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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Yellow Armies are No Fun

Howdy y’all, I made my own little country for the country war things. It’s the Djibouti Army. Djibouti is an African country. If y’all wanna join, go HERE. And Playa, I was wondering if the Netherlands would like to ally with Djibouti. If so, comment on the site.

GP Edit >>> Thank you Dee, for supporting my cause, but the Golds and IW have established that there will be a final war on Saturday, June 6th, that will decide who is the 4th Largest Army. This, unfortunately, will be a no-ally war. 😥 Thanks for the help though. 😉

Dee: I’m not trying to act like a hippie. I myself want to have fun. But I was just concerned for the reputation of the CPUN. Recently, some armies have been getting the wrong image of what the CPUN does. I’m not trying to stop you from war though. I know that that is not our right. I was just telling people like Mustang to make their posts a little more clear so that their enemies won’t think we as a whole are actually declaring war. No offense though Mustang. Well, since the IW is asking our help, and the CPSO and MA2, I plead all active CPUN members to help the cause. A message to Team Golds, well guess what, if you had joined us, we’d be giving you as much hospility as the IW… Well goodluck to both sides.

Just one small note: Linkin Park’s new song: New Divide is finally out! Thirteen bands will be playing soundtracks in the new movie: Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, including Green Day, Nickelback, and The All-American Rejects. 😉

Hey everyone. Almost none of you heard, but now you will. The Ice Warriors vs. The Golds. Again. The reason I’m brining this up on the site is:

  1. Both Team Gold and The Golds are trash-talking big-mouthed lying *ssh*les.
  2. IW needs all the support it can get.

You see, the Golds and Team Gold have somehting in common. They open their mouths so far words and actions can’t stop coming out. The reason no one likes The Golds (except ACP, but only because Shaboomboom is a high rank in both :roll:) is because they dissed all of the armies on their third day alive,they hacked sites and chats, and then declared war on like 463430865841636542231386724 armies. Team Golds aren’t liked for the same reason, plus they have a 16 year old leader who can’t spell or do math for life.

If any army would like to help IW against Golds and ST, please sign up here…

Well, that’s it.


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~


26 Responses

  1. Yeah those armies suck.

  2. SPA Air Force would like to help.

  3. Team Gold isnt scared of any army, if we win or lose.

    ~Spice Ice116

  4. Well, I can see how Team Gold will fall then Spice Ice.

  5. Gold = If I remember correctly (OMG, I remember too much of CP army history, it’s freaky!) J0hanwilfer made a mess of it at the end. They restarted, but fell after Dream quit and the site was hacked because no one could be bothered to restart the activities. Now, Shab comes and annoys us…

    Team Golds = No sense of what getting owned is.

  6. goldplayer is in the ACP rebellion

  7. You are correct Playa.

  8. Well , screw you Spice Ice……………..SCREW YOUU!

  9. So what if I’m in the ACP Rebellion…?

  10. Exactly. If Saint proves to be any less successful than Boomer, I’m in too…

  11. I need to talk to ANYONE on CHAT ASAP. If anyone sees this comment right now, GO TO THE SUMMIT ROOM. (CPUN Links).



  12. Darn, I missed you Dee.

  13. Golds are Invading Sub Zero…

  14. Почему подписка еще бесплатная? :))



  16. Ok finally you guys get my name right, but do u have to add an s to team gold, its not team golds. Gosh, and mustang22 aid that our team was better then his army at
    http://mfizzle10.wordpress.com/allies/ the sixth comment, ppl need to stop being two-faced

    ~Spice Ice116

  17. @Spice Ice

    That comment was edited smart one.

  18. Well goodluck to Team Gold and Ice Warriors..

  19. Finally out? I downloaded it at least a week ago, if not more. Loving it. It sounds so awesome…

    I remember black skies, the lightning all around me,
    I remembered each flash, as time began to blur,
    Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me,
    And your voice was all I heard,
    That I get what I deserve

    Then the chorus and et cetera…

  20. Wow. That’s wierd. A 16 year old who can’t spell and do math for life. Why do The Golds like to hack sites? Maybe they want to be the only army on CP.

    Oh, by the way, my membership will expire in two weeks! I need to buy all the puffles again!

    Col. P

  21. Давно искала эту информацию, спасибо.

  22. I like ponies

  23. Хм… даже такое бывает.

  24. When did you join Club Penguin Troopers Dee?

  25. Club Penguin Troopers was in the CPUN. Ask Godplaya about them. The CPT and Elites were like rivals in CPUN court. 😉

    Lol Extreme, sorry, it’s out OFFICIALLY and on iTunes. 😉

  26. Добавил в закладки. Теперь буду почаще читать!

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