Okay let’s see…” I looked at my to-do-list. “Hmm, okay here it is-



1.      Enter Taj Mahal               DONE

2.      Climb to top                      DONE

3.      Place bomb                      _______


“Okay, so now to place the bomb in a vent or hole on top… okay.” I clipped a red wire and a blue wire together, starting the count down from 30 to 1. “Okay… what next?  Oh yeah,” I chuckle. “Run.”

I sprinted down the roof, sliding down the curve, and then I flipped inside a window and took of down the hall. Then I took a right into the Main Hall.



The door in sight…










“Yeah!  I made it!” I did smiled evilly as I entered my sleek black racecar.  I turned the ignite and sped away from the burning ruin of a place, dead bodies ablaze on the burnt ground.


~ ~ ~


Police say they have no idea what made this famous building implode and are still looking for whoever placed the bomb.  Millions dead by the looks of the explosion but officers are still searching the area as we speak.  On lighter note the President of the United States, Mr.Deedledoo, will be visiting Agra, India to sign an agreement with us about sending troops over to help fight with them in a war…” explained a reporter on the news.

“Ha!  Yeah right… like they would find out who did it, but that President news could be useful.  I’ll tell Itachi about.” Itachi is the leader of the group of assassins I’m in. “Hmm, Mr.Deedledoo… hmmm I think I know that name… oh well!”

“Umm… excuse me sir, I was sent to deliver this to you,” explained a little boy who was wearing a black tunic with a red belt, the color’s singled him as part of the new Kid-Recruit-Program. “From uh… well, it was in the mail.”

 “HUH!  Oh… whatever kid!” I picked up the scroll with my name on it. “Just don’t sneak put on high level-assassins.  It’s in your personal interest.”

I un-scrolled the parchment and this is what it said-


Dear Speed015,


This is your friend, Ktman, I am still alive and I’m coming to get you from the past.  Yes my friend, Hazer took you and reprogrammed your brain.  He also took you into the past.  Dee and me found a way to come and get you.  Dee reprogrammed other people’s brain so they think he is the President of the United States and they I’m the Vice President of the United States.


Your friend,




Ktman… Ktman?  Who was he?  Or was it a she?  No it was a he!  And why did it say Speed015 inside the letter but on the outside is says: TO ALTAIR. Okay and Hazer… okay I remember him taking me… before I died?  And then he said he was going to heal me… but send me to the past?  And how can you reprogram brains?  And who’s Dee?  Could it be Mr. Dee?  I think I know him… now I’m just confused!!!!

“Sir… you have a visitor,” explained a man in green robes.  He was a low level assassin named Brock.

“Who is it?” I questioned.  I glared at him with pure hatred.

“It was someone named Son Goku… he had long, spiky hair and orange clothes with a Japanese letter on it.  He had a blue belt around his waist.  He looked like a ninja,” Brock explained.

“Great… uh.  Thanks…?” I got up from my couch and went over to the man door of the assassins great getaway lodge.

Riku, it is time,” he told me in a rough voice as he glared at me with black eyes.  He had black spiky hair longer then any I’d ever seen.  He also had a light orange suit on with a red circle on the back with the Japanese letter for ‘Super Saiyan’ on it.

“I’m not Riku… who the hell are you?  And what time is it?” I asked, looking at him strangely.  He looked puzzled but smirked at me.  Then he just shoved me out of the way and entered my secret lodge. “Hey!”

Hehehe, Riku, now for real… I need your help,” he sounded scared so I just played along. “All I remember are black sky’s and lightning, all around me, I remembered each flash and time began to slow.  I need help to fix my wrongs to right.  Help me fill the hole, connect the space.  There was nothing in sight, but lives left abandoned.  There was nowhere to hide; ashes fell like snow on my face.  And the ground broke below my feet.  I awoke in an abandoned hut outside of Asia.  I NEED YOUR HELP!”

“Uhh… okay then?” I replied as I flung myself back down onto the couch.

