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Are we defending, or ruining Club Penguin?

Batsy: Sorry guys that I havent been active during this. I JUST got out of the hospital now and am really sleepy. So G’night.

Dee edit: Everyone on CPUN Summit Room Chatbox for at least most of the day.

Speed edit:  Hey, Dee, I used to be a hacker on Club Penguin… in 2007 and the beggining of 08.  When I first join Club Penguin.  I was one of the first people who helped with the Walrus.. I was a bot… when no one even noticd we were bot’s…. it was fun.  And I almost became a bot again 4 months ago.  I quit because things started getting cruel.  I also got rid of my ‘CP Trainer 6’ …. Also I was on the same server… but when I got on I looked at my friend list and you were there… then you logged out.  But anyway my mail went up to 30 also… and bot’s filled the town up.  I went to the ninja hide-out (one of the least ocuppied rooms) and the same penguins were there yelling “POWER TO THE BOT’S!!!  JOIN US!!!”  and then I went to my house… they were there to…. and yelling “NOOB WE ARE ALL POWERFUL”… it was werid

July 17, 2009

Greetings everyone. This is Dee speaking. I have something to tell to everyone.

On July 14, 2009, we met the Walruses lead by, #iamthewalrus. Mustang422, posted a Code Red post on the CPUN website and told us that the ACP, and the Nachos, were in some code red as well. I checked the ACP and Nachos site. The issue was about hackers. Months ago, I had already set out an operation for the CPUN and anyone else willing to help, to report all the bots that were walking on roofs, and waddling around Club Penguin. But everyone thought it wasn’t such a priority. Disappointed, I just left the operation.

Months ago, those bots were harmless. They didn’t care about us anyway. All they could say which meant something to us was something like, “ACP Sucks“. But these hackers, known as the Walruses, are something else. They are like, bots who have come to life and have overpowered real human players. Just like in the movies where robots soon take over humans. Just like in movies such as Terminator: Salvation, or I, Robot.

In the former post, a Walrus commented saying that we are just making up things about them and that they do not make bots. At first, we didn’t believe in that. But, recently, I’ve talked to one of them on Nacho chat. We didn’t ban him. Whenever I asked him about bots, he always answers that he doesn’t know anything about them. He said, they hardly even go on Club Penguin itself. Yes everyone. This is a war, beyond Club Penguin. Beyond the rights of those who play it and beyond the rules of every army who has ever broken any of them. Sometimes, people are just, unfair. This, is unfair. But we can’t change it. It’s like, we used to be the biggest CP players in Club Penguin, but then, we found out that there was an extremely large invisible cage surrounding all of us – and outside of that cage, are the Walruses. We can’t do anything but simply stare at them. We are like penguins in a zoo. They can zap us, control us, torture us. This doxing thing is already torture.

When was the last time any of you army leaders felt so successful after a war, or so peaceful after a good agreement? It feels so great right? But maybe you never thought, that out of all the harshest and crude enemies, you’d find an enemy that is just 100x more than that. Your friends, are being tortured and interrogated. Did you think that would happen during your lifetime in the Club Penguin Army World? This is a cage that is 100ft high and we can’t get out because  PENGUINS CAN’T FLY.

I was with the Nachos in Nacho chat and White House yesterday because one of the Nachos in Nacho chat, asked for our help at the cove. We quickly went to the White House. Rallan, was with us and he was one of the first to receive weird mails in CP such as Your Membership Has Expired. I used my test penguin which is a nonmemeber, and I got that mail.

You’ll know when an Earhtquake is coming because of the vibrations. You’ll know when a bot wave is coming when your mail goes crazy.

Now all of us were in the Town yesterday and we were waiting for something to happen. When suddenly, my mail went from 17 to 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 28, 30. Then, when it got to 30, it was still going on and on, I was staring at the envelope on the top-left corner of my screen when something caught my eye in the middle of the town. Bots started spawning. More and more and more each time. They would say things like, “The Game is Ours” or ACP and Nachos stink“. I tried replying to them by saying:


We ran to the Boiler Room which was pretty much our hide out for most of the day. We were sitting down and planning stuff when I noticed to penguins spawning two at a time, then three at a time and I looked at my mail which was already 28, I had deleted the 30 earlier. I shouted “Incoming!“. I tell you, these things, freak you out when they start appearing. Anyways, some advice, when your out to find them, be sure to always check and delete your mail!

