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Well… This Isn’t Good

ATM Edit: The SPA Air force is also by your side. Whoever deleted the Militia should be reported to WordPress!

GP Edit >>> Unicow, me, Dee, and all of the other IW Staff are right behind you. If you need war, allies, extra troops, support, a new blog, an email, recruiting help, an investigation, whatever it might be, we are all right here for you. Just ask. After all, this is what we’re for… 😉

Also, I’m halfway done with updating the members page and identifying who’s inactive.

Dee: This is so not good. I could’ve made it CPR vs SPA vs Militia. Man. Who could do this Unicow? Don’t worry. We are here to aid you and to keep you calm and well. Are you planning to rebuild it? Maybe we could investigate more. We shall help you recruit for more soldiers!

Yes, somebody deleted the Militia blog… and I don’t know who yet. I have a list of people that I think could have done it, but it’s not narrowed down enough to start throwing out names. It has to be somebody that knows my email and actually gives a crap about Militia. I predict this is what happened”
Somebody got mad at me in some point in time, so they thought they should delete my blog. They guessed my password for wordpress account (which is the same as my email, and it was quite easy to guess) and went to the delete blog page. They pushed the delete blog button, then proceeded to log into my email to confirm that I did want to delete the blog.

The problem with my theory is that I can’t remember anybody getting that mad at me… I can think of one person, which is also my prime suspect for my reasons, but I didn’t think they had my email address. It’s still a big mystery on who did it though. Here is who I think it might have been:

A site editor

A site admin

One of my friends that feels that they need to be brats (Real life friends, not CP friends)

So that is pretty much it.



7 Responses

  1. I promise dude. It was not me. We are allies.

  2. Impossible!

    I wouldn’t do it though. I’m a very honest person and I’d not even think of hacking. I also am pretty lazy at guessing things so yeah you get me.. -.-


  3. I remember, checking the miltia site the day the Practice war post went up, which was the twenty third. I thought you just got a new site and forgot to spread around the new one.

  4. What about the people who you were battling against? Where they smaller? Less powerful?

  5. I’ve narrowed down my list on who did it to 2 people, none who you know or would care about. It is nobody tied with CPUN. I’m currently making a new site. Thanks for all of your help guys, I really appreciate it.

  6. Remember that the CPUN will always be on your side!

  7. I hope you find who deleted it because my army really wanted to do that practice battle with you guys.

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