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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Extermination/Cleaning Up

September 7, 2009

Hey guys. You may have been wondering what the post would be about after reading the title. Well, it’s time for another cleaning-up.

We did make a condition for all CPUN members. We just need you guys to be active. Well, it’s okay if you drop by once a month. That’s fine because we know you have other things to attend to. But some people haven’t been on the site since the day they registered so I’m afraid we’re going to have to remove all armies who do not submit the registration form to this post saying they are active.

Please copy and paste this if you are active:

  • Name:
  • Leader:
  • Abbreviation:
  • Government type:
  • Date joined:
  • CPUN Representative:
  • Site:

Once this is done, the staff will delete the members who didn’t submti a form. I’ll make a post as a signal to start deleting after a few days. 😉



42 Responses

  1. Name: Mysterious Freedom Warriors
    Leader: Miroos, Houndy66, Obi Wan 4321
    Abbreviation: MFW
    Government type: Democracy
    Date joined: MFW: 28/7/09, FW: 12/6/09, MA2: 23/4/09
    CPUN Representative: Miroos, Houndy66
    Site: http://www.maofclubpenguin.wordpress.com

  2. Name: Underground Resistance of Club Penguin
    Leader: Snowbomb545 Ajk89 Limeispie
    Abbreviation: UGR
    Government type: Democary
    Date joined: 8/9/09
    CPUN Representative: Snowbomb545
    Site: http://www.ugrofcp.wordpress.com

  3. I think Newcastle gave up on CPR. I guess they arent active.

    • I wouldn’t want to remove CPR from the list yet though. Anyways, letting the member copy, fill in, and paste the form will be easier as they would be able to update the representatives and other forms.


  4. Name: Club Penguin Cheese Army
    Leader:Gorge32 & Mangis the p
    Government type:Democratic republic
    Date joined:June 13th,2009
    CPUN Representative:Gorge32
    Site: http://cheesearmy.wordpress.com

  5. Dee am I staff???? Will I be taken off the list???

  6. Name: Golden Warriors
    Leader:Flipper7706, Swimmy Blue, Saiyaman Xc, Zelmania, Riotors
    Abbreviation: GW
    Government type: Democratic Republic (I think)
    Date joined: ? <<< Not sure as we all merged 😐 So prbably 5th September, if we have to start again.
    CPUN Representative: Flipper7706, Riotors
    Site: http://cpssworld.wordpress.com/

  7. Name: Reinforcing Blue Squad Revolution
    Leader: soccer793
    Abbreviation: RBSR
    Government type: Democratic Republic
    Date Joined: August 25th 2009, Tuesday, 7:38 P.M EST 😉
    CPUN representative: soccer793
    Site: http://www.theupcp.wordpress.com

    You know, I wouldn’t want the armies taken off, I just want a note that sais inactive or has it’s own page with other inactive armies. I don’t want them forgotten.

  8. I don’t own an army but I’ll fill out a form.

    Name: Ktman
    Government type:
    Date joined: 2007
    CPUN Representative:

  9. Name: Fire Squad
    Leader: Reeceb
    Abbreviation: FS
    Government type: Republic
    Date joined: 24th August, 2009
    CPUN Representative: Reeceb
    Site: http://firesquad.wordpress.com/

  10. Good Idea Dee, we need to clean up a bit, armies say they are active in the CPUN, but we don’t hear one comment from them,


  11. Well I didn’t say you can’t join the active post if you don’t have/lead an army. You represent the ACP, right Ktman? 😉 Anyways I’ll note that down. Yeah G9. We can now just copy all the people who submit the form to this post, and paste it to the nations page. 😀

  12. Name: Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force
    Leader: ATM 23
    Abbreviation: SPAAF or SPA Air Force
    Government type: Republic
    Date joined: At the end of March
    CPUN Representative: ATM 23
    Site: http://clubpenguinarmywarriors.wordpress.com/

  13. Name: Canadian Cup Penguin Army
    Leader: Deet007, Aaddog
    Abbreviation: CCPA
    Government type: Democratic
    Date joined: July
    CPUN Representative: Deet007
    Site: http://ccpacanadiancuppenguinarmy.wordpress.com/

  14. Name:pokemon army of club penguin
    Date joined:9/07/09
    CPUN Representative:lightning
    Site: http://pacpofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  15. Im active but my pc is going out of wack its been a while since ive been on chat.

  16. Name: Romans
    Leaders: Dj, Sara, Spongie
    Abbreviation: CPR
    Government: I have no idea
    Date Joined: I forgot
    CPUN Representative: Kj Bulldogs1
    Site: http://www.clubpenguinromanarmy.com

  17. * Name:Hot Sauce Army
    * Leader: Dudex219, Hypermext54, Sochaser, I Snot Money, and Mati1964
    * Abbreviation:HSA
    * Government type: Democratic Republic
    * Date joined:September 1st, 2009
    * CPUN Representative:Hypermext54(But this is dudex219 writing)
    * Site:http://hotsaucearmy.wordpress.com/

  18. •Name: Club Penguin Universal Army
    •Leaders: Zayer, sssgoaway, and darthman 10
    •Government type: Republic/democracy
    •Date joined: August 19, 2009
    •CPUN Representative: Zayer
    •Site: http://www.universalarmy.wordpress.com

  19. Name: Clubpenguin Secret Defenders (used to be clubpenguin royal defenders)
    Leader: happypappy70,phil kessel5
    Abbreviation: CPSD
    Government type: Republic
    Date joined: April 24th
    CPUN Representative: happypappy70
    Site: http://clubpenguinsecretdefenders.wordpress.com/

  20. Wow CPUN has gotten huge. Good job guys.

  21. your alive =O

  22. I declare war on CPUN as it’s a gay idea

    Dee edit: I declare war on you as you are gay.

