My plan with TEAM GOLDS

Ok , I give up if the CPSO went to war with Team Gold , we wouldve got owned. So heres thge lesson I LEARNED

If you start something , you shouldn’t make you’r oppponent finishit , you should , so I Mustang422 is NOT declareing War with Team Gold , but we still want Walrus……

P.S. I made a new chat name…….♥♦♥♦MμšΤΔΠG422™


5 Responses

  1. mustang a better way of doing it is doing a half land grant.Ask can control have of the server.Or if that doesnt work Declare war!!!!!!! If you have to

  2. Im a pro at war and army stuff in cp.If you know your army is not strong ask a allies to help

  3. O am i still ambassdor For acp dee???Am i still anything??

  4. But if the MA2 fights…
    Team Gold will be Team Owned.

  5. Well, whatever, Team Gold is like the only thing we talk about. War on team gold, bah, blah, blah, blah.

    We have been telling Team Gold to stop boasting about their army and soldiers, like the UN is telling North Korea to stop doing nuclear missle tests.

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