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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Editing Colors and Editing Abilities

Trickster Edit: Idk if I introduced my self on here so: Im trickster im a new person on here. I been on here for 2 weeks posting stuff that got deleted -___- and ya. Lmao I guess I call: Hott Pink 😎

Alighf’s edit: I am red!!!!

Riotors: I’m gray!!! Haha, I have a color now lol!!! Also Dee I have made you an author of CPSS!!!

~βã↑ιη↑Γéη€Ηé™: Yesss still orange… hooray!!!

Speed: Yeah I’m pink!  Go pink!

Miroos: Hey guys, I’m back from vacation and would like to rejoin the CPUN as Dee’s assistant, if that is available. 8)

Blueys edit: I call regular Blue. Plus I think it would fit more becaue my name is BLUEy

August 1, 2009


Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo


Well, it’s the first day of August. I have about fifteen days left before the first day of school. Some say it might be scheduled later in September because of the extreme heat here.

Anyway, it’s been some time since we reviewed our editing colors. Many of you have asked and argued about the editing colors and some don’t even have editing colors.

So here’s the list of editing colors. Sorry if I changed your color. The list is according to your ‘age’ in the CPUN; i.e. the first group are the ‘Originals’, and the last group are the newest.

  • Mr Deedledoo – Light Blue
  • Itachi6Dark – No longer active 😦
  • Color Peng – Indigo
  • Ktman – Violet
  • Jedimaster – No longer active 😦

  • Benu2 – No longer active 😦
  • ~Extreme the Great – Lime
  • Furbur27 – Blackish Grey (You can find that color on the top right corner of the color panels)
  • General98 – Light Orange

  • Godplayer123 – Dark Blue
  • Speed 015 – Pink (Not the other shade)

  • Batintrenche – Orange
  • Shadow2446 – No longer active 😦

  • Lucario564 – No longer active 😦
  • Unicow – Green
  • Hidude45 – Lavender
  • Mustang – Blue Green (This color is on the left side of the blue color)
  • Atm23 – Brown (Darker shade)
  • Miroos/Zamros – Yellow Orange (The darkest shade of the yellow colors)

  • Ads354 – Peach
  • Bluey921123 – Hasn’t posted yet. Will be decided next time
  • Hockey632 – Made the Official Top Ten page. Hasn’t posted yet. Will be decided next time.
  • Kj Bulldogs – Red name, Light orange edit (Ex. Kj Bulldogs edit: Hey everyone. :green: )
  • Riotors – Grey
  • Harv – Purple
  • Alighf – Red (Since Itachi6Dark doesn’t use it anymore, we’ll give it to Alighf. And if he does come back to edit anything, he can use red)
  • Soccer793 – Greenish Blue. (Can be foudn below the solid dark green color)

There we go. Don’t use to bright neon like colors such as this. It’s too bright. Ahh!! My eyes!! 😐

Uh.. so we move on to what editors can do. We do have rules which are shown in Godplayer’s post below. I assume all of you have read that.

My rules are simply to write well. Before making a post, check out if the latest post is at a recent date or at the exact same date you are in. It’s not so good to have two posts in one day. But why???? 😦

  • Hardly anyone will look at the post below whether it’s important or not.
  • Thus, no one will comment on them.
  • When no one comments on them, people who visit the CPUN site think we are inactive. Seeing no comments on a post is disappointing so we should try to avoid that by making one post at a time but making sure it’s good.

If you think you’ll get people to read your post, then go ahead and post it! If there’s an important post above, but you need an even more important post, ask permission from us.

Sticky Posts are only allowed for:

  • Practice Battles
  • Long Festivals/Contests
  • You want people to take a good look at your post

The third one doesn’t mean, you want people to look at your post. That’s just wrong. People will get to look at your post if every other editor follows these rules. Correct? 🙂

Be generous and edit a post saying to look at someone else’s post below.

There can only be three edits on one post unless we want to dusciss something on the post. This is the problem with some armies. They talk through posts. No one ever comments on the posts. They just reply to each other by either editing a post, or even making a new one!


Post 1

“Hey Chad, do you want to go on Club Penguin?”

Post 2 (3 days later)


Well that’s just a little advice to other armies, maybe even a warning. 😀

And the last part of this post is, How to edit.

We’ll have a neater system of editing now. No more fully bold edits. I like Riotors’s way of editing.

Dee: I like that. 😀

Only the name should be bald. I mean, bold. So Kj Bulldog’s name should be red, and his edits – orange. When editing your own post, put edit after your name.

Dee edit: I forgot to say something..

There. That’s it! Oh yeah, if you edit someone else’s post, make sure it’s a good one. If you edit just to agree or just to say something small, just comment on the post! I’m thankful for making this post because I through listing the names of our editors, I measured how long the CPUN has been around. Almost 3 years this December. Many have come and go. I assure you that all those who are inactive now, used to be as active as me. Well most of them have moved on a new generation has come – with me still in it. Welcome to the CPUN to anyone new here. 😉




-The Club Penguin Secret Service has won the war against the CPGA! War preview:


CPSS War Preview

CPSS War Preview

See their site for more info and pictures!

-The CPUN Security Council elections is coming up!

CPUN Banner Contest coming soon!

CPUN Flag contest coming soon!


17 Responses

  1. That’s great. Also we have defeated CPGA. The main count for people there at our battle were 15, the least were 8 and the most were 19. http://cpssworld.wordpress.com.

    CPGA is now our allies too.

    PS. Thanks for the editing colors Dee.

  2. Oh and CPSS has a new banner now by the way.

  3. Great, I’ll post the banner as soon as I can. Anytime CPSS. 😉

  4. Hey what about me im active.
    p.s.I miss anything??

  5. It is my birthday today!

  6. Dee ill be in the CPUN Flag contest. Also i will run for the lections

  7. *elections

  8. C’mon Dee……post the results……..ugh….

  9. jeez aka. The CP army world does not think u r there gods. THe nachos r corrupt
    miroos: jeez u r so corrupt. XD

  10. I like to think of the color that I got as a dark red sort of. but calling it Brown is fine. I think you should make Swat a author on this site. He is very good with CP Army Stuff.

  11. Swat Bandit: I never said anything of the fact. BTW did you change your hair?

  12. miroos not ALL of Nachos. Technically Person and Aka make it corrupt
    teknikly ur a n00b

  13. *rolls eyes*

    Whatever. Just another noob that hates the Nachos/Person and I.

  14. I got no happy birthdays. 😥

  15. Happy Birthday.

  16. Sorry I wasn’t on for a long time.., my cousins from San Diego came here to Toronto.I’ve got good news, the Toronto City Garbage Strike is over!

  17. Goldenhersh golden

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