  23. G Slush, if you say something is gay, 65% of the time, the person who said it is gay.

  24. Also, G Slush, if you created an army and we said it was “gay” and the entire CPUN declared war on you, would you like that?

  25. Name: Dark Rebels (Orange Rebels and Dark Warriors AKA Shadow Troops merged)
    Leader: Alighf, Ox485, Bluorang, Ganger90, Coff, Mender547
    Abbreviation: DR
    Government type: democratic rebeler
    Date joined: April 27
    CPUN Representative: Alighf
    Site: darkrebels.com

  26. Name: Marines of Club Penguin
    Leader: GPH136
    Abbreviation: MCP
    Government type: Democratic
    Date joined: August 30,2009
    CPUN Representative: GPH136
    Site: http://marinecorpofcp.wordpress.com

  27. Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday (broke my arm).

  28. Ooh, what happened Soccer? Are you okay? Well, its nice to know that at least 10 armies in this organization are active,

  29. I fell backwards on my arm in gym (my 4th period on B week week {health and gym switch every week A week and B week).

  30. Name: Rebel Enforcers
    Leader: Iglookid18
    Abbreviation: RE
    Government type: Democratic
    Date joined: August 2nd 2009
    CPUN Representative: iglookid18
    Site: http://rebelenforcers.wordpress.com

  31. Name: Club Penguin Rulers Army
    Leader: Storm 479,Generatieon, 77hockey,Dunnoh, and maybe ashpie if i unretire
    Abbreviation: CPRA
    Government type: Democratic Republic
    Date joined: Feb 7
    CPUN Representative: idk
    Site: http://www.cpraarmy.com

  32. Name: the arny of true justice
    Leader: uti98
    Abbreviation: TATJ
    Government type: federal/communist
    Date joined: not remembering
    CPUN Representative: uti98

  33. Name: The Elite
    Leader: Mateobeccar and Pengbro
    Government type: Democracy
    Date joined: Can’t remember
    CPUN Representative: Emilylondon ( thats me)

  34. 1:Red Destroyers of Club Penguin(we changed our name can you put us now as the red rebels(in the honor of the old rr))
    3:RDoCP(now were RR)
    5:14 august 2009
    6:o1o2(wich didnt done anything with that so i think well change him from ambassador sooner or later)
    7: http://rdocp.wordpress.com

  35. Oh, that’s too bad,so is it your left of right hand, Hopefully you don’t have a big pop quiz next week (if you can’t write!). Hope you’ll get better!

  36. my friend lost his left arm…

  37. Name: Royal Empire of Club Penguin
    Leader: Leaderbird
    Abbreviation: RECP
    Government type: Monarchy
    Date joined: July 29 2009
    CPUN Representative: Penguin5944504
    Site: http://www.royalempireofclubpenguin.webs.com
    I’m trying again

  38. Lol guys Mammoth is way to busy for Non-members so you need an ALL member army to fully invade it. That server (in my point of view /btw i havent been on CP for three months now) is full of rich, member penguins who have the money or there parents give them the money to become a member. I hate the server. But beside that I am goin on CP for the first time in 1/4 of a year!! woot woot!!! i dont count meetings with army leaders or army gernarls in that 1/4 of a year becuz i meet soccer and some other people. So anyways my penguin isnt a member (i think) so I can’t get on the major servers anymore!! For my B-day I may BUY a cp membership for 6 months but thats only if my best friend who moved to LA is still on… I am way to old for cp anymore… I am in Jr. High (7th and 8th grade) and I am way old now. Like 13. So watevers. But I also agree with Extreme cuz the dojo isnt good for wars.

    Wow this comment is long… lol. But anywaz the fall fair is out and its mad &@% cuz DISNEY KILLED CLUBPENGUIN!! i dont know if the dojo change waz cuz of them but it is stupid…. they made ninjas real for clubpenguin but STILL for members only to buy the uniform!!!

    Plus I am so happy (LOL) cuz this girl who I rlly like… my EX girlfriend just got asked out by my friend and she said NO!! lol!! so i may ask her out again cuz i rlly like her and made a HUGE mistake by dumping her… i was just depressed and mad at the world cuz my mom was in the hosptial and stuff…. *crys heart out*

    Okay g2g cuz my cuzin who has some brain problem is in the HOSPTAIL omgz!! agian for the like 30000th time in her life…. and shes only 4…. she was born like that… if they waited any longer to get her into the hostpial she would of died!!!!!! DIED!! DIED!! DIED I TELL U!!! but it was all caused of (no not the swine flu) but a normal cough that she got!! it turned into a ferver and then BAM brain surgey!! and shes a girl and her hair got shaved off… 😦


  39. Wow tobi, Loooooooooooooong comment.

  40. i was bored for ten mintues so i looked at ALL the posts and comments from the past week or so and wrote this crazy long one.

  41. purple heads
    in march of 09

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