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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Freedom Post

Blueys edit: well recently i made a army along with klug1234 and iasgae56 called the MCP, we would like to annouce that we claim the servers Glacier, and Freezer. if any army owns those we would be happy to have a little war over it 😉 and if you are interested in joining our site is mcpofcp.wordpress.com

UPDATE: in less than 1 day of MCP being a army we have reached 575 hits and 22 join comments. :o:

Houndy’s Edit: CPUN isnt a bad idea :o. How could they. 😕 Anyway the MFW is ready to open. Its all ready. So c’mon and join… or check out the Ma2’s old site for the MFW’s site. 😉

August 23, 2009

Hey guys, it’s Dee. Okay okay, sorry about that argument in the post below. For me, I think posts like that are okay. It’s the freedom of the people and I don’t want to make a huge limit in this community.

Some things I’ve been hearing lately:

  • The CPUN is becoming a bad idea
  • Everyone’s joining it meaning no war

Well, we won’t stop wars unless you need us to stop it and help you out by helping you guys.. work it out. If you don’t want us to stop you from warring with outher CPUN members.. then that’s fine. We plan to unite a armies and give them a chance to talk to other armies. That’s the reason I made the CPUN. To have other people meet other people and let them have a hearing. Well, I don’t think our original goal will be effective in ths generation of CP Warfare.

Anyway, I’m giving the chance for anyone to say anything they want, to ask anything they want, and to do anything they want in this post.

The guy who asked to be on the CPUN.. hmm.. well we do have a fourty day policy and I’m going to need to expand the limit of Editors in this blog (which is 35 and we now have 31 or somethin’). Anyways, if you think you’ll do a good job, we’ll give you a job. You can ask for a job right here, right now. 😉



25 Responses

  1. Good Post Dee. 😀

  2. Thanks XD

  3. There is 29 penguin heads!

  4. Hey did school start for you yet Dee?

  5. As u know dee i made cpunocc site 😀 http://cpunocc.wordpress.com/

  6. You shouldn’t claim servers that older armies own (considering you said recently).

  7. I would take a job Dee, Also you have been thinking of adding me to the site because we have had about 48 days in CPUN 😉

  8. Start viewing the MFW site. A little more views and we will break our record!!!

  9. hey dee, can i be an editor on CPUN?

  10. I really want to be in the CPUN ive been asking since like june PWEASEEEE

  11. When does everybodys school start? Mine starts Tuesday the 25th

  12. Mine always starts somewhere the week before Labor Day (the 5th), I think my school starts the 3rd.

  13. Hi Dee I would like a job.I could like post practice battles adn predict who wins.

    here’s my e-mail

  14. wrong e-mail


  15. Well my army is up and coming. We have defeated OR two times now…If we can be added to the Nation page. I have left a comment before. If OR got to be added, why not NW? We did defeat them. I though that is how it went. If your army is big enough then you get to be added, or something along those lines….

  16. hey uh i alredy am using MCP marines of club penguin dude and we WILL have a war over the name at the snow forts in mammoth if i have to!

  17. Just don’t ask t be an editor, give us Ideas to run the government or something, you must also be individually be active for forty days to become an editor. You must gain our trust and not have any history of criminal records in any army.

  18. Hello, I am Lime013. I am a leader of the Romans, and a Lt. General in the Nachos. I was told that Dee made a Navy of Club Penguin Army. I have an interest in making another Navy of Club Penguin, and a friend of mine (who told me about you) and that we could possible reform it. I have a Navy Officer’s Guide from WWII that has Rankings and information in it that we could use. We could try to make it a major army, using friends for are first troopers, or “Sailors”. We could possibly have an very strong, maybe merged alliance with the Army of Club Penguin. This are just a few of my ideas. I was also told that yours was still “up and running”, so maybe we could improve that site or create a new one. So, may you please respond to me. I really want to make this army Dee, and you could be a good step to making one. So, please comment under here or contact me at the Roman Chat.
    Thank you,

  19. As I said dee, I would be happy to help in CPUN. Worpdress email:
    You might not add me, but y’know, It’s worth a shot 😉

  20. thanks cause we are actually in war with another CPUN army :mrgreen:

  21. Vio, you have to be active in the CPUN for more than forty days to be an editor.

  22. We do have some jobs available, At least ten, we have Senators (five), Operations Director (one), Operations Co-ordinator (three), Operations Advisor,
    (one), Governors of Arctic, Klondike and Husky, (elected), Minister of Internal Affairs (one), to apply, you have to have the following

    -be forty days active
    -be trustworthy
    -show us that you can do it

    PS, Spyguy, Godplayer is already the Head of the CPUNOCC, and Mustang is the Commissioner

  23. Hello im Big Chill sergeant of Elite, The Chillers Army would like to be in the CPUN but nobody joined plz.

  24. See this is y DEE is a great leader!!! If DEE retired from the CPUN and gave his post to someone else… this place would die out! Dee just has that personalty that makes him a great leader!!

    And Dee… i completetly forgot wat my job is can u tell me?? lol srry! havin a blond momment even though i have black hair… okay well uh… GREAT POST!

    And Dee one more thing before i stop this comment… u should delete some editor’s who arent bein active or fair.


  25. ugr has been very active in cpun soo i think i should get an owner spot

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