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The End Begins? CP Army Community in Danger


Dee edit(January 12, 2011): Apparently, my edit below isn’t my final one. Since a lot of people have been talking about hacking experiences, experiences of being hacked, hacking groups, and other stuff related to hacking, I thought it’d be cool to bring out an old post about the I Am the Walrus or the ‘#IATW’. This post is from 2009. I remember it was normal for the CPUN to have this many commentators back then. 😛 Please enjoy reading and comment if you like! 😀

Pwn (who wanted to edit this): I was (and still am) a Nacho. Those guys were really after us. Their site was filled with things that could give you a virus with one click. They could also dox. Luckily, no one I know of was doxed, exept Person1233. The personal info they found wasn’t even close (They said his first name was Robert 😆 )


Dee’s final edit on this post: I’ve made aquaintance with one them, Sebastian. that walrus who commented on our site was probably right. They aren’t the ones who make all the bots. So that no one here will sound like a noob, never mention anything about the bots being connected to the Walruses, EVER. they are pretty clever, and they are really after the Nachos. I just want to have peace with them. I’ll make a post tomorrow with all my ideas and a speech to everyone. Ok then Itachi. Thanks for dropping by..

Itachi6dark Edit: I’m not back… O_O. I rejoined UMA temporarily but I left them again because they pissed me off. Looks like UMA still hates me. Also Harv don’t bother calling yourself my apprentice because I left 2 weeks ago. I actually do hope CP armies ends but not by hacking.

Dee edit: Lucario, former leader of the NMA, and former co-leader of the WW, has retired. He was with the CPUN all the way back in Order 67. He will be a Hall of Famer like the rest. Anyways, ATM, that’s great news. The Walrus might be right. Maybe he doesn’t manufacture all those bots. Maybe there’s even more hackers that have rised at the same time he did. What a coincidence. We must stay alert for more.

ATM Edit: Im sorry I’m going over your edits Dee but I have important news. When my army (SPA Air Force) was patroling our servers. My Co- Leader (Blupichu) found these bots and took a picture

Uni: I’m not messing around with this guy. If he can send viruses into your computer with the click of a button, I refuse to do it. With that virus in your computer, who knows what he can do. Steal your credit card number, access your bank account, or more. If you talk about them rudely they can post your IP Address along with your Street Address, City, State, and Country.


I don’t know if this is some sort of sign. But I did interview my Co- Leader. Here is the interview.

ATM 23: Was anyone else in the room besides you and the  bots?

Blupichu: Only one other person.

ATM 23: Do your remember there name?

Blupichu: No.

ATM 23: Did they say anything?

Blupichu: They just chased me.

ATM 23: Did you go into your igloo  after they chased you?

Blupichu: No.

ATM 23: How did you lose sight of them?

Blupichu: They just dissapeared.

ATM 23: What was the server and room you saw them in?

Blupichu: Powder Ball (SPAAF Capital) Dock

ATM 23: What time and day did you see them?

Blupichu: At 1:13 PM CST on 07/15/09.

Then I interviewed my other soldier who claimed to have seen them.

ATM 23: What were the bots doing?

Gem Gem33: They were dancing.

ATM 23:  Did the bots say anything?

Gem Gem33:  “We will rule.” and “Bots are going to destroy.”

ATM 23: How many were there?

Gem Gem33: About 10 of them.

ATM 23: Do you remember the names?

Gem Gem33: One of them was named Soccer. I’m not sure what the others names were.

ATM 23: What server and room?

Gem Gem33: At the Chinook, Dock

ATM 23: What time and day?

Gem Gem33: I don’t know the time but it was today. (07/15/09)

ATM 23: How did you lose sight of them?

Gem Gem33: They just dissapeared.

ATM 23: Did they look anything like Blupichu’s picture she took of her sighting?

Gem Gem33: They were in a line. All of them were green except the one named soccer was black.

ATM 23: Did they move?

Gem Gem33: They just danced. And i was hiding.

ATM 23: Where were you hiding at the Dock?

Gem Gem33: In the box to the right.

And the penguin he said was also susupicous was a penguin named xxphoebexx.

