CPUN Backup Site

In case hackers delete our site, we should have a CPUN backup site. It will be maintained by the CPUN Ministry of Communications.  88% of all the information on the CPUN site, is on the CPUN backup site. I will award someone to be the Minister of Communications , they will take care of CPUNTV, CPUN Chat and Blog Maintenance. I nominate Batintrenche as the Minister of Communications as the CPUN Chief Justice.

CPUN backup site link: http:// cpunclubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com



9 Responses

  1. CPUNHQ site??

  2. Ok, I’ll approve this one.

    We have 3 fully functional back-up sites.
    -CPUNLAA – Which has most of our info in it and one of our first archives
    -CPUNHQ – Good enough for meeting up
    -CPUN BU (Back-Up)

    There. 😀

    We’re safe and secure for anything that comes though I wish not 😦 . My whole CP life is on this site.

    Let’s not just talk about this before someone thinks of doing it.
    ALL CPUN MEMBERS PLEASE SEE THOSE SITES and make sure to use them when necessary.


  3. I like the idea alot! I’ll check out all of the sites.

  4. Dee i told u awhile ago we dont need to all these sites itachi does not go on the defence divison anymore .And no one goes on the cpun court anymore but i think you should still keep it just in case.Jedi comes a couple times but she doesnt do anything on CPUN goverment so i think we should get delete that site.I think we should asigh everyone to one cpun website thats ACTIVE .

  5. Ok King Jared. Well we should keep in in case their is no way of ever being able to reach other if ever someting wrong happens.

    When did Jedi come back?

  6. We do need all of those sites. They are very important. The CPUN gov site is already updated for the new era. the CPUN court site is only used for court cases.

    • Yes. I agree. Those sites are impotant. They also hold a little of the CPUN History.

  7. Um. Ok?

  8. Speed, please stop, you are polluting the entire blog with” mind-trash”.

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