Inactive armies in the CPUN

It has probably been a problem to the CPUN in the past and it is human nature – well human boredom. Many armies join the CPUN cause they think it’s cool or cause their best friend’s neighbour’s grandma’s stepsister’s grandson’s mum’s gardener’s brother’s son’s friend’s friend have an army in it. So what I propose is to kick out the inactive armies and if they want to be active, they can come and rejoin and be active, or else they will be classified as inactive and kicked out of the CPUN for being inactive.

And Unicow, the CPUN will be on your side to find out what idiot hacked your site.


General98: They should not be actually classified as inactive, there are some armies that become inactive, then become active again, we will not kick out anyone from the CPUN, that is not respectful or nice to other armies.

Miroos: Oh sure, but it’s respectful to join the CPUN and be inactive, isn’t it?


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