Now a message to everyone, to Oagalthorp, to Person, to everyone who has been so successful during their life in the Club Penguin Army World. Even to people who have only experienced a little success, or a little happiness, this is a question, to you all.


I was at a 6 year old kid’s birthday last night after the whole White House incident and lots of his friends that I know who are also about his age, play Club Penguin. I, recommended it to them. I heard them say, “F__ ACP and Nachos?”. I hurried to see what they were reading and yes, it was one of the letters from the Walrus that they must’ve recieved. It had the F word in it. Let me remind all editors that we should not swear because WordPress prohibits it. What I’m saying is, the Walruses can send it to everyone, even if they’re no in the ACP, or Nachos, or any other army. They can send it to all who love and play Club Penguin for fun, especially 6 year olds and others.

Are we bringing trouble to Club Penguin? That is my question. Well? Are we? Looks like it. The Club Penguin Team wwould say, if there were never any of this armies, there wouldn’t be hackers terrorizing Club Penguin because of them.

Maybe Club Penguin wants to get rid of us as much as they want to get rid of the hackers.

Oagal, Person, anyone else involved in this (pretty much all of us). We all love Club Penguin.  And we all care for our friends here. We’ve brought happiness to each other. Oagal, I bet you are very satisfied for seeing the ACP grow to become something so successful. But..


That’s the only solution I could think of. I hope everyone would say if they agree or disagree about this.

If you have any other solution – I can’t see why you can’t share your idea. This is the Club Penguin United Nations after all.

This is,



29 Responses

  1. I don’t agree Dee. Club Penguin wouldn’t be that fun (Only when new stuff comes on) Club Penguin Warfare is fun. I’m sure lots of people agree with you Dee and me.

    Dee edit: I’m thinking, maybe we should just not get involved in this. But the Nachos have been with us for so long. It woudn’t be fun without warfare, but soon enough, it won’t be fun at all when they take over.

  2. I have to say no to that, I really don’t know what to do really? I want to stay in the armies and without them Club Penguin is REALLY babyish. What my sudgestion is (this may be such a wild idea noone will agree) ACP and Nachos should be no more. Theres no use fighting a computer program. It’s just gonna get worse! And who knows if CP can’t stop it and the letters are being sent out to little kids ACP and Nachos should maybe start new armies (with less power).

  3. I don’t know what is best for us, if we stay out they will take over, if we stay we will get hacked.

  4. I agree with Dee. If everyone gets defeated by this godly force you just have to leave. You have no choice because if you stay with warfare you’ll keep getting tortured. Just play your babyish CP or move on to a REAL FIGHTING GAME for once.

  5. hey i respect you dee but this idea is totally foolish
    Believe me.i think(just a thought not sure) 60% of cp’s population is non members.there is nothing for them now.Only those nm s enjoy cp when they are new.but now this warfare is something like a new life.we just cant sit down in our homes and quit cp just because we fear those f*** walruseS.uhm sorry for that.just check the strategies of all armies.small 2 big.even read my post over these walruses

    Dee edit: But if we continue, they might find our homes as well..

  6. We do not ruin Club Penguin, in an email response about armies the Club Penguin team said “I”m glad about these teams, helps express themselves”

  7. well hakers are nothing in front of the fbi.no one can stand against u.s.a.

  8. Not if the FBI doesn’t even know..

  9. we are nothing but the penguins having fun in our own way.i dont think that anyone should have problem from us.we do not oppose the terms and conditions of club penguin.i think we all should keep mailing them and report the bots to club penguin

  10. i say we all get stick arena accounts :p

  11. I just don’t want real life to be affected by this.

  12. Hey Speed here!!! Just got back from a week of boyscout camping (yeah I’m a boy scout…. but remeber this… if you break your leg on a trip… I can fix it…. plus I get to play with huge knife’s in the wild… without parent’s to yell at me about it.

