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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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My apologies

Dee: No problem Miroos! 😉 Atm, guys, stop fighting. Atm, Miroos was addressing that to me so don’t worry… You weren’t the one he was targetting anyway so yeah lol. Relax. I didn’t take it seiously though xD. I was busy for a play for our Independence Day. Also band practice for Independence Day so yeah… BBUSY WEEK. Well Miroos, yeah, I do want to have fun and I want everyone else to have fun as well 😀 . I agree with your post. Miroos, please continue helping me remove and prevent swears on posts because everyone (well almost everyone) knows that WordPress ban sites with any post with swears. You didn’t have to make this post though. Lol. I was addressing most of what I said in the previous post to those who are starting to be a bit too harsh. I don’t know. I’m just not used to that type of nature surrounding the CPUN. I mean like, the recent comments of our staff members have become quite… harsh – especially against the Team. Anyway, no prob Miroos. No prob. Goodluck in your war. Goodluck to both sides. 😉 Hey it’s June!

Uni: I’m a hippy and I’m a good guy, aren’t I? And when did this become a war over whether hippies are bad or good?

Batin: Hey who said that being a hippy was a bad thing?!? 😆

I would like to apologize to Mr. Deedledoo for being rude. Sorry for calling you a hippy. I get it now. You are ok with war, ok with peace but you don’t like biased posts about war on the CPUN site. A normal war post on the CPUN site should look something like this:

The MA2 are declaring war on Team Gold.

(Insert info here)

There should be no

  • Bias; Obviously you will feel strongly for what you believe in, but you must take that bias out of the post and write from a neutral point of view.
  • Swearing; Swearing is a no-no (that post title is stuck in my head from the UMA site) in most posts.
  • Insulting; It’s better to work behind-the-scenes than in front of CP Warfare publicly.

(We are still going to war with Team Gold)



23 Responses

  1. Dude! What the heck man! That should be a apoligee to me! You called me a hippy! Ur mest up man! Mest up!
    Learn to spell, then come and insult me.

    • Yeah man. One word wrong. You just want me to spell it right because you can’t!
      How thick are you? If you can’t spell it right and if I can’t spell it right, then how do I know the correct spelling of the word? You’re ”mest” up.

      • Dude. You don’t know the correct spelling. You just asked your mom probably.

  2. Hippy’s arent bad. They are people who like peace and happyness. Thats why Dee Created the CPUN. Its actually a compliment!

    • But why did he apoligize to Dee when he said it to me!

  3. Хорошая статья, узнал много нового!)
    Yeah thanks. I translated this and it said ”
    Good article, learned a lot”. See, at least somebody likes it… lol.

  4. wow. miroos= not on the same page as everyone else
    There’s a button on your keyboard called ”Caps Lock”.

  5. This isn’t just about hippies. Mirroos is also sayinng pointless stuff around here. Then when he makes a apolagie. He says it to the wrong person!
    Miroos: Seriously, your pissing me off now. I said
    We want fun.
    If you’re gonna act like hippies then get lost.
    And I was speaking in general. If you keep acting like a little nooblet atm, the MA2 and possibly the CPSO (and maybe even the USCP) will quit the CPUN.

    • Miroos that would just be being mean to the rest of the CPUN. Why don’t you just take all your anger out on me. Just because you talk to me all tough its not like I’m gonna be scared.

  6. we should have a meeting

  7. Sorry Dee. I’ll stop.

  8. Miroos, don’t be anal with spelling and grammar, there are more importanat things to worry about.

  9. Thanks Dee. Sorry atm. LOL Wtf you think I asked my mum? Classic. XD

    • IDK. I was just trying to get back at you. ROFL

  10. Incorrect spelling and grammar isn’t a big issue, but it does make your arguments less persuasive.

    • Oh my gosh I misspelled one word!

  11. It sure does.

  12. Anddd sow didd ai!!!

  13. Wow. When 2 people tried to speak to me about grammar, they both made mistakes: ”importanat” and ”pursuasive”.

  14. Lol you guys.

    Well I’ll make the next post on Saturday. Godplaya’s kinda busy. Anyone can make an entertaining post for now. Anyway, Extreme, lol I like the song too. Good thing LP’s still not dead. And good think Nu Metal isn’t either.

    Gotta wake up at 4 tomorrow darn it. Then 7. Man!

    Lol yeah you can critisize my spelling in this one. I don’t know why but no matter how hard I spell critisize I just can’t get it right. xD


  15. It’s criticize. XD

  16. Finally I found out the real spelling! xD


  17. Noooooooooo! You didn’t post with incorrect spelling. Thanks a lot Dee… XD

    Wait xD isn’t a word! YAY 😀

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