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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CP Army World in Paranoia!


Well, the CP Army World is in paranoia. Here are the current situations:

ACP: The ACP have to deal with a war against FW, and IMAF. This will be a stupid move, but a changing one.

IW/Nachos: Thought to be inseperable allies, the two are now going to war against each other. Person claims that Shadow had huge plans for their alliance, and wanted it to be the only alliance the Nachos had. Now, the Nachos have made a demoralizing post against the IW, and are set to invade Sub Zero an hour after defending their own Empire.

UMA: UMA thinks they know the answer to solving the Golden Ages Problem. A WWFF. Haha.

FW: The FW have had all of their leaders retire, and be replaced by new ones. Today, the FW chat was in chaos as people chanted for an election, and some people even quit. This isn’t going to be good for their rebuilding phase.


– Fire’s Thrill –


9 Responses

  1. Harsh. paranoia paranoia dah dah dah :p

  2. just great like 2 huge armies in war!whats gonna happen next!

  3. Anyone who came after Oagal retired has seriously missed out…

  4. Is there any way we can help?

  5. Oh yeah I drafted the previous post for some reasons unknown.

  6. Okay… so why did IW want to be the only allies of Nachos? And for the FW, shouldn’t they elect the most active like always going to wars with them or participating in meetings…

  7. Hey guys, check out my new site!

  8. Another World Wide Disaster, all armies having wars, and fighting, governments collapsing then we have another World War

  9. IW declared war on Nachos not the other war around

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