Dee edit: If you’re not the bot maker, then who are those bots yelling out Walrus? It’s just a question. If it’s true or not, just say so. We have not formed any plan against you yet. You’ve commented on this site before, and I expect you to respond by giving us an explanation of what you’re really trying to do. Are you afer the Nachos, or everyone? By the way, I heard your name was Joe. Nice to meet you Joe.

General98 Edit: I have one thing to say to the fat-a** walruses: You



Fu**ers (That's actual Walruses having it)





Anyways, Itachi6Dark is back. Harv, the leader of the Purple Heads is his apprentice. I hope you drop by here Itachi.

Uni: I have returned to the CPUN for the fourth, yes, fourth, time to send those oversized seals to hell. So I say we schedule a battle against them to see how strong they actually are.

This is from the SSACP site. Our Club Penguin Accounts may be safe from hacking but what about anything else?

SSACP Public Broadcast


Hello fellow spies and soldiers of armies who check this site for reasons unknown, as u may know the club penguin army community and club penguin itself is being targeted by someone who wants kids to have a bad time on a game made for them to have fun. as SSACP leader it is my job to advise spys to help the ACP, but at the moment all armies are under risk so ssacp will be joining in to help all armies. a little over a month ago someone had come on acp chat with the name iamthewalrus/AnonEggman, when i had shown a leader (name i will not mention) and others they say i had over reacted with my method. now this evidence has become more sufficient in this and i will now show the pictures along with the email cp sent to me in reply.




u may need to zoom in to see the response. now this man, child, teen, what ever the hell he is, is deranged and should be taken seriously if u see him. Now i will need to talk to the major army leaders about posting a email link and i will need the pics from the nacho post,  but i would like all of us to email cp with these pics along with mine and prove to cp we are under threat. to stev i need to penguin names that were banned forever so we may include them in the email. my main advise is posted on the acp site but i would like to advise it now more than ever to always use a alternate penguin and to also pass protect ur ranks page as if the walrus has access can ban the penguins on the ranks forever. that is all for the time being.

All penguins are advised to use different accounts. More information will be issued in the time being. ANY SOLDIER WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THESE HACKERS IS TO REPORT TO AN SSACP OFFICIAL.

Batin: THE BAD GUYS NEVER PREVAIL! This is an illegal act that these “Walruses” are doing. We cannot let this go any farther. ALL OF THE CP COMMUNTIY MUST UNITE!

July 14, 2009

After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor struggles to keep the machines from finishing the job.


Greetings everyone. This is Dee with some news and plans.

I’ve just read the ACP and Nachos‘ latest post. Please click their names to see the posts.

Now, I know I had made a post in the past of the same subject, especially when the ‘roof walkers‘ were at their height in CP. Everytime one of them appears, a bunch of noobs start sticking their noses up the walls of the Nightclub and shouting out noob phrases like “HOW?, or “Tell me!!. Too bad there’s so many people who talk like that in CP, but even worse, too bad that there are hackers in CP.

Stev said, some of you might think he’s overacting. Of course, the Club Penguin team and great old Billybob will handle this. We said that months ago, and the bots are at it again. They have grown. Some of you may say, “Why not we just stop playing Club Penguin for a while until they leave?“. People, the bots have already reached the Club Penguin Gang blog and the Miniclip Forums. What if they soon reach our community?

What community? The CP Army Community – everyone! Will we be wiped out like the Mayans who mysteriously disappeared? Like the old Middle Eastern civilizations who were already at their heights, and suddenly, gone. Will our sites be deleted, one after the other? Imagine that! No matter how powerful and large the nation, it can always fall. These bots can delete a player’s account in just a few seconds. Like how a laser gun can zap someone and disentegrate them in one second. Now, please switch your passwords in your Club Penguin accounts, and your WordPress accounts if you have any. Make them harder to guess and understand but be sure to remember them.

Are you bored? Let’s have a go at these ‘bots’! They ruin the fun anyway. And if we want CP to do something for us, we should do something for them. Maybe you’d ask, “Like what? An agreement that if we defeat the bots, they’ll bring back the Dojo?“. Maybe something like that. I don’t know how to get rid of these bots.. If we all team up and take on these bots, we will be able to see how we do when we are all united.

I urge all of you to respond to this post. There was once one infamous penguin. His name was Sanity 1 or Sanity Penguin. He created CP Trainer. Sanity was said to be the inventor of the first “Club Penguin War“. He was the first to blog about it. He has several accomplishments. Click here to read more about him.

