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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Once Again…

Extreme’s edit (and this should be the final one!): Guys, stop making yourselves look unintelligent by this ridiculous bickering! Take it elsewhere.

ATM Edit: Make me shut up Kj! I’m not afraid of you! The only reason you haven’t insulted us or me in a long time is because you never talk to us! I offered you freindship once. What did you say? “No!”. And you just admitted you unsulted us. And didn’t you retire? Why don’t you just mess with someone else.

Kj: I haven’t seen you nor have I insulted your army in a long time. So you can shut up about it.

ATM Edit: What! Then Kj has been breaking the rules all the time! He always insults me and my army.  He even went to war with us because we were noobs to him. I say he should leave!

Dee edit: I don’t believe that’s the most biased post ever made. I think it’s okay to discuss things like that because this is a a place to discuss and see what everyone else thinks. Well, in the future to those want to make posts that have big opinions, try making it a little closely limited to Kj’s last post. I think it was okay but just warning people not to go over the top if ever they do make a post like that.

Well, it seems our rather quick-to-assume members are at it again. I guess I will have to repeat my speech, along with a few other important things.

First of all, Kj, this site will absolutely not be used for flaming. I warned you of this the first time, and this time, I have half a mind to delete your post. Your post was totally inappropriate, and you have certainly misused your privelige as an editor. The CPUN is here to rpovide protection, support, and foundation to armies. We do not allow former members of a CPUN Army to flame that army, just because they don’t like it. I’m sure that  if you did not quit FW, the post under this one would not be there. Do not use this site for personal gain, flame, or vengance.

This brings me to my next point. Kj, who are you representing? If you have no army to represent, then you must say so, and you can either:

  1. Leave the CPUN.
  2. Enter a new army you are a owner rank in.
  3. Ask Dee for a position that does not involve representing armies.

I really don’t care which one you choose, as long as you don’t make those posts again. FW is not corrupted. All Pringle did was rebel. Rebellion is a phase in every major army (IW in April, 2008 in Nachos against Aka, NGA against ACP). Also, Pringle knowing your password is your fault. At some point, I’m sure you gave it to him so he can examine the images you made for FW. After akk, you did give it to Nic.  If FW was as corrupted as you say it is, then it is not your business to post it here in the CPUN.


– Fire’s Thrill –


12 Responses

  1. god player who died and mad u king of da rule’s? not that i agree in a way but we have the freedom of speech. and i dont have an army but i am in the cpun. i really dont have a postion in cpun but i am in it. i mean i know i have a postion but a lot has been goin on in my life and i forgot. but still god player who made u the god of the rule’s? i think (now don’t start a war with me over this comment) he was either telling us wat HE thought was happening in HIS own words. or he was telling us wat happened and why it was messed up to just give us a warning about some hackers.

    ~think of wat other people REALLY mean~


    GP Edit >>> I did not make the rules, Speed. You have to use common sense. We all know that the CPUN isn’t here to publish your opinion. Of course, you can always have your opinion in a post, but the whole post cannot be biased. That’s just pathetic.

    SPEED Edit: You didn’t make the rules but if CPUN isn’t about sending out your opinion’s then what is it??? He was just posting about his opinion about ‘Corruption in FW/Hacking’.
    General 98 Edit: Well, Dee made up the first rules, then I created the Constitution of the CPUN which is outdated by now…

  2. Kj, I am the representative of OR [I wont leave my spot] so you’ll have to find a way in another army so bad! 😦

    Wished to help,

  3. You can’t blame everyone in the army for what someone did, it’s just not fair,

  4. Hi people of cpun this is king just sayin ive kinda been busy so i havent had time to get on .i probaly wont see you till semptember

  5. You know, a lot of unfair things happen. Let’s say the most important heads die or get kidnapped in real life. The rest of us would not know what to do or mess up the idea. Also things can’t always happen the way you want, arguing gives out another person’s oppinion but everyone is arguing so that they get their way and only one of the penguins will really win (unless someone supports them too). At least our opinions are all good.


    when : 8/25/09 ( august 25th)
    where :http://clubpenguinroyaldefenders.wordpress.com/chat
    why to merge
    4:00 est
    3:00 central
    9:00 UK
    2:00 moutain
    PS: we will take the BEST offer its not FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. this is all P.M

    Extreme: ???

  7. I would like to join CPUN. I am neutral in all armies, and have been working with Club Penguin armies for 2 or 3 years. I favor no army, except I look down upon armies that attack without reason, so basically I oppose tyrants. I wi.ll take any job you give me, although, if you have multiple jobs available,. I would prefer you give me a list of them and allow me to choose.

  8. these are armys we have deals with

    ACP ( seriously i didnt think this would work)

    FW (now mfw merged with the ma2)



  9. You know, you could just comment to talk to another person, when you edit you should be trying to state something to everyone not just to another person.

  10. ok the things im seeing in these posts is to much arguements man this is alot of spamming and i dont thing unitednations should be “UNITED” yet again im mentioning the word “UNITED”

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