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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CPSS vs UGA/DPR War Successful


July 13, 2009



This is Dee speaking
Mr Deedledoo


Greetings CPUN Members. This is Dee speaking. I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who made it to the DPR war. We have successfully defended DPR’s server. Well, only one CPGA soldier came. But anyways, I wanted to thank anyone who came for responding to the call, especially:

I’ll update the CPUN scores soon so that we can have an Army of the Month award.




Well, our work is not yet finished. The Club Penguin Secret Service are going against the United Ghost Army.

Here are the details:


Server: Wind Chill

When: Tuesday, July 15th.

Times: 10:45 am Pacific Time

6:45 pm UK time

1:45 pm Eastern Time

12:45 pm Central Time

This is one huge problem. The CPSS and the UGA are in both in the United Nations! They are both fighting over one server: Wind Chill. This is where General98 comes in. G9, what do we do?

General98’s Edit: I really do not want nations to fight against each other and they are both in the CPUN and we have to pick sides, which ain’t fair. We should let our Cabinet or Board vote on what we should do, we either just say “Put a sock in it” or we have deal with this in court.

Here’s a poll we should all answer:

I’m also thinking of making a badge for each army to put in their site saying that they are in the CPUN to avoid these types of problems. If you have a different answer for the poll, don’t be shy to share it with us.



I’m planning on making the official members of the Security Council. They’ll be the sort of super team that will respond red alerts. They will be highly respected. There are five permanent members for the Security Council and the rest will be impermanent. But the five permanent members could leave whenever they like. We shall vote for the five members, soon. More details on that after the CPSS war.



Important meetings for the month:


  • Mr Deedledoo
  • Ktman
  • General98
  • Godplayer123


  • Some time during this month 😉

Other important meetings:

CPUN Board Meeting


All CPUN Board Members





Ambassador of the month:

  • Color Peng – 6 points

Runner up, Ads354 – 5 points. Click here for more info.

CPUN News:

The Mysterious Army Revolution gained their independence from the Nachos on July 10, 2009. Click here for more! We hope to celebrate that day in the many years to come Miroos.

-The Club Penguin Defenders are thinking of changing army names. I think Unicow should check it out.

Unicow has returned to the CPUN and has a new army the SPLPDF! Click here to check out his new army!

-The United Penguin Protectors are bored.

-The Nachos are scheduling a  strategy meeting. Click here for more details or if you are a Nacho.

-The Ice Warriors are going to defend Parka this Friday.

Happy Sith, leader of the Global Penguin Army, has just returned from his vacation.

-The Club Penguin Paratroopers are going to have a rematch against the DDCP. Click here for more info!

-Please welcome Hockey632, our newest CPUN Team member! He created the new Top 10 page but it is still unfinished. Welcome Hockey!



Advertising section:

Looking for an army?

Join the..



9 Responses

  1. I will be able to make that meeting Dee.

    Dee edit: Well, I’ll arrange the time and date soon. 😉

  2. When Will I be on site Dee 😦


    Dee edit: Oh yes Trickster! I knew I forgot something XD.

  3. Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!
    here is the code of our banner


    Dee edit: Uhm. Cowbay, the banner isn’t showing up. :\

  4. I’m sorry I didn’t make it, I’ve been very busy planning for my Bar Mitzvah in real life. I’ll make sure to attend the meeting.

    • No problem Playa. To those answering the poll, please be informed that, the CPSS asked for our help, if you vote, “Let them have the war”, that means we’ll be siding with them, going against our own CPUN member – the UGA.

  5. Dee, solving things like this may result in a court case. We will need to see who wins our reinforcements. I would like the meeting to be this Wednesday at someone’s igloo.

  6. TAFA is going to do a pb sunday .

  7. Dee, I highly recommmend the CP Cheese Army for army of the month award. They have just come into the CPUN and they are very active. My army wasn’t that active, we didn’t attend battles in the beginning. Well, not that much. A little.

  8. Dee Thank you for your help, but us and UGA settled the war since we are both in CPUN to avoid problems. Since Wind Chill is not a high server for us like it is for them, we gave them wind chill. We are also allies with them now.

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