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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Job Postings

G98 Edit: I agree with you, sometimes, I forget that I’ve created so much that only  50% of it can be even remembered.BTW, do NOT self proclaim that you were active for 40 days, you have to actually show us.

GP Edit >>> There are so many jobs! To be honest, I’m really confused about these jobs. G, you’ve created so many councils and positions, not even Dee can keep track of them. You keep creating new ones and new ones, and at this point it’s very confusing. In general, I think all of these jobs are just a hassle for Dee, who is trying to keep track of them. Maybe we should make a page with some of the positions and a page for every council, because at this point, I think we have way too many.

Dee edit: We’re going to need to renew our HQ and Embassy since the ACP haven’t owned Husky for ages. We’re just losing more and more representatives for these embassies. Anyways, G9, I think everyone would want a little briefing of these jobs. (Including me 🙂 ). I’ll be making a CPUN Reunion Day soon where all CPUN members come to meet and share comments on the site, including Legends and Hall of Famers.

Hey it’s me G98,

So here are some job postings we have (presented by The CPUN Ministry of Labour and Penguin Resources):

  • SenatorSoccer973,Iglookid18 ,four more needed
  • Operations Director-Ads345
  • Operations Advisor-one needed
  • Operations Co-ordinator-three needed
  • Minister of Internal AffairsTaco858Snowbomb
  • Minister of Labour and Penguin ResourcesEmilylondon
  • CPUN Supreme Court JusticeFlipper, three more needed

-be forty days active (actually show it)
-be trustworthy
-show us that you can do it

Job Descriptions:

Senator: Helps pass bills and laws that are introduced by government members

Operations Director: Directs missions and operations in the CPUNOCC.

Operations Co-ordinator: Co-ordinates the missions and operations at the CPUNOCC.

Operations Advisor:  Advises the Operations Director and Co-ordinator on the mission blueprints or status.

Minister of Internal Affairs: Leads the CPUN Ministry of Internal Affairs, helps local patrols and helps local conflicts.

CPUN Supreme Court Justices: Helps in the CPUN Court, the highest position available, helps resolve major army problems in the CPUN.


34 Responses

  1. I will be senator of Arctic. I’m already an editor but I’m not sure if I have a job here. 😉 you know me, if I’m trutworthy or not.

  2. i will be anything, I have all the qualifications, and everything.
    I would want to be a senator though.

  3. You were here for forty days? I thought you became part of the CPUN by promising to update the nations page.

  4. *Shakes Head* GW (Ghost Warriors) On the nations page have been in the CPUN for more then 40 days, and I am their representative. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I probably didn’t explain myself very well 😐

  5. Oh 😉

  6. No problem, I will try and improve my explanations next time.

  7. Flipper you have to be active for forty days individually , not your army but yourself.

  8. o_O, What do you mean? I have been 40 days active individually, as a representative of my army….

  9. I warmly welcome Flipper to the CPUN users. 😉

  10. I’m sorry for bringing it up. It got general98 in this. When I get an idea, general98 always responds and I’m always scared of his response.

  11. Woops, when I said senator, I meant govenor. But you already crossed that out.

  12. Thanks Dee. 😉

  13. Operations Director I wanna be Operations Director and yes i am very active and trustworthy

  14. Minister of Internal Affairs i want to be that. im very active in cpun and very trustworthy

  15. I’ll be a senator or the minister of labour and penguin resources!
    I think that this job would suit me because, I am very active, organized and thoughtful, I also have wide ranging connections.

  16. I’ll be the Operations Advisor. Yes I qualify for the job and I am really trustworthy, 40 days old, and I’m sure I can do the job. 😀

  17. Sorry for being inactive.

  18. i would like to be minister of internal affairs. my armies are in cpun and i can help.

  19. i am head of cpunocc dee said it was me

  20. I think Emily is a good choice!

  21. Emily is not even in the CPUN so she can’t qualify.

  22. The Aqua Warriors have merged with 2 armies. The Water Warriors, and the CP Outlaws. Right now we are having an active count and it ends Friday!

  23. You don’t have to be in the CPUN to qualify. Emily doesn’t qualify because she hasn’t been here for 40 days. Her first comment was as Etherax and she will qualify on September, 14th.

  24. Excuse me ads? I’m not active? Oh Yes I am! Oh yeah, my first actual comment was using an old wordpress account, called Bluecowzmurderedelmo. It was a comment asking you to visit me site.

  25. Spyguy you are NOT the Head of The CPUNOCC, You have to be active for forty days: Example: Nickname makes a comment for forty days in a row. You are self-proclaiming that you are the Head of the CPUNOCC, self-proclaiming is another form of corruption.

  26. Wn8QxG hejhgvikqudb, [url=http://kddwfsbpohoe.com/]kddwfsbpohoe[/url], [link=http://qtqyulqikijf.com/]qtqyulqikijf[/link], http://jusgkngipxpn.com/

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    Extreme’s translation: I’m an retarded advertiser who cannot get my HTML correct

  27. G98 i signed up for Minister of Internal Affairs but im not on there

  28. I thought there was suppose to be 5 senators, not 6.

  29. i will be in court justice

  30. actually put me down for any job

  31. I will be a CPUN Supreme Court Justice, as I check site every day for a long time, and im good with many polotical(Spelling) workings.

  32. Actually, more of an operations advisor job is me.

  33. You realize you spelled political wrong but yet the I and O key are right next to each other. But you should proofread.

  34. Crazyboy, just looking at our site does not mean you are active for forty days,you have to actually make comments. Sheesh! When would people stop self-proclaiming….

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