Please… I need you!” he went down on one knee and started begging.

“FINE!” I yelled at him. “I’ll come… if you show me how to fly!”



Okay now focus all your chi to every cell in your body, evenly.  Okay… good!  Now believe in your mind that you are floating… great!  You got it!  Okay, open your eye’s!

“Wow!” I cried as I soared through the air.  I glowed with golden light and looked like a mini comet, with a flaming power circle around me and a tail to match. “How do you know me?  Or well, my past life?”

Long ago Riku helped me kill the all powerful ABSOL.  Absol is a white furred beast with a horn on its head and claws on its feet, it is a DARKNESS wolf hound,” he explained as we zoomed away from the lodge in a beam of pure energy. “Absol was made to hunt and kill other DARK creatures.  He was hunting Riku when I meet him.  Absol thought I was also a DARK creature so he attacked Riku and me.  Riku and me teamed up to destroy Absol.  Little did we know Absol was only the start of a whole unit of DARK hunting creatures!  And I sold them information on Riku that led to his death.  I told them where he lived and his weakness!!  Just so I wouldn’t get killed!!!!!!!!

“Wow… your really selfish for a god,” I told him as we flew away from the base and into the Asian area.

Well I am not a god yet, Mr. Popo is very sick and will die soon…I came here to see my wife Chi-Chi.  We live in The City Of The West.  Do you know where that is??  I need to see my son, Son Gohan,” he explained as we zipped across the night sky.

“Well The City Of The West is very far away from Asia… its about 500000000 miles away.  And how the hell did you land in Asia when you were aiming for City Of The West?”

Oh… well see, I got attacked by a little demon person named Tobi.  He wore and orange mask with one eye-hole and a cloak with clouds on it,” he plunged down onto the ground and landed with a thump.

“I don’t know who Tobi is but he seems dangerous.  We should be careful about who we talk to Goku.  By the way why are we in Asia?” I asked as I scanned the area.

I found this when I awoke, he pulled out a little test tube with black fire in it.  The fire had eyes and a mouth. “It’s a fire demon.  It was guarding me.  I don’t know why but it was.  And I also saw an aircraft land about five miles away from where I awoke.  The ship was huge and nothing like I ever saw before.  It had the word C.P.U.N on it,

“AHH!” I fell to the ground; my head was burning like it was being touched by a frying pan.

Are you okay??

Images raced threw my mind of people I didn’t know.  A man with a gun, a dog, an explosion, a demon, Riku, snow, shootings, planes, people in armor, darkness.


“Uhh… where am I?” I asked myself as I opened my eyes and looked around, the room was all fuzzy and distorted.  Suddenly everything snapped into focus and I looked around.  I was in a white room with no doors or windows.  There were metal brackets on my arms and legs with chains leading to the wall.

“Hello Speed,” boomed a voice from behind a wall.

“Who is Speed???” I questioned the invisible voice.

“Hehehe!  You don’t remember my voice??  Maybe this will help you remember!” I heard a click and my body shook fiercely.  And the roomed blurred.  The last thing I remembered I was the wall slid back and a figure walking in.


I awoke yet again in the same white room, but I was choking on blood. “Ugh… what the hell was that?” I picked myself up and wiped blood away from my mouth… hmm… maybe I can use my demon powers to break out of here… where is here?  And wait!!  How am I alive??” memories soared threw my head, Ktman, Dee, Demon’s, Pain, Death… magic sword.

“You finally came to??” questioned a voice in a corner.

“KTMAN!” I zipped around and faced him. “How did you find me?”

“Well it took a lot of money but Soccer793 and Miroos found a way to activate that sword you gave me before you got took into earths core… remember after the demon explosion?”

“Yeah I remember the sword.” I replied as we walked out of the room.

“Well it opened a portal when they read out loud words that were encrypted onto it.  We took everyone would could and came threw the portal with a ship.  It took us here,” he explained as we crossed the hall and opened a door.

“So who is here?” I asked as he handed me a cloak and a sword and pressed a button on a wall.

