Houndy will be inactive

Miroos here. Houndy sent me an important email via his phone:

also, make a post saying i wont be active. my parents disconnected ze internet. so yeah forget the mammoth invasion and could u copy and paste every new post besides ads` one and email it to me. thanks. hound this is temp btw. dont take me off the ranks. and dont be stupid…. (put these for my words zam)
people ill miss
every leader
(post this on cpun  btw.)
and anyone else
good luck y`[ll
~houndy (ps i can email using meh phone so  shout me an email


7 Responses

  1. Aww, he mentioned me! xD

  2. 😦 you are the newest one flipper. He didn’t mention me though.

  3. What the heck! What about me?

  4. Oh well, see you Houndy, Thanks for the message Miroos, 😦

  5. Name: Royal Empire of Club Penguin
    Leader: Leaderbird
    Abbreviation: RECP
    Government type: Monarchy
    Date joined: July 29 2009
    CPUN Representative: Penguin5944504
    Site: http://www.royalempireofclubpenguin.webs.com
    I can’t post this comment where I am supposed to so here it is!

  6. Sooo sorry, it is a weird glitch

  7. Yeah.. it appeared a spam comment in the Dashboard..

    Anyways, we’ll miss you Houndy! 😉

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