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Corruption in FW/Hacking

Kj: Well looks like Pringle likes to hack too:


Kj: Well, they decided not to do the regeneration cause of all the people who quit FW xP. And how corrupt it was going to be.

Well as you all know. Fire Warriors known as 4th largest army in cp. Well I have been looking over there site, as I noticed, Pringle removed everyone from the ranks. Hes the only leader when its suppose to be Pringle, Trickster, and Woton. Pringle64, also known as P64, has become a dictator. He has made his Girl Friend a 3ic of FW cause hes doing another regeneration of FW. Thats basically being a dictator. Also Nico have come out of retirement back to 3ic. Also it seems Nico has replaced Alighf, and Alighf is no where on the ranks. I was talking to Pringle about why did you remove Woton and Trick? He said “It depends if we accept him back in.” He also made low mod ranks to 4ics of FW. When the current ones have been in longer, and has more experience probably. Thats all I have for now.


As you know Pringle64, has signed the hacking bill. One of FW troops: Andi Aka Potatoes(Xats name) is the hacker.As it says you cannot hack heres the copy:

Hacking, under Federal Law is illegal, and the maximum punishments are a $100,000 fine, up to 30 years in jail, and Loss of electronic privledges. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall ANY hacker in the Club Penguin Warfare community be an exception to Federal Law. If you do any of what is below, you are subject to any punishment. Hacking can be identified as the following:

  • Using a script/anything, to create any form of Bots in Club Penguin. (Formation Bot, Copy Bot, etc.)
  • Hack into another person’s Club Penguin account and ban them.
  • Hacking xats/days on Xat’s chats.
  • SCAMMING PEOPLE on Xat chats
  • Hacking the password for an Xat chat, and resetting it to take over
  • Hacking into somebody’s Xat account
  • Hacking someone’s WordPress password, and getting into their account
  • Deleting a wordpress you do not own
  • Deleting posts/pages on a wordpress, when you were not authorized to do so. (Ex. You betray your army and delete every post/page on the site, or you hack a wordpress and delete the pages/posts)
  • Actually hacking into the person’s computer, and doing anything harming them.

Any person with morals, knows what hacking is. Hacking under a form that is not listed above, and claiming you did not know it was hacking, is unacceptable. You’re legally classified as mentally retarded if you hack and don’t know it’s hacking.

Punishments for hacking in Club Penguin Warfare/Xat chats/ WordPress sites:

  • Death, One month suspension from armies you are ranked in, or being fired. Punishment severity is determined by Leaders of the army.
  • Spending a night with Oagal- War being declared on that army, by armies that have agreed to this document.
  • Being whipped, Being banned from all armies possible. (Depends if hacking was EXTREME. Ex: Deleting the ACP site)
  • Hacking is the worst thing you can do in Club Penguin Warfare, and you will most likely be banned forever on Club penguin.
  • The hacker may have a hearing, with a court of the Major Army Leaders. (Person1233, Akabob22, Ltshaqcena10, Linkin55, Boomer20, Lots of Pie, Potatoes4,Wurburt45348, Kyle Cease, Iceyfeet1234Spaceybirdy, Wii Mountain, Pringle64, Woton, Ganger90) Their decisions are final. There must be enough evidence for a trial.
  • If the Federal Government actually gets involved, You = Screwed.

ALL army leaders that agree to this document, please comment on this post like this.

X_______Person1233, Nacho Leader

If you have any suggestions, then they may be added if it is agreed upon. Major, Large, Medium, and Small army leaders, your army matters. Approve this document and make Club Penguin warfare a safer place!


Btw, who said legal documents couldn’t be kinda funny? :lol:


X_______AkaBob22, Nacho Leader

X_______Person1233, Nacho Leader

X_______ Ltshaqcena10, Nacho Leader

X________ Lots of Pie UMA leader

X_______ Wii Mountain, WW Leader, Pretty Ponies Inc Co Owner, Wii Mountain Dew Corp. Founder, #1 Ranked Banana Dancer, #1 Ranked Fastest Banner/Guester on xat.

X_______Pringle64, FW Leader

x______ Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Leader

X______Lorenzo Bean, Golds Leader

X_____Commando993, ST Leader

X_________ Vio789 Senate Dark Army of Club Penguin

X______ Pie1530, Club Penguin Crew Leader

x______Snugtr, Club Penguin Bandits leader and founder

X_Pwener1, FRW founder and leader

X________ tryeuwqiop

X______Saiyaman Xc, Silver Surfers leader (modern silver surfers)

