*Code Red* for all CP Armies

If you’ve seen the ACP and Nacho website , they’re code red… I think all CP army leaders in the CPUN should sign this thing I made and fight united to destroy the bots!

x___Signed and Made__ Mustang422 , CPSO Leader

x____Signed____ Miroos Zamros, MA2 Leader

x_______________ Unicow, Ducky army

x_____Signed____ Mr Deedledoo,CPUN Pres.

x              Signed____    Craig Fergeson, CBS Late Late Show Host

x___Signed______ Ads354

x_  Signed_______ ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force

Dee: Any other army willing,help out, please comment!

Spelling and Grammar fixed by Miroos/Zamros.


3 Responses

  1. uga can help out

  2. the tatj will help.i know i dont have many soldiers but i will take the risk of being destroyed for cp.

  3. Maybe CC can help…..

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