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The Tourney

Edit: Apparently the rest of the world doesnt know what CST, the times will be in PST 😉

Hey Guys! I know you guys are waiting for a tourney… So Why don’t we have one? This tourney would be hosted by the MFW. Heres how would it work


  • MFW would be given an automatic 1 seed, due to the fact they’re holding the event.
  • All seeds would be determined by size.
  • Size would be determined how many are active.


  • On Weekdays, Times would be in between 4:00 PST- 7:00 PST PM
  • Saturday times would be frm 7 PST- 11 PST AM
  • Sunday times would be from 2PST-5PST

I’ll explain more later.



8 Responses

  1. Cool, GW would participate 😉

  2. It will be in groups.
    What’s CST Houndy?

  3. Say PST please, everyone understands that.

  4. Yeah, either say PST or ES(mostly pst) . 30% of people in CP armies are in PST, 25% are in EST. The rest are a mix.

  5. EST is the more popular than any other time zone.

  6. I meant Penguin Standard time, not Pacific Standard Time. Pacific is an hour away (I think).

  7. zoynds kewl houndezz

  8. How do you not know what CST means. It means central. lol 😀

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