X________Kj Bulldogs1, 3IC of RFW

X___________Naruto238,Head Leader of the Irish Empire

X_________Redferrari99, UA Leader, Nacho-Colonel

X______korei3, Sombreros of Club Penguin Leader

X_______ Bbw2007 BlueMenGroup Leader

x_______Mustang422 CPSO leader

X________Shakybadger, CLubpenguin Moose Army Leader

X________Monkey Ap, Shadow seals Leader

X__________Cahockey, Nacho Captain

x_____Greymatter25, Nacho colonel

X_________ Iceacelace burritos leader

X________ Moon Person – Leader or Blue Ninjas

x_______Pippy212, GSCP Leader

X_______24keyser MA2 co leader

X_______littlebob63 urban club leader

X_______Thedog437, NSSA (Nacho Secret Spying Agency) Leader

x_______ Major Hit MUDA Leader and Creator

X______ Cycle22, Nacho Legend and Nacho Head General

x_______ Sirdillis nacho captain

X______Greenarms007,Dark Army Of Club Penguin Leader

x________Metro star1,Burrito warriors leader and Penguin Power Warriors leader

X_______ Timmy178 LVAS Co-Leader

X_________ Ymapinky, Nacho Soldier

X______Boomer 20, ACP Leader

X_______Axevolution, USCP 2IC

X______Alighf, Orange Rebels Leader

Now, I have complete proof of Andi aka Potatoes(Xats name). Has hacked DW when FW signed the Hacking bill. Heres zee proof:

--9.jpg picture by Kj4eva4life



27 Responses

  1. X_______Haho4, HW Leader & Retired TFCP Leader

  2. HW = haho warriors
    tfcp = tiger force of cp

    both small armies

  3. This isn’t something you sign

  4. omg! dont u hate hacker’s!

  5. I’ve got a question to hackers.

    1. Why the heck do you like scamming? You can just end up being kicked out or ignored then your scamming will be a waste your time.

    2. And why do you like deleting sites? Once you delete them what are you gonna do? You’re gonna lie that they quit? They could just say that they’re still not gone and that you just deleted their site.

    3. Why do you like making bots? You’re just gonna make an army of bots and gonna make them say stuff while walking in the same time? People could just ignore you if you get annoying. And sometimes people like to get themselves get copied for fun. So you won’t get to scam them.

    4. If you hack someone’s account, what are you gonna do? You’re just gonna delete their posts or their site. But they might have a back-up site which you don’t know and they could make everything their again.
    (I advise people to copy their whole post and save it on MS Word or Notepad once you finish it, so if someone deletes it you can copy your post from Notepad and post it again here on WordPress).


    Col. P

  6. x________ Swat Bandit SPAAF 2ic

  7. hey WWIII is goin 2 start.see the acp site.the leaders of small armies wuld be corrupted!
    wat if they take our independence???

    Extreme: Do you know basic army history? WWIII was back in early 2007.

  8. X ATM 23 Leader and Founder of SPAAF

  9. If you look at the thirteenth signature on this the name is tryeuwqiop. He is retired 3IC for SPAAF. When did he sign this. Theres no comment of him here.

  10. X______Eamafa leader of aqua ninjas


    • Then why the heck did you post it! 😡

  12. x_________Ashpie leader of cpra

  13. x_________Woton, Bagel God

    Just to annoy Kj… 😛 Lmao.

    Seriously people, stop being stupid dips. This isn’t something you sign you retards.

    • Everyone has a say in this bill.

  14. If someone called my gf a slut and he was supported by the army’s leader, I’d probably hack their site too…

  15. Atm, thats the Bill that people SIGNED but they dont need to be SIGNED. 😐

  16. theres a bot in the Iw chat and trust me im not lying

  17. Who cares now anyway, he quit, AGAIN! Lol, and Poch replaced him. The regeneration isn’t happening for a while.

  18. When I cleared my cookies to keep voting for myself in the Nacho Ambassador Elections, Pringle said that he was against hacking and cheating. Now look at him.

  19. 🙄 Kj you told me your pass so don’t blame Pringle

  20. lol… this is funny… to watch all u ppl fight ova this post. HAHAHAHA!!! lol im not a hacker though. so dont yell at me.

  21. This is so inappropriate, as GP said, this the second time you’ve used this site to flame other armies. The next time you do it, you may lose your editorship or be taken to CPUN court.

  22. Alright, I have the right to defend myself.

    For one, Kj is just angry for no apparent reason at me. You retired from FW, and the CPUN site is obviously not for flaming… So why do you care?

    Anyway, I knew your xat pass because you told it to Nico and he told me, and you COPIED my pictures without permission so I deleted them from your Photobucket. That, of course is not hacking and I am in no way commiting a crime.

    Second, I may/may not retire from FW, depending on the circumstances that await.

    Third, I know I made bad choices, and BTW, I never was corrupt or a dictator as you apparently believe, I was going to start a rebellion to bring back the old FW. It failed because of pressure from everyone, and your pointless ranting.

    So, basically I’m sorry if you think I’m corrupt here, I did not hack (I know nothing about how to hack), I was starting a rebellion to ‘BRING BACK THE OLD FUN DAYS’, and seriously, stop arguing against people just to make yourself feel better, or whatever biased reason you may have.

  23. NO DEFENDING UR SELF THIS AINT JURY XD well a united nation is kinda like a jury BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! there are 3 things wrong with ur statement 1 ur first statement is a lie 2nd the secong statement doesnt count as “defending ur self”3RD U DIDNT ADD THAT CHEESE RULZEZ!.

    As you can see your statement is phonybaloni or how ever u spell it!

  24. X_______ chaz40386

    MCP marines of club penguin
    IM SIGNING THIS THING and uh MCP is a small army too

  25. I can’t wait till MW2 is released! Just a couple of months now :p I ordered the Prestige edition ^_^

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