Sanity was the one who made up the Ninja Theory. The theory was that, if you stood in the Dojo for half an hour, and didn’t move –you’d become a Ninja.

Here’s a picture of Sensei mocking Sanity1’s theory if you’d ask him how to become a Ninja:


Sensei Mocks Sanity

Sensei Mocks Sanity

Anyways, Sanity had to pay a fine of $500 dollars and was sent to jail.

Another hacker, Microchip123, created Penguin Storm and Penguin Blizzard. Anyways, let’s not go on about this.

We should unite before these hackers get into our community. I know that since we are the United Nations, we will have a better percentage of agreeing on this. Are we the United Nations? Or are we the Untied Nations? I hate it when I get that typo. Anyways, we shall wait for more news and plans about this from the Major Armies. Let us see how their posts go. Puny – Small – Medium – Large – we must unite.



If you, or your whole nation, is willing to help out, submit a comments saying so. Look, before, we didn’t care because we weren’t really the ones being targeted by these bots. We had the common sense to avoid these bots unlike.. some others. But now, they’re coming..

x_____Mr Deedledoo___________

I, myself, am in full support of this. 😉

No I’m not over reacting. I’m quite bored actually and I’ve always wanted to put armies to the real test, and that is by going against something real. Think of this as something for the little kids who play Club Penguin for fun, and for the future ‘generations’ of CP Armies.

We will not be wiped out. 😉



Rules and Tips:

  • First of all, change your passwords on WordPress and on CP. Try making a really confusing password and right it on a sticky yellow paper and stick it onto your computer screens. Or, save it as a text message in your mobile phones.
  • Do not go on the Walrus site.
  • Make a backup site for your army and make evacuation drills. For evacuation drills, I suggest getting your soldiers to memorize the backup site and giving them tests.
  • Tell your soldiers to report to you daily to know that they are safe.
  • Most importantly, report to the CPUN daily. Tell us of any news you have. Stay with us or you will be like a man on a piece of wood, floating farther and farther away from the boat where everyone else is in. We shall get through this people.



CPUN Nations and other nations supporting the bot decapitation:

x Army of Club Penguin

x Nachos

x United Ghost Army

x Club Penguin Cheese Army

x Club Penguin Warrior Squad

x Mysterious Army Revolution

x Club Penguin Special Operations

xSeparatist Penguin Association Air Force

x The Armed Fighter Army

x United Penguin Protectors

x Black Troops of Club Penguin

x Lava Vice Alliance Ship

x Club Penguin Bot Stoppers

x Club Penguin Secret Service

I urge all of you to post and spread the word and gain more supporters. Please stand by in the CPUN site for more news.



Individuals supporting the bot decapitation:

x Mustang

x Ads354

x Miroos/Zamros

x Soccer793

x General98

x Mr Deedledoo

x ATM 23

x Batintrenche

x Nate950000

x Mix1011

x Riotors

x Coolguy12348

x Anti General – www.petitionspot.com/petitions/clubpenguinsafety


P.S. G9, I’ve put the Flags and History page in the Community page. Please welcome back Furbur27 and Benu2! Glad to have you both back.


86 Responses

  1. The CPWS will heres our website http://clubpenguinws.wordpress.com/
    We will try to support you as much as possible
    -Charliem21CPWS Leader

  2. You wouldn’t believe how amusing Sanity was before he was sent to jail…

  3. I support this idea Dee. Soccer793

  4. I charish my account so much. I almost got every item since I joined in March 2008.

  5. Or maybe it was March 2007

  6. Dee,
    Me and my whole army (the cheese army) will support this idea fully. We will do everything we can to get rid of these bots. I am going to make a post like this one on my site.


  7. I am supporting this fully, and besides, bots are like drugs, you can’t take just once, so that is why hackers do such things.

  8. Mustard! You should put Oagie’s edit on this post. That’s the most convincing there ever was!

  9. In the event that such bots are formed in a major fashion, it is suggested to report them to Club Penguin by e-mail, and phone number. Club Penguin’s e-mail address can be found rather easily, but their phone number is rather private, and it is 1-250-868-8622.

    Also be sure to report such bots in the fashion that your army has described.

