Cp updates

Okay so now since i went on CP for like the frist time in 4EV I saw some kewl things!!  Frist off if u go to the Dojo Courtyard you can see a black puffle that goes on fire!  Different fire’s around CP (cove fire, pizza oven, candle, ect.) will go up in an inferno every few mintues.  If you go to the light house stage and play alot of guitars with ur friends u make real music!! 

Well g2g do spanish homework

~bai (bye)~


3 Responses

  1. Woah! You know, once I was trying to find you but the thing said you were at the igloo which you weren’t!

  2. lol cp ahs this glitch where if ur in ANY iggy it says ur in ur own iggy


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