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Are we at a Rise or Fall?

GP Edit >>> Swat Bandit, if you checked the MFW site lately, you would see we turned the war into a PB. Sorry about the confusion. 😉

Extreme: Guys, put your opinions in the comments. Editing posts are for when you’re declaring war, etc.

Batin: Out with the old, in with the new. One army may fold and another will rise, quite out of the blue! YES!?! Change is a natural experience that everything will go through. Soon The IW or Nachos could dominate CP and the ACP will be nothing more than a once-was army.  But, this isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it almost NEVER is a bad thing. The end of a recession is a start of a revelution… hold on to your seats boys ‘n girls. We’re in for a wild ride 😆

Hey everyone! This post is going to be about two things: the CPUN, and Club Penguin Armies.

The CPUN has been around for almost 2 years now (if not more), and we have had amazing success. But now, in 2009, armies are falling and people are blaming the lack of wars as a major reason. The part that affects CPUN is that people think that we have been here to prevent wars from happening. Soon, a big fraction of Club Penguin Armies will realize this, and quit. This, of course, will lead to a downfall like we had in March. I suggest that we start spreading the message that we are exactly the opposite of that (at least that’s what I think we are 😕 ). We are here to provide support to our members, and give them aid. But then again, there’s a problem. Since we have so many member in the CPUN, there are commonly wars fought between them, and we are torn apart with propoganda, not being able to help, and again, spreading the message we are here for peace and peace only. Myabe, we should have weekly war-related events to spread the word that we aren’t hippies.

Now, for the Club Penguin part. All of the CP Armies seem to be in an epic downfall except for a few. This will ultimately lead to a brand new Top 10. The only armies that are in the Top 10 right now and are still rising are the Ice Warriors and Black Panthers. I assume that by December, UMA, RPF, and a bunch of other armies will be off the list. But, is this shift in control a good thing – or a bad one? Giving these new armies control will be a totally game-shifting experience, and might change our community as we know it.

But then again, there are always those people who hack and destroy us… Arfgh!


– Fire’s Thrill –


19 Responses

  1. I have training games in my new army! We don’t need wars to have fun. Speed015, you’ll figure that out when you join the forces or the snipers.

  2. yeah armies arnt like they use to be alot of armies just go on chat and barely to Cp and if armies had more war it would be way more awsomer it would be cool if the whole cpun had a war against each other XD

    Speed Edit: I agree!! That would be kewl!

  3. UMA is doing better, IMO. One month ago, I was considering telling them that UMA has had its time in the glory, and that they will never have the same amount of power again, but I’m rethinking that. They even got Number 5 in the latest CPA rankings.

    RPF has been at the bottom of the list for a while now, but they’re pretty stable there.

    But the interesting thing is, if you look at the Top 10 page, I added age rankings to all of the armies. Nachos and ACP are Number 1 and Number 2 (respectively or not, depending on your source), and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon. They are both armies with long histories, so it shows that WWIII armies are still quite dominant, even though they’ve been here for over 2 years.
    Then you have armies like WW, and IW, who haven’t been here for quite so long, but still have had success.
    However, armies like IMAF and BP have shown that age helps but is not vital.
    At the moment, the list is very mixed. ACP and Nachos have had another great era under Boomer/Person/Aka, but with a lack of good leadership, UMA and RPF have lost their once-great glory, and have found themselves replaced by newer armies, like IW. They’re still making comebacks, though, like I stated earlier.

    My predictions:
    ACP: Will become stagnant, or decrease over the next few months, under Dryvit. They’re becoming more and more disorganised.
    Nachos: Probably won’t decline much, under Puckley, who seems pretty competitent. And Person and Shadow are helping, anyway.
    IW: Continuing to rise, although I think it might even out soon.
    DW/SWAT: Growing, but I don’t see them at the top within the forseeable future.
    UMA: Rising slowly
    WW: Starting to slowly fade away, without leaders matching to Dialga’s standard.

    A few months from now, I can still see ACP and Nachos on top, but IW closing in. For the rest, it seems pretty hard to predict what will happen.

  4. I do believe that it is a good thing that bigger armies are falling, it gives space for the smaller armies (such as Elite) to have a go at power, armies like the ACP and Nachos have been conflicted at some time now, even at the verge of communism, or so it seems to some smaller armies. With the falling of old, stronger armies, and the rising of newer, less large armies, fresh ideas come to the plate, ideas that could in fact, change the history of this “world”. Maybe, some time in the future, The Elite and the Uti98 Justice armies, may have a whack at Top 10, but I sincerely doubt that, with less than 30 members, 1 division, 5 servers and 3 allies, we are nowhere near the top.

  5. God Playa, UMA will still be in the top 10 what you talking about 😛

  6. Playa the MFW will definitely be in the top 10 probably next month because we are strong, active, loyal, and most importantly we are rising to the skies!!!

  7. Out with the old, in with the new. One army may fold and another will rise, quite out of the blue! YES!?! Change is a natural experience that everything will go through. Soon The IW or Nachos could dominate CP and the ACP will be nothing more than a once-was army. But, this isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it almost NEVER is a bad thing. The end of a recession is a start of a revelution… hold on to your seats boys ‘n girls. We’re in for a wild ride

  8. Armies get strong, then decline, then die, then revive (sometimes), and that is how the army world works.

  9. Dear Dee,

    Since SPAAF declared war on Nachos the MFW declared war on us!They r invading Powder Ball at the same time as Bobsled.We do not want a war with the MFW. Can you please sort this out please?

    Sincerly, (wow that was kool)

    Swat Bandit

  10. My army joined CPUN Yesterday and we still have no responce on our site. We even put your banner on

  11. Technecly, everyone who joins is in, but it is just so hard to add on the list. The page loads forever.

  12. Woops, spelled I spelled wrong.

  13. Oh thank you Goldplayer.Is it ok if you move it because we are invading at that time. Thank you

  14. DEE , I retired yesterday , and I needed to tell you.

  15. everyone is retiring!!! lol i retired from war… long time ago. dats y i never go and fight wars… even pw. but i still come here… i am way too old… i may even stop goin on club penguin…. i only go on to visit my friends… and my girlfriend… and make CPMV… but im WAY to old for this…

    *strokes long white beard and uses cane to walk*
    OH i remember the days when all u young wiper-snappers were thinking the CPUN would never last in that penguin world wrapped in hate and lies and war!!

    *takes off bear and drops cane*
    Dee if u retire from the CPUN for like ever who would you put in charge?? or would you just get rid of the CPUN altogether???

    well better be off to talk to my girlfriend again *brushs long black shaggy hair out of eyes*


  16. weird…..

  17. lol i was havin am moment where i was bored and kinda goin crazy… only got like 1 hour of sleep before i posted that and im rlly sick so i am kinda LOCO

  18. I think the CPUN is a great idea, but the fact is, practically everyone is in the CPUN, and there ARE LESS WARS! I think there needs to be another CPUN. Not an anti-CPUN, but another option for armies. Whether it’s called the Club Penguin Public Affairs, the Club Penguin Army Conference, etc. but with one CPUN, there are less wars.


  19. Ok , I understand!

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