  10. We can’t just attack them or report them- they could just hack us if we do so. We need Club Penguin to update again and the engine might not work anymore like CP Trainer- it won’t work anymore because the places in CP aren’t the same places as before. The Docks today in CP aren’t the same old Docks before. It isn’t the same place anymore. The Club Penguin Team just replaced the Docks with new Docks that look exactly the same. And probably our penguins aren’t the penguins me made before the update, maybe they’re just new penguins replaced by CP. We could have different codes. Like an old URL wouldn’t work if it was replaced by a new one. Just think, CP would have to change a lot if these things get big.
    So we need the Club Penguin Team to do it again and the hacking engines might not work anymore.

    Col. P

  11. i support this and i no MA2 is 😀

  12. The Armed Fighter Army supports the bot decapitaion


  13. I support this and UPP supports this

  14. black troops of club penguin and the leaders TTobyTobe,Waddle5897,Safle and Zipper 1009 are in full support in this idea

  15. Dee, do not be worried. There are many people out there that are smart enough to stop this. Even if the CPUN site is hacked, we are the Club Penguin United Nations. We stand strong. Nothing can get in our way. If we all join together, we can stop this.

  16. im frpm the cheese army and also about the bots i ones had a postcard say f**k you from mimo 77 (no joke) so that them i guess

  17. Dont go to here site.It probably has viruses and Spam bombs all over it.

  18. The Walruses are not bot makers, you’re just pushing them closer to the edge by making up shit about them.

  19. Both Riotors as an individual and my whole CPSS nation fully supports them.

  20. Well by them I mean the bot decapitation

  21. Hello i have seen this problem before so i made a site
    called CPBS Clubpenguin bot stoppers i want every army to join. (note this is not a army it is bot control)
    Plz join the link is http://cpbotstoppers.wordpress.com/
    I just made it soo it needs some inprovment but beside that plz make a post we want to stop all bots from cp
    thank you for reading this post
    Arakezi~Main Leader

  22. Nice little speech ATM.

    • Thx.

  23. They will probably be unstoppable considering they have opperation penguin shitstorm which will stop anyone in their way. I am really scared.

    • Yes thats true. This is a big crisis!

  24. And the worst part, a swastica! They are using a good sign that was used for evil in their own evil way and in the holocaust!

    • I know I saw that.

  25. Oh well. I’ll be happy as long as one of these 2 things happen:

    1: They lose/get banned/whatever

    2: CP gets hacked fully. Seriously, they were asking for it by letting Disney buy them. Now you can all hate me! *runs*

    • Why would you want CP to get fully hacked? Thats awful.

  26. u put ma2 twice


    • <strong>Thank you for telling us. We won’t go there.

  28. I support the bot decapitation.

    x Nate950000

  29. check the new post i made on UPP site

  30. Lvas wants to join the bot decapitation and i individualy join the bot decapitation

  31. what they are doing is against the law and is unacceptable.

  32. or is it against the law ??

  33. My army MUDA will join the bot decapitation

    X__Major Underground Dynamite army


  34. Ok, my army is thinking about were going to have a meeting so i’ll tell you the results soon!

    – Rsnail Army

  35. this guy is 27 and try to get his email we get his email good chance we get his address if you get his email report it to the FBI and i request all armies come for a meeting walrus must not find out what chat it is

  36. its harv if i was onsite i would b more active add me dee cuz meat puckley and icey praise me 4 my ideas so far add me again

  37. Sign me up


    And make me an author too plz

  38. http://petitionspot.com/petitions/clubpenguinsafety
    petition to bring iamthewalrus to justice

  39. Coolguy, you must be active in the CPUN first, to become an author

  40. Wow, the walrus visited our site to he said ” I make the rulez now” I hope he doesn’t hack us! We need to stop him!

  41. Freedom Warriors

  42. Awesome Atm. I don’t think these are Walruses. I mean, I dunno.

  43. This is weird but look at the name : xatech. That could be something.

  44. i support the cause

    X wtev

  45. Xatech are what thw SWF files of xat are names. Xatech = Xat

  46. Xatech are what thw SWF files of xat are names. Xatech = Xat

  47. A double comment that didnt make sense -.-

  48. X_ Freedom Warriors
    Individuals, X_Houndy66

  49. I’m waiting for a picture of bots in the swastika or communism sign… that’d make me laugh.

  50. Yeah , that would be funny and their leader is mini hitler!

  51. Do we even know who this guy is? I support it. Like Mustang said, he could be Club Penguins Hitler…..dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  52. The name Itachi6dark is so furmiliar to me. I think there was a guy in gjmc’s army who had the name Itachi.