“Well Mr. Dee, Miroos, Soccer, Atm, Mustang, Extreme, Jedi, Color, Itachi, General, Ads, Harv, Alighf, and me,” the door opened and we walked into it, it was an elevator that led to a higher level.

“Wow… seems like a lot of people just to rescue me…” I closed my eyes and thought for a moment… why were they doing all of this?

“Well you see, were having a little trouble right now.  It seems that an army of the dead has risen on earth and has taken present day Korea, USA, and Canada.  We need to know if you can summon any demon army or something like that,”

“Oh… of course let me try,” I pointed my hand at the ground and summoned all of my energy.  I thought of darkness and monster and opened my eyes. “What!  It doesn’t work!  Why?” I stared at the spot where my monster was supposed to appear.

“Hmm, just as Dee thought.  Your powers have been drained because of Hazer.  He wanted to make it so he could attack earth and control everyone’s mind.  But he needed you, a demon, to be taken out of the way,” the elevator door opened again and we stepped out and walked down the hall.

“Well at least he took it out of me before the demon fully rotted my body… and he gave me this new one,” I gave him a fake smile and chuckled a little bit.

“That’s not the case.  See your powers were keeping you alive.  He left a small part of demon in you.  Or at least Dee thinks so,” a metal door slid open with a hiss to reveal a long table with fifteen seats.  Thirteen were occupied by people from the CPUN.  At the end of the long table sat Mr. Dee himself.

“Ah… Speed, you made it.  And you remember us?” he motioned to the two unoccupied seats.

“Yes sir, but I don’t have my demon powers!” I replied in a rush as I sat down.

“Ah alas… we know this already my dear friend.  But we have a plan to get them back.  See you’re a reincarnation of a demon named Riku.  He caused World War 1 but we use another name for him so people don’t get scared.  But see you were born on the side of gods.  Right now you’re on the side of gods.  But you can’t die of a gun or a sword like we can.  You can’t die of sickness or old age.  But if you get killed you can come back as a demon again.  Then when you die as a demon, you come back as a angel,” he explained.

“Okay… that’s all and good but how does that help me?” I questioned him.

“Sorry old pal.  But do what you did before,” he pulled out a pistol and pointed at my chest.  “See you soon,” he pulled the trigger.



Where am I?

I looked around.  I was on a floor of glowing light; across from me the ground was dark and smoky.

Am I dead?

No Riku

The voice came from the dark side.

But I am speed!


Yes I am!

You are a demon come to me.

Yes master.


“YOU KILLED ME!!!” I sprung up from my seat and caught the chair on fire that burned with black fire. “HOW COULD YOU!!” black fireballs appeared in my hands. “YOUR GONNA PAY!!” I hurled one of my fireballs at the wall about Mr. Dee’s head.

“Calm down Speed!!  It was the only way!!” he backed out of his chair and stared at me.

“Okay… I’m sorry,” I summoned a chair of darkness and sat back at my spot. “So if you need me to be a demon won’t I just die and come back in three years?

“Yes that is why we made this for you,” he reached into his pocket pulled out a glass container and tossed it to me. “Drink it and the beast inside you will purr like a cat.  You can thank Ads for making it.”

I opened the container and drank the contents.  I gulped it all down and shivered.  Then my eye’s glowed red and I fell to the ground.


RIKU!!!  HOW DARE YOU DRINK THE ELIXAR OF IMORTALTY!!!!  Now… I… have… no… control-


“Whoa!!  I’m Immortal now!  Sweet!!  Hmm, okay let’s get back to the present and fight this army of the dead!!”



Once a peaceful planet is now wrapped in a disease of war.

The oceans have frozen over

The moon has imploded.

The sun has gone out.

The ground has cracked.

People live in fear of the cold and the evil dead ones that haunt them.

There is no summer.

There is no spring.

There is no fall.

Only winter.

Snow has become the new ground for many.

Houses frozen into blocks.

Trees have been killed.

Death is here.

