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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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I’ve had it

Uni: I’ve decided to give up on Militia. I lost my hard earned troops, and nobody will join. I’ve decided that the best way to lead a partially successful army is to stay in it and hope to get a high enough rank that you could possibly become leader. I’m hoping about this with USCP and ACP (Though I don’t expect to become ACP leader) And I received another threat from my friend to delete the other site. He thinks that it’s funny, but I just yelled at him today at school. Now he hates me. 🙂

Dee: Well sorry for not adding Benu. Friends come and go and I never catch up with them. Benu was gone for some time anyway. Well Spicy Ice wasn’t referring to us all – he said. Well let’s get the Practice War started. I’ll post about it tomorrow. Unicow, how’s it going so far? Welcome back Speed.

Batintrenche: I am placing the server of Mittens on high alert… if you are ever on Mittens please keep a look out for this “Team Gold” Thank you.

Mustang422: Dee , your incharge , now i see why , you are a verry good leader , so this might be WWIV?

May 26, 2009



Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo


Hello everyone. This is Dee speaking. Today I’m quitting the CPUN. I’ve had enough of it. Nah I’m just kidding.

This is addressed to Team Golds:

Team Golds, this is Dee. Is there a problem? It’s the MA2 and CPSO who is going to fight you and not the CPUN. Obviously, you have the wrong image for our community. Mustang posted those plans here to see if anyone would support him. Well, for threatening us, boasting, and on going comments of pride, I believe Mustang might be right in this. The majority of the CPUN has been on your side. I was on your side. I didn’t see you do anything wrong. But this has gone too far.

Spicy Ice said: “Wow u guys have 4 ppl and team gold has 125 now. You haven’t seen them lately Have you?”

Are you addressing to the CPSO or MA2 or are you addressing to the CPUN? The CPUN is not an army. But we do have a handful of ’em. We gain our respect by helping people out. Now if you want war, I’ll give you war. We do have at least 30 active armies. What I mean by active armies is those that may not be active in the CPUN but active in their own world. We can still call them in. And we do have great relations with:

The ACP – Jedi, Shadow, Ktman

The Nachos – Person, Miroos

Golds – Feephil

Ice Warriors – Godplayer123

UMA – Itachi6Dark, Super Blip, Benu2

CPSO – Mustang422 , Miroos/Zamros

The people on the right are our bridges to those armies.

I don’t like boasting about these major armies because it’s not like they’ll always be helping us. But in cases, I don’t like being called small. I don’t like to look like a noob. Coz I’m not.

Anyway, I hope we get a reply. I still don’t know if Spicy Ice was addressing to Mustang or to the CPUN itself.

Miroos, I’ll do some counting. G9 does have a point that it’s disrespectful. but some armies that joined the CPUN died a few seconds later and just leave their blog here. That’s why, we should have at least 2 people assigned to the Members Page so that they can check out the sites of new entries – so we would not have to do these countings again. but let’s start cleaning that page. 😉


26 Responses

  1. Wooooo! Scared me for a second.

  2. Mustang keeps making stuff up, THE MA2 IS NOT GOING TO WAR WITH TEAM GOLD

  3. I read the first five sentences and thought you were serious. But I do believe you’re right.

  4. hey im a nacho to

  5. Im with you guys so add me in the UMA list.

  6. I hope Spice Ice gets this message. He has been dissing every single army. He should just be quiet and leave his comments in his head.

  7. How can you not add Benu in the UMA list? And clearly Spicy Ice should know who he’s messing with before making random statements about the CPUN. And lately from the few posts I’ve seen Mustang has pretty much entered his own world and doing what he likes lol. (Mustang don’t expect me to reply to any crap you’re going to say because I have a life other then being on this site 24/7 waiting for your reply… just saying.) What the heck is Team Golds? Cp armies going whacko.

  8. I dont mean cpun i mean all these little armys that are trying to mess with team gold for no apperant reason, My apologies to CPUN, but im not letting any army punk Team Gold. (also, the name is spice ice and itachi myob this isnt any of ur bussiness and im conducting my TEAM good enough to help uma, so the least you can say is thanks.)

    ~Spice Ice116

  9. All these guys want is attention…

    The same reason Golds deleted the IW Site.

  10. :)……………………………………..WORDLD WAR 5!!! I wish.
    ABut , still all servers of CPSO , MA2 , and the server Mittens.

  11. Mittens belongs to UMA. Any CPUN action on it will result in war 😕

  12. WHOA SCARED ME FOR A SECOND… omg Spicy Ice is just trying to make us mad so he can like… kill us! Okay I’m back u guys and I have no idea wat’s happening… a war? idk but war can always be changed to peace. idk if it can here but if you tell me i’ll help you in anyway i can!!!!! i can tell you wat Spicy Ice is posting on his site… or watev… well get back to me by editing this comment. so yea i had huge projects… okay i still have some left, but the school year is about over, 3 weeks left!!!!! (for me) And i had to do homework and i didn’t have time to come on… only like once i went on. But Im back and ill start talking more… i have chose to become a spy again so if you want to join my team of spies e-mail me at LukeSkywalker015@aol.com


  13. 125 people. Too bad the majority of armies still ignore them…

  14. sanchonacho should just get off spices case, Spice is nice to everybody whos nice to him.And as i said before i you guys would just leave spice ice alone and stop calling him spicy ice you wouldn’t have these issues. And stop looking at our site!

  15. y do ppl always have to mess with spice and team gold? y act liek you want him to bust open and start so many wars, i think you should leave team gold alone and mind your own bussiness

  16. hey guys im sorry to say this but I already created the United Nations of club penguin its on this site

    Extreme: I’m starting to have serious doubts on CP armies’ new generations of soldiers…

  17. You’ve been around for a week, weve been around for two years. maybe even more.

  18. Listen. Spicy Ice came over and started that. I was just concerned for my members coz LATELY, Team Gold has becoming a big issue. Doesn’t the post explain that NO ONE is against you except for the CPSO? Since when did we always want war? We’re the United Nations for crying out loud. We even invited you to join the CPUN but you continued to threaten us.

    Ok SORRY Spice for being so harsh but you guys don’t have to come here and boast about your soldiers. Spice was addressing to the CPSO and not the CPUN.

    Javon, Jaycee, I wud b the last person to make a post like this anyway.

    Anti General, oh that’s nice to know but we’re staying. Join us if you like.


  19. I’ve made on going posts that CPUN just wants to have peace with already but why can’t you understand till now? The CPSO is the one that wants to fight you. That’s just one out of 50 armies in the CPUN.

    Again, THE CPUN HAS BEEN TELLING YOU TO HAVE PEACE already since the first time you threatened us. No one wants to fight you. Only one person does OK?? Only one person called you guys a noob and 4 year olds. ONE PERSON! Not all! We don’t even know your site. Only CPSO does.

  20. I apologize to Spice for getting his name wrong and for thinking he was against us all. That was all I needed to know anyway – if he was addressing to us all or to Mustang only. Well O guess Mustang only. Apologies to TEm Gold.

    PW post tomorrow.

    Nyt peeps it’s 2AM.


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