  53. That’s so mean.

  54. So Dee, If Itachi is back, does that mean he himself is back?

  55. I am Redblast1000 General of USCP’s army and I support this act. It’s not just about are penguins, WordPress sites etc. Think about could happen to your computers or major, “.com” Sites if these hackers spread! We can stop something that might be very big right here right now.

  56. http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/fail-owned-flytrap-fail.jpg?w=500&h=369

    Poor Venus flytrap. It’s meal is gonna get stolen by the spider.

  57. This person told me that I was like Jarlo77 I think, what does that mean?

  58. dee, i just got about 42 postcards from bots. Here is the link to the pics of the postcards:

  59. Yes these bots are a problem, one went on our chat when I wasn’t on it. One of my soldiers told me he thought it was walrus and deleted our uniform page. I am the rsnail army leader,

    The problem is that in my opinion old cp never had this problem. I think that they want old cp back or cp gone completely.Because really old cp never had any hackers at all. Before disney made cp crap that is. This is just my opinion again, not trying to blame anyone but it could be old cp and disney’s fault

  60. The shadow guys (TSG)

    X_____ Coolto5 sc8er8er

  61. P.S Lets kick these a**ed F**k of walruses TO HELL 👿

  62. I don’t know if this is glitch on my comp or something but why are posts with my noob edits on the front page? xD

  63. Ill support it and so will CPR

  64. What exactly is going on? Sorry, I haven’t been following CP Armies for a while now. There might be an end soon. Some people think the real world will end this year or next year (doubt it).
    IP addresses post your city, state, and country but not your street address. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, it might not be the city you live in, but one close by.
    Apparently there’s some hacking going on…are they taking away your memberships?
    At any rate, I remember the Club Penguin wiki mentioning something about a walrus that posted inappropriate stuff on the CP wiki and eventually getting banned. Idk if it’s there’s a connection, but it’s possible.

  65. Undercover cp army will help

    • This was a year ago.

  66. interesting this maybe a pcl formation bot
    though its a year ago 😛

  67. the Sky Troops will support this, and I as an individual will as well.

  68. For sa sec i tohught Benu and Itachi was back 😥

  69. a* thought*
    I typed this in a few seconds i typod baaaaaad

  70. Guys,Im still around if you need me at any point I will probably be on CPR chat or IW chat.Im permanent mod on IW chat as of now so I havent got a chance to check on CPUN.G98 is back?? OMG HOW YOU BEEN THOUGHT YOU WERE LONG GONE MY CANADIAN PAL!!!!

  71. Discard of that comment Fail on my part XD

  72. You are a part of CPUN, you can edit it!

    Jeese are there any peeps from Jersey anymore on the internet?

  73. *Sigh*. I guess less and less people are coming on.

    I miss these days.

  74. Ipod i couldnt edit it.

    And Jersey?

  75. Jersey, as in New Jersey.

  76. This reminds me of the time I dropped in and one of the ACP leaders said he had a virus that made his start-up slow. Interestingly enough, I had the same problem at the time.

  77. How did the Walrus thing end?

    • People say a guy called Rallan stopped them. He was one of the many hacking experts I brought in for everyday CPUN underground meetings. These meetings allowed people to come to the CPUN and listen to some speeches given to people I ‘hire’ like, Gamer, Gjh, Rallan, and more who offered to help give caution lessons and ‘how-to-not-get-hacked-tips’ and the likes. We tried helping as much people as we could and try to get everyone a better understanding of the situation.

      I, like many, were forced to leave in the end. I wasn’t around for a few weeks before returning to see them completely gone. But, I do hear there are still a few people in CP Armies who are part of the IATW. (I Am the Walrus).

  78. I am not a Club Penguin Army leader, but I was there enough to know the bots and the danger they represent.
    If Disney is here, forgive me for what I am placing, but a comment won’t do nothing:
    Pandanda Brown Warriors
    (NOTE: The PBW is not a Club Penguin Army!).


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