The core is out.



“Okay… so this is bad right?” I asked as I looked over the wall of are castle.

“No it isn’t that bad…” replied Dee as he appeared next to me.  “It can be fixed… we just need to do one thing… we need to restart the plant core.  If we do that then were good.  I’ll send are forces to attack Hazer’s army of the dead.  We have double the people but if we die then are dead person joins them.  The only way for them to die as dead people is to hit them with light,”

“Oh, so I have to head down into the core right?  And jump start right?  With what?”

“You and Soccer are going to go down there.  You have to plug this into the machine that is blocking the core’s power,” he passed me a small rectangular box with a plug on the end of it.

“Soccer?  I thought Ktman was going to come with me?” I questioned as I grabbed the box.

“Soccer can help you find the machine, and Ktman is fighting ‘Tank Gore’… he’s Hazer’s right-hand man.”

I sighed.  “Okay… bye Dee,” I turned around and looked down at a huge hole in the ground.  I jumped down from the wall and stood at the edge.  I turned to my right and saw Soccer.  “Don’t die on me… get a ship and meet me down there.”

“Okay, don’t go killing your self in the core… it can freeze you to a cube,” I dent down into the huge hole and plunged into the huge ravine.

The hole seemed to go on forever.  The plunge lasted for three hours.  In that time I wondered what was happening above me, on the surface of the planet.  Suddenly I landed on a marble floor.  I looked up at a huge wooden door, oak by the looks of it.  Out of nowhere fire erupted from the doors and a beast made of fire crawled out.  He roared at me and blew huge fire blasts at me.  I poofed up a sword to block the balls of fire but the reflected off the steel and hit the ground.  A crack opened up in the ground and split into millions of pieces lightning struck threw the hole and hit the ground.  The ground started to crumble and I threw my sword at the monsters eyehole.  It imploded into billions of pieces and burned my skin.


“Speed?  Wake up!  SPEED!!” a voice was calling my name.  I zipped up and looked around.  I was in a huge room.  Next to me was Soccer wearing black armor and a utility belt.  About me was a broken ceiling.  To the right was a huge machine plugged into a huge ball of ice.

“Uhh, is that the core?” I asked him as he helped me up.  His eyes were covered by protection goggles.  His face had a breathing mask attached to it so he could breath in the freezing air.

“Yeah… if we plug that in we have to get out fast.  If not lava will envelop us,” he explained as we plugged the device into the machine.

Soccer ran to his flier as the device started to glow.  The glowing light ran into the huge ball.  The air became hot and the ground turned red with heat.  The machine started to melt.

Not so fast Speed…” came a voice as a figure appeared from the shadows.  It was Hazer.  His long gray hair was streaming down his head.  His eyes shined gold.  His hands had claws on them and he had a tail and wings. 

“I WILL GET YOU HAZER!!” black fireballs appeared in my hands and my eyes glowed red.

You will pay!  But enough talk, let’s fight!!!” he charged at me his claws growing longer with each stride.

I flung my fire at him and he erupted in fire and got tossed back.  He jumped at me again and dodged another fireball.  He reached me and grabbed my cloak.  He took his silver claw and stuck it threw my stomach.  Pain coursed through my veins as I started at him.  I smiled at him and touched my hand on his head.  I my sharp points came out of my hand and penetrated his mind.  I filed through his inner mind and found the thing I was looking for… the secret of lightning.

“Eat lightning!” my hand produced lightning and blew his mind up.  I fell to the ground and looked over at his crumbled body.  He had no head what so ever.  His hand twitched and he threw a lightning knife at my leg.  It erupted into my bones and shocked my leg.  “AHH!” I looked down at my leg and saw that it was broken.

Lava poured into the room melting Hazer’s body.  It filled the room to the brim.  Leaving me to in the lava.








“Did he make it?” Dee asked Soccer as they walked across the battle worn land.

“No sir… they both died… their bodies burned in the lava,” Soccer wiped away his tears.