    Anyway… I personal think we should send a group of people into the Walruse and make them become bot’s abnd spy on them… (i was a spy back in my CP Army Prime) and then week that that info. use it against them… then to finish it off we get a hacker (Club Penguin Hacker) to delete all of the bot’s accounts (not are account’s) and then we PERVENTED the trouble they make.

    Now I said “PERVENTED” that means this is a 6 step mission. If we do this 6 time’s… there penguins are gone… probable forever. Because you can’t make more then 6 penguin’s on one e-mail.

  13. I thought of that too but if we are gonna do that, we need penguins that aren’t known well around the Internet (not me I’m too scared) but yet the hackers can just make new accounts and hack us or even hack our wordpress accounts. I think they are smart enough to have thought of how to defy this plan. Most of us are just kids or teens but those hackers might be adults trying to turn cp into their own so it is fun for them. For all we know, they could be workers of cp but cp doesn’t know that they are the hackers.

  14. Speed I used to hack too, I even had my own CP Storm that only like 6 people uploaded, so I quit because you could get in huge trouble.

  15. btw my cousin Keelord told me that, I was talking to him while he looked at my site. He dosen’t go on CP anymore though.

  16. Speed, do you mean PREVENT when you said PERVENTED.
    So wat does it matter?



  18. There are plenty of us in chat, please come.

  19. I used to use CP Storm. I quit cause it made the game boring and was cheating.

  20. My phone can’t go on chats. I hate taking the time to turn on my SLOW computer.

  21. bot’s attacking server… omg i just got kicked out of the server

  22. The bots only stay in White House (Nacho server) and it matter because people who go on that server must be terrified or amazed. We can stay out of that server and continue our cp lives on other servers or we can stay in that server fight the bots like heroes and banned. I say we do what we can to save Club Penguin because bots ruin everyone’s fun. I mean why have the Walruses decided to attack the Nachos and not any other army and why have they come again. Do they want revenge or do they just want to torture us because they think it’s fun and funny. We must stop them before they do anything else because DOXing people is just plain crazy. I mean why would you want to know where someone else lives so badly. It’s not like some random guy is going to knock by the door and throw pie in there face. We are the Club Penguin United Nations and we bring peace to Club Penguin and sometimes Club Penguin armies, but now it’s not about fun and games it is about stopping criminals/enemies. Now until the Walruses leave us alone Club Penguin will be all about war. We can’t do anything to stop them unless some Club Penguin genius helps us. Rallan has some pretty good tactics, but they will not be strong enough to beat them. So I think we should stay in this war and help the Nachos.

  23. I added the badge to CPSS. I changed it up a little to make it look a little cooler and to make it animated. Go to http://cpssworld.wordpress.com please and tell me what you think. The badge is on the right sidebar at the top


  25. Love CP? . . .

  26. Dee i agree with you. I love cp armies but these hackers are dangerous, and i dont really want to get involved. these hackers have the power to destroy cp, and hack the mods on cp and change the site and everything. i personally would rather stop cp armies than have that happen. There are 6 year olds who play cp just cuz the penguins are cute and the games are fun. We dont want to destroy their fun. If it means we have to stop with the cp armies, i will. and maybe after the hackers are gone we can start fresh and have a good time. like i said this isnt all about us, there are little kids who dont need to have their pengs getting hacked or their memberships lost. Clubpenguin is supposed to be a place of fun cute penguins, not scary hackers. Think about that side of it before you automatically say cp armies shouldnt end.
    ~Mangis the p

  27. You know the roofwalkers were one thing.I have not been on club penguin since this stuff happened.And its kinda ashame i dont think club penguin staff our doing there job.We as players of club penguin our trying to fight them off.We should have some kind of meeting with all the army and forget are diffrences and unite as one.And sign a bill or something that in event of hackers we shall unite and fight them off.

  28. the walruses think doxing is legal -.-

  29. dee,
    wow what a nice inspiring post but anyways really i think we should get involved because well it might just help the fate of all the armies so ya get involved .

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