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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Saddest Song Contest Results

August 2, 2009

You’ve been waiting for this so here are the Top 3 best songs that were submitted.

  1. Gran Torino
  2. My Heart Will Go On
  3. Soldier Side

For Gran Torino, watch Gran Torino. It’s said to be a really sad movie. I believe it’s a movie done well. I mean like, Clint Eastwood stars in it! Just not the way he used to when he was young xD

My Heart Will Go On has always been a classic. 😉

I’m sure all of you want your troops back – Soldier Side

You can vote for the 4th saddest song! Just click here to go to the post of all the submitions.



Rapidy, of the NGA, wants to join the CPUN and have a Court Case with the ACP. They decided to cancel it after finding out that I was a high-ranked ACP soldier. Well, to me, the NGA are still the ACP. I don’t have anything against them, or anyone else. They claim not to be an army, but a party. Here’s what Rapidy requested in our Request page:

“CPUN, I have a request. I’m one of the major supporters of the Next Generation of ACP. We started as a political party before the ACP made a transition to the next leader, Dryvit. We were created because we thought that the next leader of ACP shouldn’t be chosen, but have an election like the Democracy they are (Their nation page clearly states they are a plain democracy, unlike the Federalist Democracy they have described on the CPUN) I’m having a problem with having my organization being described as a rebellion, and I was thinking that maybe we could have a court trial or some sort of way to make a decision between the 2 groups and I was thinking that maybe the CPUN could host it, since that’s basically its job. I would have the Next Generation become a member of the CPUN, but we are not an army, we are a political party.

I ask that you give me a response at the Next Generation’s website, http://nextgenerationofacp.wordpress.com/


I guess, if they do decide to join, we will have to have the court case with representatives from both parties. ACP’s party is Oligarchy, so I guess the members of the Oligarchy party should represent ACP. Also, the members of the NGA.

See the CPUN Supreme Court site for the rules. This website is pretty old but it has held the debate bewtwwn the United Troopers and Elites.

If ever they do join, we’re going to need a temporary new set of judges that are in neither of the two parties. 😉

If you aren’t in the ACP or NGA say I. If you are in the ACP or NGA say Me.




-The Flamming Rockstar Warriors are inviting any army with 10 or more soldiers to merge with them. Many have already merged into them and they amde the name, FRSW.

-It is Soccer739’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! May you have many more to come. 😉

-Upcoming authors and editors, KingJared, Swat Bandit.

-Join the Underground Resistance of Club Penguin today!

-The United Servers of Club Penguin are having there presidential elections!

-A large army called the Club Penguin Rulers Army just joined the CPUN. They are large! O_O


21 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Soc. 🙂 I can make Swat an author soon but Kingjared, I need to know yuor WordPress e-mail. 😉
    Miroos: Can I rejoin the CPUN as your assistant?

  2. Hey dee i made one yesterday and i didnt check my email.Thanks dee means alot to me ive never been a editor.ACP was a great army dee you met me there.I think oagal and fort left it went down hill from there.I mean boomer was the second greatest leader of acp.These leaders now they dont look at the comments and fix problems.On the rank problems page people are commenting every day and i bet the leader doesnt even look at them.They dont care about the people under the mod line.They only care about 2IC or 5 star generals.I mean the leader changes every 2 months or so.Its ok if they retire.But they cant seem to keep ONE GOOD LEADER.

    Dee: Now you have to log in to your WordPress account. Keep logging into that one. Uhm, Kj, I do agree with you, but not all the way. Is your fellow ACP and CPUN friend, Ktman, the one you are talking about? Not all ACP are that ignorant Kj. I myself can’t respond to all armies in the CPUN at once and I hardly have time to go out of my room.. Anyways, when you have gotten your account, please use it. 😉

    Extreme: Yes, I agree with your points. I supported Boomer, and he turned out to be a great, aspiring leader. Dryvit sounds desperate, and not very aspiring at all.

  3. Actually my birthday was yesterday, I shouted it out all day but no one said happy birthday until it wasn’t my birthday 😦 .

    Sorry Soc. Belated Happy Birthday. How was the party? (If there was any).

  4. ME. And also thx dee for making me an author. I only have a few days left so i will visit every month or so.

    Okay. No problem.

  5. CPRA is going downhill tho some 2ic got promoted by a ex leader and now he merged into uma i think so i am making a new army (more to come)

  6. yh i cant log in to wp ill try again later but my answer is me

  7. hi I whant to join.

  8. Cool, my song won!

  9. Alright then, Deedledoo, I’ll pull out the big guns with the SADDEST SONG EVER this week. :p

  10. I support this next generation thing because government is not suppose to decide everything for us! It is like communism.

  11. Dee, sorry I haven’t been active for a day or two, my cousins from San Diego came over, so I’m very busy playing with them, next week, I’m very busy, I have two parties and wedding to go to… I’m also very busy this month, all of my cousins are coming from New Zealand, Michigan, The Philippines, and the US
    And some good news, the Toronto City Garbage Strike is over! All the garbage dumps at the parks will be gone, and we’ll lose the name “Toronto the Stinky!”Dee, I also have sad news, Cory Aquino(a former president of the Phils.) died yesterday due to colon cancer, She was a mere 76 years old. 😦

  12. Also, Miroos, that will mean you are the Prime Minister, you can’t be the Prime Minister, Ktman is.

  13. Lol okay Aka. 🙂

    Congratulations to you 3. The 4th one’s still being voted..

    Take a vacation Sancho. 😉 It’s fine. Yeah, she’s dead – along with her husband. 😦

  14. My birthday party was great. Hey Dee, when this site is extremely popular, will there be a limit to how many heads there are?

  15. This is Tiny Ronan from Red Warriors saying we are going to be more active!

  16. can i be an editor? :mrgreen:
    i wont edit much :p
    just everything in sight lol
    -Foo Fighter

  17. You have to be active in the CPUN for 40 days to become an editor or get a government ranking, also, Dee I am taking a two-weeks vacation, I will drop in sometimes though..

  18. Hey Dee sorry for being so late on re-entering FGR into this I have been very busy with real life and getting the army back together. I will be representing Fort Ghost Recon in the CPUN

  19. dude u removed me from the editors of this site, add me again please, mai: clubpengucheats@rocketmail.com

  20. hey dee, we might go to war with SPA for invading our server sabertooth. The one we beat CPGA not long ago for. If we do it will be an allie battle and we wont your help.

    Comment back Dee on http://cpssworld.wordpress.com please. We added the cpun badge and kept it up on our site and they still invaded one of our servers (the noob way).

    P.S. they invaded it without telling us till afterwards and will not remove it from there servers, so we may go to war with them to win it. We will be more than happy to keep the servers we have now. We do not want to invade random people in the CPUN’s server because we feel like it.

  21. Sorry dee, I mispelt the word want with the word wont. So in the 2nd line of that last comment it is supposed to be want.

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