“Did you find any parts of his body?” questioned Dee as he bent down and looked at a tombstone.

“Yes Mr. Dee… it’s down in the grave.  It was only his heart,” explained Soccer.  Dee stood up and looked at the gathering of the people from the CPUN.  All looking at the tombstone.  It was placed where the hole to the center of the earth was before.

“May he rest in peace!” Dee yelled.

“MAY HE REST IN PEACE!” everyone yelled back.





Rest In Peace

The savior of the world.  The demon that was good.  The friend that was also evil.




Born: 1994

Death: 3000


Note from Tobi aka Speed015:  Speed hasn’t died!!!  Laugh out loud.  Club Penguin Story is now over!!!  All but Club Penguin Story ½ witch is about Speed and his friends fighting people from ‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and

‘Dragonball X’


Always remember CPS1-3 (Club Penguin Story 1-3)


18 Responses

  1. ok the title part is all wacked up and its not so good looking but that is wat it is!

  2. plz look at my site- http://speed015blog.wordpress.com
    for the latest run down on my latest story and the latest cp party!!

  3. I can’t believe its back, gonna read it now.

  4. Awesome ending, I kinda want some more closure though. Did I survive my fight?

  5. idk i kinda just ended it cuz i was rlly sick that night… i think i have the flu. I have made the choice to do something different with my NEW story-

    Club Penguin Story 1/2
    Speed’s Nightmare Before Christmas

    -cuz I rlly like the movie and wat not. It will be really cool and really amazing! Best one yet! I havn’t really started it but it will invovle Speed coming back to live and him, Dee, Ktman, Color and anyone else who wants to be in it go on a hunt to save the world AGAIN! and this time it will be in 3rd person not 1st.

  6. Are you gonna make YouTube videos of this? 8)

  7. idk i may… my account on u tube got caneled so i have to make a new one

  8. if i do ill tell u

  9. You’ll need pretty good igloos for the scenery.

  10. i know… I was thinking of doing a form of it where me and my friends take your Club Penguin names (like Dee or Soccer or ect.) and play you in a movie based on the story. I would need some epic special affects for CPS3 cuz I need to make myself fly. I wouldnt be in the movie either cuz i don’t want u people to see my face lolz

  11. This should be on CPUNTV, I’m serious, I’ll ask ATM to write a script. Well, hopefully, noobs don’t get into our shot,

    • OK man I’ll write a script. I’m still writing Masked Bandits. I already written 3 scripts for Masked Bandits but I didn’t like them.

  12. I thought the movie was gonna be on club penguin, penguins don’t see your face in club penguin. If it is in club penguin then I am in.

    Speed: If I make a movie I may make it in club penguin but it may take to much money cuz im not a member and my penguin is very poor.

    • Yes it wil be in CP.

  13. I’ll be in the 1/2 one!

  14. Flipper you are in the 1/2 one. The people who have been in the stories are these ones-

    Speed015, Ktman, Soccer, Colorpenguin, Mr.Deedledoo, Dlp, Godplayer, Penguin38514111, Deet, and some more.

    Everyone in this one is dead OMGZ! I can’t give you the full line up but I can tell you some.
    If you watch my fav movie ‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ you can get a good idea of some characters. Me, Ktman, Dee, and Colorpeng are all dead but we come back alive (can’t tell how) and serve an evil master. We are forced to kill everyone realted to us. But deet helps us find a place where we can plan to over throw are master. Soccer is the rebel leader, general is the planner for the attack, flipper is the army leader, and atm is a spy. It is kinda rushed because I only have a few weeks to make it and I can only work on weekends.
    If anyone wants to be in one of the many books I am making (making CPS is my life now) just comment on my site: http://www.speed015blog.wordpress.com to tell me that youy want to be in one.
    If you want to be in 1/2 tell me on this site…

  15. one other thing is that i am not a member on CP so I cant make my own movie cuz of the settings.

  16. cool story and who was brandon and y did u kill him off gosh u know ilh (i love him) wow kid

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