Changing the Focus

Dee edit: I agree. We have been sitting down for too long. We need to start helping again. I’ll tell you the plan.

Once we have all the positions filled in, (we have our Senators, Ambassadors,etc.), and we have all of them active and ready, we’ll start to plan out. I’ve already got some plans here – but this will be a lot of work but I’m sure that all of us will be committed enough to finish the job. Once the elections are over and the all the positions are filled in, we’ll have our very first and official CPUN Board. Everyone with a position will be considered in the board. I’m going to have to get Benu active again so that we’ll have an active MoW and UMA representative. 😉

June 25, 2009

C’est mercredi le 24 mai 2009

To all whom it may concern,

We have not been really paying attention to our members lately,we have only watched the big armies that joins us, that don’t seem to really care (execpt the Nachos (:) we have just focused on what’s going on in OTHER armies, not our members’. We should at least give them invitations to them for Monthly GA’s, meetings, parties, etc. They have not been involved with us, we haven’t been involved with them,so we should bind more closer together. We have been doing our own thing while our members just go with the flow. They should actually help the flow go (help out in the CPUN, be more active in it). We should send a shout out to them every week to know what we’re doing and our website link and also an invitation to any of our meetings. We also should invite them more to our government job fairs or parties.


Also, the CPUN has more competition. There are 2 other “CPUN”s, but , one is temporary (The Army Council, expires: when the “Golden Ages” of CP armies come back., but the CPUN has been way better than that. We have some of the major armies in CP, but the ACP ignores us, we have almost lost contact with the UMA, but the Nachos actually can commit to us.


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