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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Army tips by Alighf///Join the Orange Rebels

Speed Edit: I think other armies should fight eachother but for FUN!!!  And I also think some armies should just suckup there PRIDE and do the right thing for THERE ARMY!

ATM Edit: Dee sorry about the SPAAF Nacho thing right now but we must do what we think is right. Some say we might get crushed. If we do we will move on. We will go fight someone else. But Dee its hard to declare war on someone because you say never have war with other CPUN member.s But everyone is like in the CPUN. SPAAF will not back down from war.

Hey there, I see much armies are getting how I call it, “Corrupted”, yeah, that’s right, I have you some tips if you are making a new army soon or you can change your army’s attitude now, ti is never too late! Here are my tips:

  1. Government: Dictatorships never work how armies are suppossed to, you get lots of power but you ain’t a true leader, I highly recommend Democracy, ti is well based and your soldiers feel important in your army too!
  2. Hacks: hacks hacks…. Stop it with them, if we continue like this we might end up in jail, or maybe all of the other armies hate you, trust me, that is not the right way, messing up other people’s computer is getting in their private stuff kinda, do you like when people get on your personal stuff? I think not
  3. Swearing//Cusing//Bad language: Do not use it, if you use it it is a high sign of corruption in armies, we must not use this, you might offend somebody or hurt him emotionally.
  4. Old timers, new timers: Make new friends in armies, maybe you do not know the one who is so bad speaken about
  5. Coexisting: we must coexist, I do not reffer of no wars, all i say is that have fun at them, winning, losing, the same, we have to first try to make a peacful solution, but never, ever, turn in war for hate. Peace!

I hope this makes you understand the importance of our days today, I invite you to make a change in your lives too! Anyways, I invite you to… JOIN THE ORANGE REBELS! It is real fun! We always try to make peace before war! Try it out, we are not corrupted as I said lol… Well, see ya around!



17 Responses

  1. Nice signature Alighf. Perfect timing for me!

  2. good idea

  3. No offense, but is this site just to advertise armies now? Also, don’t be copying meh sig Ali. 😕

    Speed: You can advertise at the END of ur post

  4. Yea i Agree with Woton on the Adverdisment thing aligif you cant use this site to advertise your army we are a United Nations not a Advert Site

  5. and dee stop people aking posts like should i makke the watever watever army and join the watever army

    Your not the boss of Dee!

  6. IATW weren’t arrested for hacking a lot of people’s accounts, etc. but we are going to be arrested for making bots or using Penguin Storm?

  7. I refuse to join any army who has strict rules against cursing…

  8. Woton: Lots of ppl do them
    Mirooz: IATW is very slippery and hard to catch!
    Advertize: No, I wanted to give some tips

  9. Just kiddin about meh sig. 😛 Overreaction! 😆

  10. TEH CPRD ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!!



  11. Hey , im back!

  12. Hi.

  13. we3ll , i retired from CP Armies.

  14. Mustang y r u retired??? lol im retired too but im still in the CPUN! r u still gonna be in the CPUN also???

  15. I think, instead of wars in all CPUN, we should have 3 alliances:

    1· Green/Blue Alliance (ACP and IW is an example)

    2. Red/Orange (Nachos and OR is an example)

    3. Black/Dark Alliance (RPF and DW for example)

    So wat u think?

  16. No, not going to work, this is like divisions, we are not an army, we are an international organization (ads in CP army world terms).

  17. im still in Orange Rebels Right?

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