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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Active count for CPUN

Riotors Edit: Club penguin secret service, Ghost warriors, and Club penguin forces merged together to form the Golden Warriors. http://cpssworld.wordpress.com. We need people to help donate wordpress credits to us so we can get a custom domain.

General98 Edit: I don’t think an inactive members page is a good idea, it’s like putting a hall of shame into the CPUN.

Flipper: Following on from GP’S edit, we could have an active nations page OR an inactive nations page. P.S I really need an editing color :|. Oh and I’m Flipper not Flippers 😆

Dee edit: Tourny temporarily unstickiedized until official schedules are made. I also want to find a way to delete inactive members easily. So far.. we only have Active Posts to help us with that but if you have an idea, go ahead make it. XD

GP Edit >>> Great idea Flippers! Also, if Dee allows it, I would like to make a page under the “Community” page titled “Inactive Community”. We could indict all of the inactive CPUN members there, so they would be less of a hassle to keep track of.

Flipper Edit: Also if you are not a representative for an army, and you are on the site to help, just say in a comment you are active too. Also I would really like a edit color, as I don’t have one.

Flipper here.

This is my first post, and I wanted to know which armies are actually loyal to CPUN. Also we haven’t had a post in days, so I thought I may as well post this. Dee, and any heads/co-heads, can delete this post, it was just an  idea. So, this is how you would comment:

Army’s Name: Ghost Warriors

Leaders: Flipper7706 and Saiyaman Xc

Active: Yes.

Also, if you have had a change in your leaders, comment the new leaders, and I would happily update the nations page. Also if you want a new representative for your army, say in the comment. Presumably the current representative fills out the form, but a high rank, can comment if they want. I hope everyone thinks this is a good idea. Also I think, this could be the first active count. Also pop into GW anytime, at http://unitedghostarmies.wordpress.com/.

With Regards,



36 Responses

  1. Army’s Name: Ghost Warriors
    Leaders: Flipper7706 and Saiyaman Xc
    Active: Yeah.

  2. Army’s Name: Canadian Cup Penguin Army
    Leaders: Deet007, Aaddog
    Active: Yes

  3. Army’s Name: Mysterious Freedom Warriors
    Leaders: Miroos/Zamros, Houndy66, Obi Wan4321
    Active: Yes 😀

  4. Why doesn’t ktman ever sign ACP up for this. I’d love to sign ACP up but I am only a major.

  5. Army’s Name: SPAAF
    Leaders: ATM 23 and Swat Bandit
    Active: Yes

  6. Im hockey632 on the site and im active. But dee if u can add this account to on the site that would be great, just push edit on my comment to see email.

  7. I know I haven’t been active for months, but I’d still like to stay on this site, I’ll try to get more active but there’s no promises.

    Name: CPWW
    Leaders: Me, myself, and I
    Active: If I wasn’t would I be commenting?

  8. Army’s Name:The Elite
    Leaders: Mateobeccar and Pengbro
    Active: YES!

  9. Army’s Name ugr
    Leaders ajk snowbomb545
    Active YES

  10. Every army that Spongie555 is leader(XD)

  11. Active.

  12. I don’t have an army myslef, but I am active.

  13. Nice idea GP.

  14. Army’s name: RBSR
    Leader: me, soccer793 (it rhymes 😉 )
    Active: always (even when school starts for me)

  15. Army’s Name: Fire Squad
    Leader: Reeceb
    Active: Yes

  16. Army’s Name: secret service

    Leaders: Riotors, swimmyblue, jwguy

    Active: Yes.

  17. TATJ is

  18. army name: Rebel Enforcers

    Leader: Iglookid18

    Active: Yes

  19. army name:RDOCP
    leader:brifcore(we now have just one leader)

  20. Army’s Name: Night Warriors

    Leaders: Vendetta, Korei3, Tomb147, and Cowboysfan13

    Active: Yes

    Also if we could be added to the site.

    Here are some pictures of one of our battles:


  22. Army Name: Aqua Warriors

    Leader: Aan10 (me)

    Active: Yes

  23. Armys Name: Purple Cobras

    Leader: Dude18643

    Active: Yes

  24. We have a new leader

  25. Army’s Name: Lvaa(lvas)
    Leaders: Mix1011 timmy178 squattyblue
    Active: Yes.

  26. Army’s Name: Royal Empire of Club Penguin

    Leaders: Leaderbird and Jpeach

    Active: Yes

  27. Army Name: Mods f club penguin

    Leaders: Klug1234, Iasgae56 Packer1 nfl

    Active: Yes

    Bluey92123 MCP retired leader

  28. Army name: Cheese Army

    Leaders: Gorge32 and mangis the p

    Active: Yes

  29. OMGZ SPEED IS ACTIVE ON CPUN!!! But I may only come on a little bit!!! Cuz I entered a new school!!!!!!!!! I will try to get on more but I am way to tired and my mom hogs the com so much!!

  30. im an individual and im active
    im cuncer by the way

  31. i fear flag page is inactive

  32. Army’s Name: Orange Rebels
    Leaders: Alighf, Ox485, BLuorang, and Ganger90
    Active: Yes.

  33. Dee, when are we going to do something?

  34. Army’s Name: The CP Kingdom Army
    Leaders: CP Kingdom, Fireswagg, Chuckisthe2
    Active: YES!

  35. Club Penguin Rulers Army
    Ashpie,generatieon,Dunnoh,Joradx,storm 479

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