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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The Triple Practice Battle for the Mean Time Battle

Riotors edit: Dee can we reschedule the tripple pb please. I was on vacation and just got back right now so I have not been able to check this site to put up a post on cpss about the tripple pb. So it is too late now to post on cpss. And if you commented about it, your comment is probably no longer on cpss since somebody deleted over 2000 of our comments 😦

But can we please reschedule this dee so I can tell cpss in advace about it.

Alighf’s edit: Nice! OR is now in the council! And houndy, RED IS MINE lol! Join Orange Rebels sometime!

Houndy’s Edit: So is it,

  • FW +MA2
  • CPSS
  • OR
  • Cheese Army
  • Another army I have forgotten

For the security council its that right?

Dee edit: Post if you are active in the CPUN. Time to do a little cleaning. Post your Name, Army, Leader. Thanks. 😀

August 16, 2009

Hey guys, it’s Dee again. Well, KJ’s Tournament is still on hold and we do not know when we’ll be able to hold it so I’ll start a Practice Battle for the Mean Time. We’re going to have three armies competing and they are:

  • Separatist Penguin Association Air Force
  • Club Penguin Secret Service
  • Aqua Warriors

Let’s give us all a little warm up for the tourny.

  • When: August 19, Wednesday at 10AM Penguin Standard Time
  • What: Triple Practice Battle
  • Where: Powder Ball -Special thanks to Atm23 for letting us use their home server! This gives them a “home-field-advantage” 😉

For questions, comment here!

Oh yes, and we have some news! We have two armies that will be merging together! Just like the DPR and OW

Mysterious Army Revolution + Freedom Warriors!

  • Miroos would be leader
  • Nate would be 2ic
  • Ads would be 3ic
  • Playa would be 4ic
  • Possibility our name could be Mysterious Freedom Warriors
  • Possibly keeping our site

Click here to see the original post and read more!




-Spyguy and Tiny Ronan, the original leaders of the Club Penguin Paratroopers, are now leaders of the Dark Warriors after he merged the Paratroopers into the DW. Congratulations!

-The Club Penguin Cheese Army and Orange Rebels have been brought into the Security Council after a spot has been left by the FW and MA2. Congratulations!


21 Responses

  1. I Was Leader In CPP So I’m also DW Leader Now!

  2. ok can ugr be involed in some pb becasue we really need a pb after our pb vs ourselfs

  3. my army is active even if we just joined 😀

    P.S. we’re not on the ranks so please fix that 😀

  4. Army: SPAAF
    Leaders: ATM 23 1IC, Swat Bandit 2IC, Blupichu 3IC

    Oh and Dee didn’t you tell me we were gonna have the pb at Powder Ball?

  5. NMA is back again XD

    We’re still active in CPUN http://nonmemberarmy.wordpress.com

    and Elites are here too


  7. Yes Atm. 🙂

    That’s great news Luc. XD Welcome back.

    Uh.. Ads?

  8. snowbomb

  9. advertise this frsw has merged with bp and snowbomb finally became owner in bp

  10. Is there any way the time could be earlier? Where I am it would be midnight, for the East coast it will be 1:00! I haven’t started school yet, but most people have. So I doubt many parents would let their kids stay up until 1:00 am on a school night.

    If you can’t change the time, it’s fine, but I seriously doubt many of my troops wil be able to come.

    This is for the active status:
    Name: Aan10
    Army: Aqua Warriors
    Leader: Me, Aan10

  11. Name: Emilylondon
    Army: The Elite Army of Club Penguin.
    Leader: Mateobeccar. 5 Star General: Pengbro2.

  12. TAGP
    The army of great penguins
    leaders r Zap255,Donut(i forgot the numbers *ono*)McNuggetBoy,and Tiny Ronan

  13. name:uti98
    army:tatj (the army of true justice)

  14. nvm frsw unmerged

  15. hey mr.dee i got to talk to you as soon as possible

  16. Dee I have to ask for a favor being in the CPUN. Since FGR is struggling, I am completely redoing everything including the name in general. So I need as many people to vote and see this post ( http://fgrarmy.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/help-us-out/#respond ) Also I am handing out leader positions to anyone who can donate to us a domain. Thanks

  17. Okay, good luck all PB participants, may the best army win.

  18. -The Club Penguin Cheese Army and Orange Rebels have been brought into the Security Council after a spot has been left by the FW and MA2. Congratulations!

    WTF? When did we leave our spots?

  19. Hey dee!
    Are we ( the elites) small, medium or ( certainly not lol) major army?
    Be serious, we want to know so we can schedule our recruiting times accordingly ( quantaties and times)

  20. We need more posts. It really is nice to have a post every day and yet, what to post about?

  21. Name: Timmy178
    Army name: LVAA (We changed) Lava vice allianceship army.
    Leaders: Timmy178,Mix1011 and Sqauttyblue

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