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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Back/CP got weird

Batintrenche: Okay I’ll probably be there, it is at a reasonable time, I might have guests, but thats okay because they are just really little kids. So, anyway a bit of news for you is that a “Billybob” made a comment on ACP’s join page, but I won’t be able to believe its actually him until I see him at an ACP battle or something. It is really wierd.

June 07, 2009


Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo


Hey everyone. Dee here.

Well I’m back and yeah… Been a long time. First, I wanted to announce the Practice War between the CPR and the SPA Air Force.

  • When: Saturday, June 13, 10AM Penguin Standard Time
  • Where: Club Penguin, Sabertooth, Snow Forts
  • What: Practice War
  • Why: We need more activities

There you have it. Here are the supervisors for the PW:

  • General98
  • Batintrenche

If you’re not busy and you’re not in any of these armies, you may supervise or watch the match. 😀

We need more matches and activities.

I’ll get the Golds to go against the MA2 or the CPSO sometime. 😉

Well with that aside, lately (actually, yesterday), CP got really weird. I mean like, it was slow…, I bought one black puffle because I lost my older one. I named him Chester after losing my former Chester. You can see my whole life in CP, my house, and my puffles in my blog at www.mrdeedledoo.wordpress.com

Yeah, my brother (Color Peng), has also had some problems with his belts but they’re OK now. Well, I do know about the storm. Thanks for that.

Oh yeah. I wanted to thank Miroos, atm, and Color Peng for keeping everyone entertained for that period of time. Thanks.

Col. P. and I are losing our membership in 1 week. I hope we can renew it and keep our things. If you lose membership, and renew it like, for example, three days later, do we keep th clothes and stuff? Uni’s Cool Edit: Yes, you do keep all of your stuff


P.S. Atm, I’m sure we’d be glad to be on your show 😀

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10 Responses

  1. Javascript don’t work on WP… -.-
    And dude, Golds vs CPSO is unfair… LOL.

  2. CPSO sucks!
    Don’t ask…..

  3. I see no confidence there Mustang…

    • I dont’ see it either.

  4. Umm dee could you move to a another server thats husky wolves territory.Sabertooth and Husky belongs to the husky wovles.Just to let u know.

  5. And i dont want any wars breaking out so im telling ahead of time.Move to ice cream or wind chill or even bobsled.No one hardly gets on the servers

  6. I can’t be there, Sorry

  7. You’ll keep your stuff, but the only thing you can use as a non-member is your puffles.

    Anyway, let me guess, Chester was named after Chester Bennington, LP’s other vocalist?

    What happened to RR after Itachi left? They owned Sabertooth before, didn’t they?

    Bobsled is usually full, and the Nachos just invaded it.

  8. nice site XD

  9. u can try war with husky. its fun. im a husky wolf

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